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"Now for your orientation." Bunny decided to try and scoot me along through the crowd. If anything, it made me root further into where I was standing.

"What do you mean orientation?" I demanded as I fell forward a step and just barely saved myself from an uber painful face-plant.

"We just have you sworn not to betray or go against us in any way, shape, or form on purpose." Tobias declared, like it wasn't giving your life for this strange war I knew nothing about.

"Well, then, where do I sign?" I clapped my hands together, rubbing them together as if I was just asked to remove a rock from someone's front yard.

"You don't sign. You pledge. You pledge the Oath of the Bugs. And you also do that at the Camp Tower, over there." Bunny pointed to the only building built from the ground up.

It reached up higher than the houses, into the tops of the trees. I wonder how I didn't notice it before. Maybe from how I was taken aback at everything else. Either way, it was a marvelous building. It obviously had multiple floors. Like everything else, it was made from the wood around here. That doesn't mean that it wasn't a gorgeous building.

The roof had shingles made of multiple layered leaves and palm fronds. The walls seemed to have a cemented look to it. It honestly made me want to go on an adventure just to reach the top floor. Ooooh- that would be fun.

"Wait... What's the Oath of the Bugs?"

Yeah... it gets more exciting in the 8th or 9th chapter, I promise. (So many promises... I feel like I'm an empty Horn of Plenty...)