Long Distance Love


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Warning: none for now but in the future chapters there is going to be sexual intercourse and cursing.

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Summary: Jacob and Harriet knew each other since they were two years old; and they have been dating since they were ten. Now at the age of 17 Harriet's parent are dead and she moves in with her uncle's; Remus and Sirius, who are the adopted parents of Jacob. Now will Harry deal with living with her boyfriend and going to a school of vampires.

Things You Should know- The Volturi are waiting for Bella to be turned and it's their senior year in high school. The Volturi won't be in the story though. Sam's pack will be going to Fork's high school. Harriet will be called Harry and Harriet so please don't be confused. Oh and Victoria was never with James she was with the Laurent and since the wolfs killed Laurent she wants revenge. Thus she goes after Harry. Also James was already killed in this story by the Cullen's.

"" Talking



"Momma no home."

"No sweetheart we aren't at home were visiting uncle Sirius and uncle Remus."


"Heheh come on Lily she'll understand once we get to Fork's."

"Oh your right."

Turning around the red headed green eyed women looked at her three year old in the car seat. The little girl was currently sucking on her purple sweater and looking back at her.

She looks so much like James.

Smiling one last time at her daughter Lily turned to her husband. The black haired brown eyed man was focusing on the road ahead as he was chewing on some gum. At the moment they were going to visit a few friends at Fork's Washington. Sirius and Remus were both married and lived in the small town since Remus was born there.

When Lily and James were younger they had been friends with Sirius Black but after college Sirius had moved to the town of Fork's to teach high school. While he had been there he had meet a man named Remus Lupin and fell instantly in love. In less then a year both men were married and were living together. Currently both men were raising a child Jacob Black.

The younger boy's parents and siblings had died in a car accident. The only reason Jacob had been lived was because he had been staying with Remus. After the parents had died Remus had adopted Jacob since he to lived in the same reservation as Jacob and his parents. The little boy had been living with both men since he was a year old. Sirius hadn't lived in the same reservation as Remus but after they had gotten married Sirius had moved in with him. Thus now Lily and her family were visiting their long time friends.

"Ah were here."

Grinning James stopped the car and jumped out of the car. He was so excited to see his friends. When he had first meet Remus he had been a bit hesitant because he had been afraid that he wouldn't like him but in an instant both men had become friends.

"James grab Harriet."

"Oh yeah."

"Well will you look at that just got here and already forgetting your little princess."

"Heh Hello Remus, Sirius and hello to you little Jacob."

Walking up to their smiling friends Lily smiled back and hugged them all. She had missed them terribly. Turning to her husband Lily watched as he held on to his little daughters hand and walked towards them. In a few moments both James and Harriet were being hugged tightly.

"No, momma no hug."

"Hahah come here Harriet."

As both family laughed and walked inside the cozy home they left the kids in the living room watching TV. They could just turn on the Wonder Pets and the kids would be as quite as a mouse and as still as a statue. But this time though Harriet didn't want to be still instead she was focused on the tan boy next to her.



"I'm hungry I want cookie."

Staring at the little green eyed girl Jacob contemplated a little before he grabbed the girl's hands and walked to his room. It was a quick walk and since the adults in the dining room table couldn't see them they weren't stopped.

"One cookie."


Closing the door behind them Jacob let go of the little girls hand and walked to his closet. Opening it up he kneeled inside and searched through the clothes on the floor before he pulled out a small plastic bag filled of chocolate chip cookies.

"Oh I wan one."

Nodding his head Jacob sat on his bed and opened it up. While standing in front of him Harriet reached inside and grabbed a cookie; she just loved these kind of cookies.


As the kids continued to eat their cookies they didn't notice their parents looking at them through the door.

"I ove cookies...and I ove you to Yacob."

"I ove cookies an you."

XxXxXxXxX 15 years Later XxXxXxXxX

"Mom I'm fine look they probably just forgot the time I was arriving."

"I bet Sirius was too busy eating and that's why their late."

"Hahah I think you might be right. Oh wait I see them parking their car."

"Alright then sweetheart take care and call me when you have time."

"Ok momma bye."


Hanging up her blackberry and putting it in her pocket Harriet or better known as Harry Potter ran up to her Uncle Remus. Embracing the finely dressed man Harry grinned and squeezed him tight. She had really missed her brilliant uncle. Many assumed that since he lived in a small reservation he was ignorant but in reality he was smarter than most people with a college education.

"Oh Harry it's been so long."

"Oh I know uncle Moony I've missed all of you."

"Hey what about me?"

Letting go of Remus Harry turned to her more casually dressed uncle Sirius. Hugging him just as tightly as he had done his other uncle Harry grinned. She had missed her energetic uncle. No matter if she ever felt sad or depressed Sirius always had a way of making her feel happy.

"Don't worry Siri I couldn't forget you."

Letting go of her uncle Harry suddenly felt two arms wrap around her mid section. Smiling she looked down and saw two thick tan hands. Turning around in those hands Harry smiled when she saw her long distance boyfriend Jacob Black.

"What about me did you miss me?"

"You hm who are you again?"

"Heh let me remind you."

Not caring that their family was watching or that their was a group of strangers around them Jacob leaned down and kissed the small girl. It was a short and tender kiss but after so many months of no physical contact it was enough; or at least for now.

"I've missed you."

"Not as much as I've missed you."

"Ok you two that's enough and you lover boy get your girlfriends luggage."

"Don't worry Jacob it's not much."

"Yeah three suitcases of clothes and two suitcases of makeup isn't much."

As they laughed they walked to the families small Honda. The small dark blue car wasn't much to look at but it worked just fine for the family.

"So Jacob how's school going?"

"Oh god don't even mention that stupid building."

"Why what happened?"

Getting comfortable in the back seat Harriet treated her fingers with her strong boyfriend. She just loved seeing his large hand with her small hand.

"Well a month before school ended their was a really bad storm and some tree's fell on the school. But that's not the worst part if the school isn't fixed by the time school starts in three months then that means that all the older kids will have to go to Fork's High."

"Oh that sucks but hey at least it'll be something new."

"I guess."

"But hey aside from that how has everything been, have I missed anything?"

Pretending to look off to the side Jacob knew a lot happened this year but he didn't want to think about it or mention it while his girlfriend was there for the summer.

"Uh not really."

"Oh well then I guess I'll have make your summer interesting."

As Harry whispered those words into Jacob's ears she gently rubbed the inside of his knee. With this small gesture Jacob knew exactly what she was talking.

"Hm or maybe I'll make your summer interesting."

Grinning Jacob squeezed her jean covered leg. This summer was going to be especially good because not only was Harry going to be introduced to Bella but she was going to meet the new members of Sam's pack.

XxXxXxXxX a week later XxXxXxXxX

"Dude when the hell are we going to meet Harriet we haven't seen her in years."

"Paul it's only been like what two years."

"Yeah since you decided last two summer's that you wanted to visit her."

"I loved those summer's."

"Yeah we're sure you did."

Laughing Jacob punched Jared on the shoulder. Out of the original five first shifters he was the closes to Jared. Both boys didn't know how it happened but were glad it happened since every once in a while it was nice to pretend they were just normal guys.

"So where is she right now?"

"She's with Remus and Sirius grocery shopping."

"Heh and how did you get out of that?"

"How else do you think Embry he kissed some major ass."


"Harry are you still a vegetarian?"

"Oh come on Harry ate a whole burger a few days ago. She's positively not a vegetarian."

"Uh yeah he's right I'm not anymore."

Laughing a little Remus asked for ten pounds of steak from the butcher. A few years ago he would have only had to asked for five but after the Cullen's had moved into Fork's the families eating habits had changed; or at least just for Jacob.

"Oh I love steak Remus."

"I know you do baby that's why I ordered so much. Heheh."

Laughing Harriet wondered off and searched for her favorite box of cookies; chocolate chip. Grabbing three boxes of the cookies Harriet walked back to where her uncle's were. Putting cookies in the cart Harriet continued to follow her uncle's until they were done shopping. After about thirty minute her uncle's were done; and the cart was completely full, they began to pack everything into the Honda's trunk.

Once they were home they noticed that Jacob still wasn't but someone was waiting for them out the house; Officer Charlie.

"Hello Charlie how are you doing today?"

"I'm fine but I was wondering if I could talk to Harriet for a minute."

"Sure just let us bring the things in."

"Actually this can't wait."

"Oh, ok."

Leaving the food in the trunk the three men and Harriet walked to the living room and sat down.

Without wasting any time Charlie got straight to the point.

"Harriet I'm sorry to say that about five hours ago your parents were in an accident and were killed on impact."


"So where do you want to go tonight love?"

"Hm well how about we go to Federico's I love the food he has and it's been so long since we've gone."

"Oh that's a great idea Lily."

Grinning James wrapped his arms around his wives waist. He was definitely going to enjoy having a nice quiet dinner with his wife and then come home and have a wild sex.

"Alright then dear now let go and get dressed then oh and you don't dare wear anything else but a suit and tie."


Watching her husband walk away with a pout on his face Lily turned back to her closet and pulled out her favorite red dress. It was to her knees and tight all over and it had spaghetti straps for sleeves. It was a nice little number that she loved wearing and James loved watching her wear.

After about an hour of getting dressed the couple was finally ready. So locking up their house and making sure that they had everything they needed they climbed in their car and drove to the restaurant. They were two street lights away from their beautiful night when something horrible happened. An elderly man was driving home from visiting a relative when he suddenly had a heart attack. And in a split second the blue sedan that the elderly man was driving hit the car that Lily and James were in. The couple was killed instantly since while having the heart attack the elderly man had hit the gas and had been going almost eighty miles an hour when he hit the young couple.


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