Long Distance Love


Rated: M

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Warning- cursing and at the end there is going to be a full blown hardcore sex between Jacob and Harriet and another couple so if you don't want to read it just skip it.

"" Talking



"Thanks dad we'll be back around eleven or twelve."

"Alright then son both of you take car and have fun."

"We will Remmy, Adam behave and listen to what your grandparents say."

"I will mom."

"Ok come on Harriet let's go."

"Ok, bye everyone."


As Adam ran to the house and to the toys that they kept in their house Sirius turned to Remy.

"So…you think they're really going clubbing in the city or…"

"I think you should just leave it at or."

XxXxXxXxX hardcore part XxXxXxXxX

"A movie, why did we drive so far away to see a movie?"

"Don't worry let's just enjoy."

Rolling her eyes Harriet sat down and looked around the room, there was about twenty people scattered around the small cinema; adults no children. Looking down at her outfit Harriet frowned she had assumed they we're going to go somewhere kinky so she had wore her shortest skirt; which barely covered her butt, and her skimpiest blouse; which was tube top that hugged her body in a way Jacob wished he could. Not that they we're actually in the location that her outfit would be used. Why had she worn something so sexy if Jacob wasn't going to see it?

Perfectly skimpy outfit gone to waste, at least the women at the cash register enjoyed it.

It was alright though as long as she was boring with Jacob then she was going to be ok. Seeing that the movie was about to start Harriet laid her head on Jacob's shoulder and tried to enjoy it, they we're going to watch My Favorite Neighbor*. As the previews started Harriet relaxed and smiled as Jacob wrapped his arm around her bare shoulder. Even if the night wasn't exciting at least it was going to be romantic.

Romantic is better than nothing.

When the actual movie began Harriet forgot about the atmosphere and just enjoyed the movie. She had never seen commercials of the movie but Jacob had told her that it was a going to be a good movie so she trusted him.


Seeing that his wife was distracted Jacob began what he had intended to do; have sex with Harriet in public. This was the reason why they went so far to go to the movies. In this town nobody knew them and this little cinema had a reputation of being a place for voyeurism after dark. He would never do this normally but since Harriet wanted excitement and he wanted to try it then it was a great idea for them and the other people in the room.

Looking around the room Jacob saw a few couples making out and the single people watching them; two men and a woman were looking their way waiting for the show they we're about to put on. Taking a deep breath Jacob looked at Harriet for a little while before he turned back to the movie. Just looking at the screen but not really paying attention Jacob slowly began to move his hand. From the shoulder it moved down towards her bare chest until his fingers were playing with the hem of her tube top. Since she was enjoying the movie Harriet didn't notice what was going on until Jacob had his hand over her covered breast. Gently her husband was messaging her breast.

"J-Jacob stop it. What are you doing were in public?"

"I know."

"Stop it Jacob."

"Why, haven't you ever wanted to try sex in public?"

"W-well yeah but...but..."

"But nothing, we don't know people here and look around, the other couples are doing the same


Frowning Harriet looked around and saw that Jacob had a point, every person was doing something. Two couples were making out and the men we're masturbating. One women had her shirt off and was pinching her nipples as she watched the men. The second woman had a toy dildo in her mouth and she was completely enjoying it.

"W-what is this? What the hell is this? How did you find this place?"

Wanting to get to the good stuff right away Jacob decided to just answer the questions and get it over it.

"This is a sex cinema and a member from the pack told me about it. I knew about it for months but I didn't see a reason to come until now. So what do you think? Do you like or do you want to leave?"

Seeing the look of fear in Harriet's eyes Jacob's smiled and kissed her neck.

"I know you might be scared but I promise it'll be an amazing experience...trust me."

I really want to do this...should I...come on Harriet just do it.

Taking a deep breath Harry nodded her head. "I trust you."

Smiling Jacob licked his lips and leaned down to kiss Harriet. Slipping his tongue inside of her mouth Jacob rested his hand on Harriet's upper thigh. Tasting his wife's mouth Jacob smirked,

this was going to be a good night.



"You like that?"


Grinning Jacob rubbed his finger against the outside of his wife's panties; Harriet was so wet. She was probably a closet exhibitionist but now that her secret was out he was going to exploit it.

"I want you to stand up and take off your clothes."


Wide eyed Harriet shakily stood up and turned to face Jacob. From this angle she saw the other couples in the room were fucking like animals and the singles had hocked up together and one of those couples were watching her; they were waiting for her to get naked. Panting Harriet looked at Jacob and then looked at the couple, blushing she began to take off her clothes.

This is so wrong but it feels so good. I want them to watch me...to watch me and fuck while thinking of me.

Pushing down her tiny skirt and underwear she tossed it to towards the wall, it made a pile. Seeing the couple watching start to fuck more erratically she smiled and took of her tube top, she had no bra on so she was now completely naked. Sitting on Jacob's lap she smiled and took one of her breast in her mouth. Sucking and playing with her nipple Harriet moaned; she was getting very excited. Seeing his wife play with her nipples Jacob groaned, he loved the sight of this but he was feeling a bit neglected. "I'm feeling a little neglected baby." Grabbing her other breast she offered it to Jacob, he instantly took it in his mouth and began to nibble on her nipple.

"Ah aahh."

Moaning Harriet clenched her fist and rubbed her crotch against Jacob. She was getting so excited she wanted to have sex now.


Taking her nipple out of her mouth Harriet gave it to Jacob so that he could switch breast. Even while he did switch Jacob still gave her other breast attention by rubbing and pulling on the sensitive nipple.


Shivering Harriet moaned louder, she desperately wanted Jacob to be inside of her but she couldn't even articulate what she wanted. So instead of being she decided to show him what she wanted. Pushing her body closer to Jacob she reached in between their bodies and pressed her palm up and down Jacob's cock. Feeling the cock under her hand harden; even more if that was possible. Harriet smiled at this and unzipped Jacob's pants, reaching inside the pants Harriet moaned. It felt so good to have Jacob's in hand and ready for whatever she wanted.



"I want you baby...I want you inside me...now."


Seeing the new determined look on Jacob's face Harriet lifted herself up a bit and waited for Jacob to pull down his pant, once that was done she settled on his lap again. Before she let Jacob enter her she looked the other couple looking at them. They had stopped what they had been doing and had gotten closer to them; they were now right behind them. Smiling Harriet stood up and mentioned for Jacob to do the same. Once he was up she kneeled on the chair so the she was facing the couple and her ass was to Jacob. In this position she would be able to see the other couple fuck and still have Jacob deep inside of her.

"Are you sure you want it this way?"



Reaching behind herself Harriet spread her pussy open, by doing this she was able to feel how wet she was. Licking her lips she turned back to the couple in front of her and gasped; the women had moved so that she was now right in her face. Blushing Harriet stared at the women's eyes; she had the most beautiful blue eyes. Without a second thought she leaned forward and kissed the women, within a few moments they had each other's tongue in their mouths. Harriet then felt Jacob press the head of his cock inside of her, she moaned and then pressed back to push more of his cock inside of her. Shivering Harriet moved away from the blue-eyed girl's mouth and headed towards her full breast. They weren't as big as hers but they were bigger than average. Taking the nipple in her mouth Harriet sucked on it and gently pulled on it with her teeth. She wasn't going to lie she missed the taste of another women's breast in mouth. It had been so long since she had last done it that she couldn't contain her excitement, it seemed like her excitement was contagious because at that moment Jacob shoved the rest of his cock inside of her and started to ruthlessly thrust forward.


Crying out Harriet tried to hold on to the women in front of her but it wasn't enough, she kept moving back and forth with Jacobs thrust.

"You look so fucking hot keep on...kissing."

Moaning Harriet grabbed the other women's head and began to passionately kiss her. In no time she was able to feel a ball of fire swell in the pit of her belly.

"Suck on her nipples baby."

Hearing the strange rough voice Harriet looked up and stared at the man. This man was quite impressive and built, not as muscular as Jacob but still strong looking. What was most impressive about him though was his beautiful silver eyes and platinum blond hair.

"Suck on her nipple."

Turning back to the women in front of her Harriet moved up a little and offered the women her breast; she instantly took it in her mouth and roughly began to handle it. Whimpering at her nipples treatment Harriet clenched her eyes closed; she hated the treatment but liked it at the same time.

"You taste so good."

Blushing harder but keeping her eyes closed Harriet moaned, this was so intense.

"It...looks like...their enjoying themselves."

"Hm...a little too much...if you ask...me."

"What...mmmnn...what do you suppose we do then?"

"I think a little punishment is in order."

Grinning both men continued to fuck their respective partners. Once they finished fucking they would think of a way to punish them.

"Mmm so fucking good baby."


Even through his haze Jacob was still able to remember that Harriet had said she had tried dating girls. If Jacob hadn't been the possessive type he would have liked to do this sort of thing more often but he was a selfish man and would get bothered by it soon enough so there was no point of thinking in doing this long term.


Pulling away from the women in front of her Harriet gave her one last kiss before she pushed her body closer to Jacob. Looking at the couple in front of her he saw the blonde man lift the other women's knees up. From that position she was able to see the mans cock slam in and out of her.

So that's how it looks.

"Stop thinking."

Nodding her head Harriet reached in between her legs and began to stimulate her clitoris. From the wonderful feeling in her belly it was going to be the best orgasm of her life.

"I'm close...ngh...I'm so close Jacob."

"Me to baby."

Opening her mouth and clenching her eyes shut Harriet tossed her head side to side. The feeling was just so overwhelming. It'd been a while since they had something this exciting.

Thrusting faster Jacob bent her in half. In this positions he thrust faster and deeper. Hearing her moans Jacob closed his eyes and kept thrusting a he felt the knot in his belly burst and his sack rise as he released his cum all over Harriet's insides. Even as he came he didn't stop thrusting until he heard Harriet yell his name and spill a little of her own juices.

"J-Jacob...this was f-fucking awesome."

XxXxXxXxX Hardcore part over XxXxXxXxX

"So did you guys have a nice time."

"Yeah we did, we even meet another couple with two kids around Adam's age. They live a few towns away but I think they would be worth the trip."

"Oh that sounds great."

"It is, were going too met up with them in a few days so the kids can play together."

"Well it's good to hear you both had a nice time. You should think about doing it more often. Adam had a nice time sleeping over so it wouldn't be a problem."

The couple looked at each other and smiled as they agreed. They needed to go out more often.


I don't know if * is actually a movie or not but I just made it up on the spot. Also I hope everyone loved the story =] let me know what you thought of the sex cause it's the first time I've done it that hardcore and I wanna know if I did it right or not.