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Clare's POV

I land in the Batcave entrance and go towards the computer to see the message my parents left for us. To my surprise video chat is up. I had no idea they got that out in space…I learn something new every day. My mom is on the screen humming something to herself while she waits from someone to come into the cave. She's in her Nightwing outfit, so she's probably going to be leaving to fight some evil alien after the call.

"What has Alfred told you about flying in the house, Clare?" my mom scolds from the other end of the screen. I'm not in the room for five seconds before I get in trouble.

"Good to see you too, mom. How's the mission going?" I ask her eagerly. I hope that they're almost done out there. I hate thinking that they could die. That is a real burden of having superhero parents. I can honestly say that I haven't seen my parents in six months. I've been commuting from school to the manor. Occasionally I go home to clean and make sure that no one has broken into it, but other than that I'm on strict orders to come straight here.

My mom was taught by the best on how to be over protective. I'm not even allowed to patrol with Batman, just train and make sure Bart and Tim don't destroy the Young Justice Headquarters.

"Longer than expected…but I promise your father and I will come home as soon as possible," she says with a sad smile. I know she would rather be home with her family. She doesn't want me to lose my parents like she did. My father never had a family, he's a clone, and he isn't about to give up what he has either.

"Rachel, it's good to see that you're alright. We actually need to talk to Wally can you patch us through to him?" Bruce questions my mom and she sighs.

"It's nice to see you too, Bruce and sure I'll let you talk to Wally. He's probably bored anyway. I see that you're having dimensional problems, he's the best person to talk to," mom replies and then her screen goes blank and Wally shows up looking really bored.

"Hey, you guys finally ended up in our dimension. I'm going to send you the coordinates for the locations for the parts of the dimensional gate. Rachel and I sort of scattered them everywhere…sorry about that," Wally says with an amused smirk.

I feel bad for Wally. He always tags along with my parents on missions, but he doesn't get to do anything besides man the computer and steer the ship for pick up. I can tell that it bothers him, but he never says anything about it.

"Thanks, Wally. Bring everyone home safely," Bruce tells him and then cuts of the transmission. A binging noise comes from the computer and a little letter appears. The letter has a flash symbol on it. I guess Wally sent the locations to us.

The link opens and there are a bunch of addresses for the parts. I recognize five locations that I can get to easily. Three are at my house and two are near a friend's house. The bad thing is that there are twenty seven parts.

"I know where five of the parts are. I can go and pick them up tomorrow," I comment while they're reading the list. I look over to Bruce who is going to have to make the decision since my parents aren't here at the moment. Basically, he's my legal guardian till my parents come back home.

"I know that three are located in your house, but where are the other two parts that you're talking about?" Dick asks me when he finished the list. I guess he figured out that my mom hid some parts in the house.

"The other two parts are in Star City. I'm going there tomorrow to help my friend at his parent's archery club," I reply and wait for someone to say something.

"Very well, I know the location of a few of the parts as well. Some of the more important parts are encrypted so no one would be able to put the device back together. It'll take a few hours for my decryption program to finish, but I should have all the parts together in two or three days. We'll start the search tomorrow. I have to go on patrol. Clare, watch our…guests," Bruce says ordering me to stay put. Bruce leaves the room to get suited up and after a few minutes of silence later I hear the Batmobile leave the cave.

Great, I'm stuck sitting at home, again. "Who do you know in Star City?" I hear Tim ask from behind me. I turn around to face him and find it a little difficult. I can tell that Tim kind of has a crush on me, but it can't last. I mean we're from different dimensions!

"My friend Apollo is running his parents' archery club while they're off planet. Since it's summer break for me, I help him twice a week with lessons and stuff," I answer with a smile. Apollo is kind of my best friend. My parents and Apollo's parents, Roy and Artemis, are still really good friends even after the whole Young Justice thing fell apart for them. So basically, Apollo and I have known each other since we were little. Apollo is also really overprotective, I'm pretty sure he gets that from his father.

"Could you take Tim with you tomorrow?" Wally/Flash questions me with a sly grin on his face. Ugh, how am I going to say no? I mean I have no reason to, besides the fact that Apollo might not be civil towards him.

"Alright, I'll be leaving at seven thirty to grab the stuff from my house and then I'll be going straight to Star City," I inform Tim and he nods happily. I guess he's excited to tag along.

"Well, it's past midnight already. Since none of us have patrol we might as well get to sleep," Dick says with grin. Wait, I know that look. My mom uses that on my dad when they have free time. He grabs Wally/Flash by the collar of his shirt and drags him upstairs.

"Ugh, I hate it when they do that," Tim groans as he tries to repress a shudder. I shudder instead...

"I'll take you to your room," I tell him and lead him to the second floor where he, Dick and Wally/Flash are staying. I drop him off at his guest room and go towards the stairs to head to my room.

"Goodnight, Clare," Tim whispers just loud enough for me to hear. I sigh, tomorrow is going to be a long day.

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