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She had been growing restless as of late. It didn't matter that the wars were over or that she was home, carefree and completely content. It was the fact that there was a growing unease in the pit of her stomach and she couldn't seem to shake the feeling whatsoever. It was just too...she didn't even know the right word to describe the feeling. Unsettling, perhaps was the best word to use, but even with that one word, it seemed to not accurately describe just how unsettled she felt.

It was okay a week ago. She and Zed had just returned home after a big battle and were greeted by Mikki. They settled in and before she knew it, she had gotten a job at the nearest nursing home. Mikki had informed them that he had two bakeries going, which was great and all, but that left Zed just out in the open. So Roya and Mikki were the only two in the household actually working, unless you counted the missions that the council people sent Zed on. Usually he made boggles of gold, and he usually just threw it on the table to help pay for whatever expenses were needed for the the month, but other than that, he usually just hung out either around the house or in the forest by the river and lake. It was pretty easy to scout him out. Well, for her it was anyway.

But then...that unsettling feeling came when she was dressing in her nightgown one night. She happened to notice that her curtain was open from her window, and although she was on the second story of the building, she felt a little weird. She always had the window wide open to let the cool breeze waft through the room. She knew it was a bad idea to actually leave the window open like that, but because the wind seemed to calm her, she left it open every night and shut it the second the sun began to rise in the sky the following morning. So that night, she closed the window as well as the curtain and slept a little uneasily.

The following day felt a little awkward. She was just as talkative as she always was and before work she hung out with Mikki and Zed by the lake and they fished for a while. But, after that little while, that strange feeling came back and she had the urge to look around just to see if she could find something out of the ordinary. Of course, to the naked eye, she hadn't seen one detail out of place. And, as luck would have it, Zed and Mikki would ask what was wrong with her because she would suddenly grow very quiet and then she would just reply that she was fine and that she was going to be late. That, of course, was her usual excuse and had continued to be her excuse for the rest of the week.

On the third day, she definitely felt out of sorts. The council people had told Master Zico, who in turn informed Zed and Roya, that there had been a report of random shiftings throughout the area. Though the shifts were too far out to really calculate or pinpoint their source, it was likely that whoever it was would be there in town and to keep a look out. Apparently, the shifts weren't approved through the council, so they just had to lay in wait until their mysterious people decided to show themselves. And with this new information, brought about that uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Yesterday had to be the worst of all, however. Roya had gotten the day off and she had decided that she was going to wear something different today. She wanted to be alone, if only for a little bit and had decided to wear a light dress and a shawl to cover her horns on her shoulders. She still wasn't quite sure how to deal with the fact that she was a Tuskan, therefore, she just covered it up to escape those thoughts. However, Zed had decided to stay home as well so that left the two of them together.

Zed was in the living room doing whatever it was he always did and she was in the kitchen preparing lunch for them both. She was thinking of bringing a lunch to Mikki as well as his new girlfriend and was happily baking some bread as well as heating up a few other items. A little desert and she was done. However...when she was just taking the bread out of the oven, she closed the door and turned from the oven. But at that same moment...there was a cold draft that swept through the room. It had felt like someone was in the kitchen with her. There was another gust of wind, but this time, it was a bit stronger and it knocked the tray out of her hands and landed with a loud clatter on the ground. Her shawl flew back and landed on top of the counter. In that moment, Zed came rushing in, wondering what was happening. And for the longest moment, he stared at her shoulders before actually bringing his eyes to her own.

She didn't know what to think after that and had promptly stepped around the ruined bread and shut the windows. All the while, she had felt as if something, or someone, was keeping a close eye on her.

Today, however, seemed peaceful. She and Zed still had no clues as to who had invaded Tumblar and things were as quiet and as peaceful as ever. She still hadn't shaken the feeling of being watched, but she also figured it was just her overactive imagination. Zed was sitting beside her by the river and Mikki was on the other side of her, just laying in the grass. She was happy, she really was, but still...there was that nagging feeling of unease.

I am mostly writing this fic to see how far it will go. I have only recently come across the anime series called Kiba. I'm actually on episode 47 (or 48 not sure, I have it saved on my laptop somewhere...) and I'm getting there. They had just escaped the destruction of Ginga's home (or what I assume was his home. For some reason, I can't ever remember the name of the place) and Amear Gall had taken both Zed and Roya away from there without even so much as going back to look for Ginga. I nearly cried - I was JUST beginning to grow a bit of a anime-fan-crush on Ginga. Lol!

But yeah, there is WAY too little fanfics out there and there needs to be a lot more! I can't believe not a whole lot of people know about this series! It's such a nice series. Oh yeah, I also remember that Zed just found out about his father. (I just remembered about that...GAH! I wanted to see his face!) But yeah. The series is getting good.

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the fanfic so far (even though there is hardly anything here at all) and continue to bare with me as I update. I actually have a few other stories (and althought it is VERY VERY VERY bad for me to post a new story...I'm still working on the others...so...don't kill me! Lol!) But yeah, hope you like!

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