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Chapter Twenty-Four

They both stopped at the sound of a knock on the door. Knowing who was there, Johnny just leaned back to watch the show. It may be kind of mean, but seeing the shock on Jagger's face at the visitor would be well worth the show.

"What the hell?" Jagger demanded as he reached for his gun after pulling the door open.

The man on the other side smiled a wicked grin and chuckled. "Good to see you too, Cates. I take it Johnny Boy didn't tell you that I was coming."

"It's okay, Jagger. I called him back to help with the Diego situation."

Whirling around, the half smile on his friend's face caused Jagger to shake his head. "You have got to be kidding me! Please tell me that you are joking. This could blow up in your face, John!"

"Oh, I would say that Liz might be a tad upset with him," the supposive ghost answered with a chuckle as he stepped in and closed the door. "But only because she is not aware that Zacchara here knows the entire truth."

Confused and still itching to shoot the arrogant man standing in front of him, Jagger just rolled his eyes. "What freaking truth?"

"I'm sorry, but that it is Elizabeth's information to share with others. I only know because of the extensive research that my father did on her. Some things just did not add up when I read through the files that he had, so I dug a bit deeper. When I came across proof that he was alive, I tracked him down and learned the rest." Johnny could see that his friend was still unhappy and sighed. "Listen, I know that it was wrong not to warn you or Elizabeth that he was coming here, but we need to catch Diego off guard. Having another ghost here that can poke without fear of alerting him will be in our favor. I am telling Elizabeth tonight. I was going to tell her before, but I was trying to figure out exactly what to say."

"And you think that hiding the fact that Cameron's father was alive will not cause a problem with your marriage?" Jagger demanded in disbelief. "And how in the hell could you abandon your son, Zander?"

Zander raised his hand to stop the tirade. "Because we lied, Jagger." Seeing Johnny glare, Zander shrugged. "It's not like he won't find out since he is your second in command. Cameron is not my child. But I agreed to say he was because Elizabeth asked and she was probably one of a very few select people that had not turned their backs on me. Why we did it is nobody else's concern. And before you ask, I will not tell you who his father is. John already knew before he came to talk to me."

While incredibly stunned by what he had just learned, Jagger lifted his brows. "Does she know that you are alive? And why would Elizabeth explain to Cam that you are his biological father and that you are dead. Did you not stop to think that might be a bad thing."

"Elizabeth believes that I died. That is why she may be a bit upset with Johnny and myself. But we had agreed that I would be Cameron's father and that I would sign away any rights, which I did."

"And Zander is not here to be reintroduced to Port Charles lovely citizens."

"Hell no!" the man in question agreed automatically. "I am going to stay in the background, unseen. I am just looking for Diego and why he is back, why he went after Georgie, and who is helping him. Because trust the dead man, it is hard to stay hidden unless you have help. Otherwise, the bastard would have been spotted at a store or somewhere. No one seeing him except for Georgie is not an accident and it is not because he is so well adapted at hiding in the shadows. Someone is helping that cretin."

"Probably Sam," Jagger muttered as he let all that he had been told sink in. While he was still uncertain, he had to admit that John's plan could work to flush Diego out.

Eyes darkening as he shook his head, Johnny growled. "Sam is not that smart to have covered her tracks that well. My guess is Spencer. But why he would have him go after Georgie makes no sense."

"Because that was all on Diego. Lucky helping Diego go undetected would have nothing to do with her, if it is him." Letting that statement hang in the air, Zander walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. Returning and sitting on the couch, he scowled. "If, and I say if, it is connected to Lucky, it has got to tie into Elizabeth in a way that we have not discovered yet. One thing about Lucky that I always tried to get Liz to see was that he manipulated her into thinking how she owed him. It was the guilt that kept her tied to him for all these years."


Closing her eyes as Francis drove toward the penthouse, Elizabeth let her thoughts drift. While curious as to the reason that Johnny wanted her to meet him there instead of the house, she pushed it to the side, knowing that she would soon have those answers.

"You feeling okay, kid? You look kinda pale?"

"I am fine, Francis. After being off work for several days, the first day back always runs me down somewhat."

"It's not like you need to push yourself, Liz."

"Don't start," she warned without cracking an eyelid. "I know that I do not have to work, but I want to. I enjoy nursing. I am going to part time though. Spending more time with the boys will be especially nice."

"Speaking of them, I am going back to the house after delivering you to the penthouse. I know that Georgie said that she was fine with watching them, but I think that an extra set of hands couldn't hurt." He paused and cast a quick look at her. "Unless you think that she will be offended."

Sadness crept across her face but she nodded. "No, I think that she would like knowing that you are there. I know that Paul is there, but having you inside the house will help too. Besides, she is now my nanny," she giggled as she shook her head in amazement. "Never really thought that I would have one of those. But anyways, she knows that guards are a part of the package."

As he pulled into the parking garage, they were both thrown to see Johnny standing at the bank of elevators as Jagger waved as he made his way to his vehicle. A dazzling smile broke across her renewed features.

"I'll see you later, Frannie. Thank you for heading back to the house."

"No problem, Liz."

Johnny wrapped an arm around her waist and ushered her to the elevator as he nodded at Francis. Once the doors had slid shut, he pulled her to him and brought his lips down on hers.

Sinking against him, she sighed when the doors opened again and he released her to step out on the floor that the penthouse was on. "It's not fair to tease your hormonal wife," she pouted playfully as she winked at him.

His eyes took on a gleam as he pushed her up against the wall after closing the door. "It's not teasing when I fully intend to spend some quality time with you." He nipped her neck plaufully and smirked when she shivered lightly. "But first, we have to talk. And you are probably going to kill me, but on the bright side, we can make up afterwards."

Eyes dancing, she slid away and bounced over to the couch and sunk into the plush cushions. "And what have you done that you think would cause a disagreement, Johnny?"

Following her to the couch, he sat beside her but turned so that they were facing each other. Weaving their fingers together, he met her curious gaze. "It is more in context with what I know."

"We already discussed this. I don't need or expect you to tell me about business, Johnny."

"While that may be, this involves you, Elizabeth." Feeling her tense slightly, he squeezed her hands gently while his gut clenched. "I should have told you part of this when you learned that I knew Morgan was Jake's biological father."

Pulling her lip between her teeth, she watched him with unblinking eyes. "I don't understand what you are trying to dance around. You explained that you knew from the files that Anthony had on us. You know that I am not mad at you for finding that out. You protected us. I don't blame you for anything that your father did, Johnny. You know that. I married you, I love you."

"And I love you, more than I ever dreamed possible. But I know that you value trust and honesty. I also know that everyone has secrets, Elizabeth. Last year I came across some information that led me to uncovering another of yours."

"Um, o-okay. Care to clue me in on what you are delicately trying tiptoe around, Johnny." Her eyes never wavered from his but he could see that she was nervous.

"I'm not real sure how to say it without upsetting you," he admitted softly. "So I will just say it. I know that Zander Smith is not Cameron's father. I also know who is."

Unsure how to respond, she swallowed. Pushing back her unease, Elizabeth carefully studied his face and could see no change in how he looked at her. "How?"

"You know about the file that my father had on you. It was extremely detailed. I know that Cam does not have your rare blood type and that he does not have Zander's, which would be impossible if he was his son." Rubbing his thumb over her wrist, he attempted to get her to relax some. "I know that you had left Ric by that time. I also know who you were close friends with at that time, who was your support when your world was torn upside down."

"Do you understand why I did what I did?" she whispered with concern lacing her husky voice. "Does it change how you feel?"

"No, God no." His hand moved up to cup the side of her face tenderly. "Even if I had only learned of that today, it changes nothing. I love you. Your past relationships are not an issue. Who fathered either of the boys changes nothing. Elizabeth, I am not trying to make you uncomfortable or doubt anything about us."

"Do you want to know why I lied?"

"If you want to tell me, that is fine. If not, I accept that you had your reasons."

She leaned up trailed her fingertips down his cheek. "You are incredible, Johnny. It honestly doesn't matter at all to you that I have lied about both of my son's fathers at one point. But what I want to know is why you are bringing it up now?"

"Because I needed to bring someone back to help catch Diego. A person that no one would expect. And the main reason would be because everyone assumes that he is dead."

Her eyebrows dipped into a slight vee as she chewed that over for a second. "Do I want to know?"

"Zander is alive." When her mouth opened but she remained silent, he gave her a minute to process the bomb that he had just dropped on her. "I searched for him last year after reading the files. When Diego attacked Georgie, I called him and asked him to help us find him."

Finally finding her voice, she cleared her throat. "Why did he fake his death? Zander was my friend, a close friend."

"He wanted to explain that to you himself. He is going to meet us tomorrow morning. He will tell you everything then."

"It had better be a damn good explaination," she muttered. Shifting closer to him, she rested her head on his shoulder. "Do you reallly believe that he can find Diego?"

"I do. It is the only reason that I called him. Otherwise, I would have not brought this subject up at all. I was afraid that you would be pissed."

A snort escaped as she pulled back to look at his face. "It would be stupid to get upset that you knew Zander was alive when I have kept secrets too. And I know that you are doing this to help a girl that is broken and scared to close her eyes. I do understand, Johnny. I am just having an issue dealing with the fact that you found out the truth so easily."

"Only because I noticed the difference in the blood types, Elizabeth. Not just anyone would have access to that information. Anthony insisted on every fact that our men could provide. Nothing needs to change concerning that situation. I am not planning on revealing anything that I learned. Let people believe what they want."

Tears collected in her eyes. "He knew."

Using the pad of his thumb, he dried her cheek as a tear slowly rolled free. "I know he did," he breathed into her ear right before sucking her earlobe between his teeth as he wove one of his hands into her thick mass of silky hair.

When she moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck, Johnny pulled her completely into his lap and flush to his body. Placing kisses along the trail of her slender neck, he inhaled her sweet sent and groaned. "Us, here and now, is all that matters. I love you, Elizabeth."

A throaty whimper slipped from her as she turned so that she was straddling him, her slim thighs hugging him as she captured his mouth. When her delicate hands traveled under his shirt and glided along his back, he stood causing her to wrap her legs around her waist.

Depositing her on the large bed in his old room, he eyed with eyes that were almost black with passion. Swiping her tongue along her lips, she offered a sly grin as she moved to kneel on bed and unbotton the long sleeved shirt that she had put on after showering at GH.

Breathing heavy, he stilled her hands and slowly eased the shirt away himself and then unsnapped the front clasp of her silk and lace bra, removing it as well. "You are perfect," he murmured before losing himself to the desire and passion that she unleashed within him.


Tying the sash of the robe that she pulled on after their shared shower, she looked into the mirror and watched as he pulled on a pair of jeans. When their eyes connected in the glass, she could easily read the passion that was starting to simmer once again in his chocolate orbs. Smirking, Elizabeth turned and leaned against the vanity. "You are insatiable."

His trademark arrogant grin appeared before he leaned in placed a gentle kiss on her swollen lips before nibbling on the bottom one. "Only with you." His hands traveled down her sides until they rested on her stomach. "But I think that you need to eat. Besides, I kinda like the idea of replenishing your strength for tonight."

Laughing, her eyes sparkled as she shoved him back a step. "Pretty sure of yourself there, Zacchara."

Watching as she dressed, he tossed her a knowing look but did not respond. He waited until they were back in the living room before he asking if she wanted to stay at there for the night since Zander was meeting them in the morning.

"What about the boys?"

"I already spoke with Georgie before you got here. She actually sounded upbeat about keeping the boys and having some time alone after they are asleep. And I have Paul and Francis there too."

"Um, that might be best," she admitted with a slight grimace. "I would rather Francis not see Zander."

He had known that. "That was one of the main reasons that I suggested this. If he overheard any of this..."

"He would piece it together," she finished. "I wanted to tell him after everything went to hell, but I had promised the last time that I spoke to him before he went missing. He said it was too dangerous."

"It was, Elizabeth. O'Brien was in a hard place. Alcazar knew about you and was threatening to go after you unless he supplied the information that he knew on Corinthos. Then when Sonny and Jason figured out that he was the leak, all they seen was betrayal." He watched as she paled and her stricken eyes raised to his. "He was doing what he had to, for you and Cam."

"But..." she stopped and swallowed the pain. "He died because they thought that he was selling them out?"

"Yes," he answered honestly. "And with you two having been seeing each other quietly, no one knew that Lorenzo was blackmailing O'Brien or could have guess with what."

"So Jake's father killed Cam's." She sank onto the couch and shook her head. "This is insane. He died to protect me. To protect our son."

Johnny sat across from her on the coffee table and clasped her hands. "As much as I dislike Morgan, he honestly thought that O'Brien was siding with Alcazar. And when he refused to give any explanation, he did what he was ordered too. But I think that admitting that he was involved with you, would have not saved him, Elizabeth. Jason and Sonny would have found a way to help him if he had been upfront after Lorenzo approached him and before he told him anything, but he must have not wanted to place you in the middle of that clusterfuck."

She shook her head sadly. "No, he knew that Jason would not protect him." She raised her eyes and saw that he agreed even if he would not say it aloud. "He would have protected me and Cam, but he would have told Johnny to deal with his own mess. In the end, he did what he had to. I understand why he made me swear to stay quiet if anything happened to him. He knew that it would cause a rift that would have left me unprotected, especially since Sonny was already pissed because I had married Ric and all that had happened with that mess. Stupid fool," she murmured.

"He cared about you, Elizabeth. He made the choice that I would have too."

"But we weren't in love, not like you are thinking anyway. Yes, I loved him, but as a friend. Johnny O'Brien was special to me but it would have never lasted. Hell, we both knew that going into it. He was my best friend at the time. My support that was keeping me together after my world had imploded."

"Maybe it may have turned into more, but maybe not," he answered. "But even as a friend, from what I have heard about him, he would have not allowed you to be endangered. Why do you think that Lorenzo never came after you with any real intent to use you against Morgan as the years went on and you two reconnected. It was because O'Brien told him that you would not be protected by Sonny. And that for Morgan to do so would cause a split between the two partners. And Alcazar believed, just like my father, that Jason would have chosen to not go against Sonny. Lorenzo also promised not to harm O'Brien's son or you."

She could see that, because they were right. Jason ony went against Sonny when she was held at the crypt, but after that, never again. "They were right," she responded with a shrug. "Once he married Courtney, we lost the deep connection and faith that we had once had in each other. No, it was actually when Sonny faked his death. Even when I was pregnant with Jake, I was never first. That was Sonny, Carly, Micheal, and Sam. While it hurts, I know that it was for the best." Catching him by surprise, she smiled. "Because it eventually led to me and you."

Enfolding her into his arms, he rested his head on hers. "No matter what, Elizabeth, we would have eventually reached this place. I have no doubt of that." Kissing her temple, he took a deep breath. "Are you upset that I knew all this, about Cam and O'Brien and never told you?"

Surprised at the question, she jerked back and shook her head without any hesitation. "No. I am surprised that you figured it out, but not mad. I know why you never told me. It was the past and you were worried about bringing up old memories and feelings. I do understand, Johnny. But you are right, Zander will be perfect to try and find and trace what Diego is up to, although I am going to kill him." Stopping suddenly, a sliver of fear reached her eyes. "Do you think that Lorenzo told his son about Cam?"

Thinking about the possibility, Johnny finally shook his head. "I have no clue, but I don't know what that would have to do with Georgie. No, I think that someone, either Sam or Lucky, helped him fake his death and are now using him to throw me and Morgan off the trail of why he is really here. Zander swears that Diego was always obsessed slightly with Georgie. And that he went after her because of that, but I cannot discount that it may be because she is close to you and the boys and a way to come after me indirectly. Then factor in that she is friends with Spinelli, it could also be a way to go after Morgan, but that is a stretch."

"Jesus," she muttered as she nibbled on her bottom lip again.

Reaching up and gently stopping her from ravaging it, he held her gaze. "We are going to find the link and take care of him. I promise you and Georgie that." Pulling her up, he flashed a smile at her as her stomach grumbled. "Let's feed our baby and then check on Cam and Jake. After they are asleep, we can relive our honeymoon before facing the real world tomorrow."

A slow smile spread across her face as she smirked. "Sounds perfect."