Chapter One: What the…

When I came to, I was laying in something cold and I mean freezing cold like I had been shoved roughly into a refrigerator and left there. I forced my sluggish eyes open and stared at the blinding white substance that flashed into my sore eyes.

'Ugh,' I murmured in disgust as I sat up and rubbed my eyes briskly before focusing on my surroundings and shivered. No wonder I was cold, I found myself sitting in forest that seemed to be in the middle of bloody winter. Where was that warm summery climate back at home, no way was it winter already besides…

I sighed heavily as I stood up and brushed the snow off my bare legs and blazer, goose bumps made my legs shudder as I tried my best to calm my breathing.

No fucking way, no fucking way…

I couldn't help the foul language spewing in my mind, how could a sane person take this in.

The last thing I remembered was walking home from school through the park; the day had been lovely and warm and I decided to not get stuck in the car with my older brother, Daniel who seemed to be in his usual foul mood.

I shook my head, relieving my hair of any snow crystals that had begun to melt in contact with my body heat. If I couldn't find something warm to wear soon, I would freeze to death before finding out what the hell is happening to me?

Trudging through the snow, the scenery around me didn't seem to change so much as I grumbled and pulled my school blazer tightly around me, the cold wind easily blow up my skirt as I paused to stop it from flying up to my hips to show my short pants underneath. Not that I didn't mind since no one seemed to be around and I felt foolish for a while before continuing on, praying I was heading in the right direction.

I stopped to catch my breath as I stared through the glare that the snow gaze off as the sun beamed down on it and me with little effect in warming my bare legs. My teeth were chattering now as I braced myself against yet another blast of chilly wind threatened to reveal me to the shadows of the forest.

'Honestly, why couldn't it have been a nice warm beach?' I couldn't help but groan as I hissed when I sank deeper into the snow. It was now up to my knees and goose bumps raced up my thighs again. I bit my lip from shouting anything unladylike as I began to wade through the snow as if it was water.

I hated rotten luck and as I started thinking that nothing could get any worse a sudden blizzard whipped around me sending me airborne.

I screamed in surprise as I landed heavily on the ground, the snow softened my landing much to my annoyance as I glanced up at what I believed had caused it and instinctively froze.

I had to be dreaming for god's sake as I stared up at the monster twice my size that glared back at me with fly-like eyes. Its body was cruelly twisted but it didn't seem to mind as it cocked it large head at me as if it was as surprised to see me as I of it.

I had a bad feeling; a really bad feeling and looking at it didn't make me feel any better. I scrambled to my feet and ran as fast I could through snow before the thing had anytime to react.


I shuddered but didn't turn around, oh great it can talk too; the thought wasn't as pleasant as its appearance as I glanced over my shoulder. Sure enough it seemed to be following me, its thick hard wings I had mistook for spikes were whizzing frantically behind it.

'Get away from me,' I shrieked at it, I felt a mixture of fear and annoyance as the creature chased me. Running through snow is tiring; I have to admit, almost as bad as running through shallow water. I skidded, a shower of snow sprayed over a bush as I turned quickly and narrowly avoided who-knows-what before I felt the ground underneath me feet declining suddenly.

'Shit,' I cursed as I tumbled down the hill and sprawled out in the snow before getting to my feet and glanced up to see if it was still following me. It was unfortunately as it paused to look down at my clumsiness and snickered.

'Hold still you little wrench,' it buzzed at me as I frowned and shook my head before bolting from it again. I could barely hear it curse behind me as it gave chase again. My chest grew tight with each desperate step I made through the snow as I tried to stretch the distance between it and me as far as humanly possible, if I could say that.

But suddenly it seemed luck wasn't with me today as I felt my foot hit something hidden in the snow and I fell forward. Pain shot up from my ankle as I winced and bit my lip as I glared behind me. The monster had caught up as if I had never lost it and grinned evilly, well that's what it looked to me.

'Heheh, die human,' it cried gleefully as I covered my head and screamed.

'Hell's fire,' I heard a voice cried out but made no attempt to look around, what if it was another one of those monsters. I felt the presence of someone land lightly beside me and I suddenly felt safe and… warm?

I backed away in surprise as the person frowned in confusion at me for my sudden reaction. I stared at him as white hair fluttered around his head and curved stubbornly at the ends. Silver eyes stared at my shock with little more than bemusement before glancing behind her.

'Lavi, it isn't alone,' he called out as I flinched at how young his voice sounded despite the whiteness of his hair, taking a closer look now, he was roughly my age.

I shook my head and glared behind me, a redhead with a headband and eye patch quickly twisted away as another creature came out of nowhere. It was nothing like the one that had chased me, it almost looked like a medieval knight with curving horns and a grin that reminded me funnily of a horse.

'Level three,' she heard the white haired boy hiss as he crouched beside her and launched himself into the air. I blinked after him, he wasn't seriously going to fight that thing as I stood up quickly but I gritted my teeth with regret as a sharp pain made me drop back into the snow. I shivered as I felt the snow begin to melt under my skirt.

I couldn't help but watch as the boy's shoulders gleamed and what looked like a white cape fluttered behind him, a large broadsword appeared out of nowhere in his right hand. He slashed at it but the monster, which he called a level three, dodged.

'I-idiot the real one's behind you,' I couldn't help but shout out to him as he seemed to blink in surprise and made a clean swing behind him clipping the monster on one of its twisted horns.

'Thanks,' I heard him call back as I smirked, so you should be.

I kept my retort quiet as I watched him landed heavily on the ground before flipping back to avoid a beam of purple energy that looked pretty in my opinion but I could sense the sinister emotions emitting from its unnatural glow.

'Oi, beansprout, it that all the akuma?' a voice called, it sounded childish to me as the redhead reappeared swinging what looked like a long handled hammer in his hand, the other placed firmly on his hip.

The boy he called beansprout, quickly dodged past the level three's attack and cut it cleanly in half with his sword before leaning the sword on his shoulder. I could clearly tell the boy was pissed about the nickname the redhead called him by.

'It's Allen, stupid Lavi,' he retorted back at the redhead called Lavi, avoiding the initial question he asked. I sat on the ground and blinked, I felt kind of anxious about what Lavi had asked before.

'So how many of those things are left?' I couldn't help but mutter aloud, the two flinched as they stared at me as if they had forgotten I was there. I folded my arms across my chest and shuddered, the boy called Lavi was giving me a strange dumb look as his companion sighed hopeless.

'Strike!' the boy called out suddenly as I frowned at him placing my hands on my hips despite the shivers racing up and down my bare legs.

'Strike my ass, I freezing here,' I retorted, I didn't care that my annoyance was clear to them as long as they could help me get to somewhere dry and warm.

'Honestly Lavi, you need to think of others before yourself,' the white head grumbled at Lavi before offering his hand to me, his white cape and sword were nowhere to be seen but I didn't bother about it much as I gratefully took it and steadied myself on my good foot.

'You're hurt?' The white head said and I couldn't quite grasp if it was a question or a statement but decided to nod, either way it didn't matter.

'Yeah, that thing started chasing me and I tripped over something in the snow,' I explained, I liked the gentle grip the white head had when I held his hand, it was warm and soft because of the white glove he wore over it. I couldn't help but feel a tang of jealously at the boys, they both had warm looking clothes on while I had nothing but a blazer, short skirt, white leg warmers and my black shoes. Lavi walked up to us with concern in his eye.

'May I see?' he asked and I nodded slowly.

'As long as you don't try anything funny,' I said dryly as the boy gripped nervously as he gently took my hurt foot in his hand and pushed up the leg warmer. I flinched as he touched the swollen joint, I couldn't believe it was as bad as it had felt, it was bruised a bright mix of purple and blue.

'You did a good job in hurting it miss…' He said with a cluck of his tongue as I frowned at him at his sudden polite speech.

'Lillian,' I said stiffly as the redhead glanced up at me replacing the leg warmer over my ankle.


'Lillian is my name, Lavi,' I said smugly as he smirked before hulling me up onto his back. I felt shocked at the sudden movement as I almost jerked back and fell onto the ground.

'Right, right, Lily, we need to get you to a hospital,' he as he gripped my thighs as he gave me a piggyback.

'Hey, watch where you put those hands of yours, there fucking cold,' I shouted at him and hit him in the back of his head, the white head laughed and walked on ahead.

'I didn't think you could feel that since you already look cold,' he said as he turned back to smile at me and Lavi, it made me slightly wonder why anyone could smile like that after having to fight one of those… akuma was it?

I shook my head and shrugged.

'Running warmed me up slightly,' I sighed sarcastically as Lavi chuckled.

'You have to watch my back beansprout,' Lavi called to him as the white head paused and glared back at us, I shuddered at the murderous glint in those mercury coloured eyes but was thankful it was mostly for the redhead carrying me.

'Oh shut up, Lavi,' he said as he quickly led the way.

I waved my hands lazily in front of the fire that crackled in the red brick fireplace. Lavi and his white headed friend had taken me to one of the cabins they said was built around here for weary travelers. My injured ankle dangled over the armrest of the chair as Lavi placed a blanket over me.

'Thanks,' I muttered to him as I wrapped it around my shoulders and sank further into the chair. The cabin we had found ourselves in was quite cozy despite being very small holding a table with chairs, a small kitchen in one corner and a roaring fireplace opposite to the door.

Millions of questions raced my head as I tried my best to put it in order from what was most important to what seemed very trivial.

'So um… what's the date today?' I decided to ask because everything didn't seem well… it was difficult to explain as the two boys stared at me. The redhead must have thought I lost the plot but the white head was much more sympathetic.

'The newspaper says today is the 2nd of December 1901,' Lavi answered after getting a painfully nudge from his friend and l laughed, really laughed. Were they serious?

I began to feel uneasy when their eyes began to look at me suspiciously.

'Never mind, where are we?' I continued to ask focusing on the flickering flames in the fireplace to distract me from their stares.

'Hmm, wasn't it somewhere north of London,' the white head's voice answer my questioned as I finally braved myself to look at them. Keeping my face straight despite the nauseating feeling that churned in my stomach.

London… 1901… Fuck

That single word kept echoing in my head even if many other things were bouncing around trying to adjust to what was going on around me. I shut my eyes and imagined myself whacking my disorganized head because if I actually did it, the two boys would believe I had suffered concussion as well.

'So what was that back there?' I had to ask that as I opened my eyes to look at the pair. The white head boy glanced at Lavi as if making sure that telling me would be a good move.

'Well you see, we're exorcists, those monsters back there were demons known as akuma,' Lavi said as I blinked at him as if I processing what had given me.

Them… Exorcists despite us being around the same age…

'Why were you fighting them?' I felt foolish asking this, why else did they fight them, hello, I was being chased one and it wanted to kill me. The answer seemed too obvious I regretted asking them.

'It's our job, we're chosen apostles of God and our enemy is the Millennium Earl who wants to destroy God,' the white head boy explained ignoring the frown from his redheaded companion as I nodded almost sighing with relief. At least one of them didn't notice how stupid the question was.

'Who's this Millennium Earl?' I felt curious now as I heard the name… it sounded majestic… in an eerie sort of way.

'This big fatso of a guy wearing strange clothes, trust me you'll know him when you see him,' Lavi seemed to joke with a big grin that a clown would when entertaining child. Oh how I despise clowns…

'So Lillian…was it? Why were you wondering around in the snow with nothing but a jacket on?' the white head ask as he looked at me, I shifted in my seat nervously…what do I tell them?

'I kind of got lost, I mean… it was warm when I went out for a walk but then…' I didn't finish despite most of it being true, I still felt as if I was lying to them but it was for good reason. This isn't my time…

'Ah so the weather changing here from hot to cold was true,' Lavi said as he slapped his hand on his knee, I blinked at him in confusion as I tried to stop myself from saying a shocked WHAT?

Lavi seemed to how noticed my expression.

'That's why we're hear, there's innocence in this area causing the weather to change,' he explained further as I recovered temporarily from my shock. Man, did that redhead get to me; I thought they weren't going to buy that half lie.

Thank you innocence… or whatever you are

'So what is this innocence?' I found myself asking them as they 'job' started to intrigue me, if only a little.

'Innocence is a god like substance with powers unique to its accommodator, Lavi here is an equip type while I'm a parasitic,' the white head said with a friendly smile on his face in a sort of childish manner as if he was admiring something.

'What's…' The redhead seemed to have understood what I was about to ask as he pulled a small hammer attached to his thigh and twirled it around with his fingers.

'An equip type is when innocence is forcefully given a form of a common object…'

'Such as a hammer,' I offered even though I knew I was being a smart ass as he glared at me briefly.

'… Yes and a parasitic type is when the innocence becomes part of its accommodators body…' Lavi continued on as I noticed his eyes slowly softened from his annoyed glare.

'Such as my arm,' the white head said as he pulled off the glove from his left hand and I could help but stare at it with wide eyes. It was slick and black, jagged at the joints of the fingers but very smooth… very human.

I breathed some words under my mouth.


'That's so cool,' I exclaimed louder as I almost forgot about my injured ankle when I lunged towards him to have a better look at his arm. The action seemed to have positively shocked the white headed boy making me kind of feel sorry for my actions.

I paused as I sat on the ground and laughed at myself when I realized I had gone and done it again.

'Sorry whenever I see something fascinating I can't help but wanting to get a closer look,' the boys' joined me in the awkward laugh that rippled between us. Before I adjusted the blanket that began to fall off my shoulders.

'I'm coming with you,'

'What?' they both said with their eyes wide as if they had never expected me to say that.

'I want to see this 'innocence' it seems really cool,' they looked at me as if I was a lost case.

'What if more akuma show up?' Lavi asked me as I looked at them.

'Surely it's safer traveling with you two than being left behind here alone,' I muttered in defense as Lavi's green eye flickered to the floorboards.

'She has a point Lavi,' the white head supported me as I beamed a smile at him; happy he knew where I was coming from as the redhead sighed in defeat.

'But Allen, this might not be a good idea,' the redhead stammered, he seemed very unsure about this before I swayed on my good foot as I stood up.

'I could help you know, 'two eyes are better than one'… if you get my drift,' I said with a wink as Allen laughed and Lavi grumbled further still thinking this was a bad idea.