Chapter Twenty-Nine:

We were all sitting in the lounge room; Allen and the boy who knocked into him were tied back to back… That was Kanda's idea, which would explain Allen being put in that situation.

'Timothy's been posing as a Phantom Thief?' the Prioress was very surprised as Kanda… well mostly Marie explained since the big man was kinder with his words.

'Prove it!' Yelled the obnoxious blonde named Amelia Galmar, the inspector's own daughter. Quite frankly, I couldn't picture that man having any children with his obsession with his work.

'He did admit it,' Kanda grumbled but Amelia just glared at him totally oblivious to his stone hard stare.

'You were holding a bloody sword to his throat!' Aiya, I don't think we'll get anywhere like this.

'We believe Timothy possesses something called innocence. A fragment, which we are looking for… It perfectly explains why he has a ball on his forehead,' I quickly broke in just to settle the tension that was making me feel uneasy.

'What if it is?' Amelia snapped at me. I recoiled at her annoyance and glanced at Marie for help, unfortunately, Kanda spoke up first.

'He'll be coming with us and made an exorcist,'

'What? No, I won't go and you can't make me!' the boy cried in outrage as Allen was pulled along with him as Timothy struggled forward on his knees.

'I don't fucking care if I have to…' Kanda's mouth was quickly sealed by Marie's hand to stop him from saying anymore.

'Please forgive him, he lacks manners,' I rolled my eyes wondering if Kanda had ever learned any in the first place.

'He doesn't have to go, doesn't he?' The Prioress spoke up but I shook my head.

'No, those possessing innocence are sentenced to life serving the Black Order… the only way you can leave is dying,' I wish I hadn't said those words because Timothy started crying again and dragged himself into Prioress comforting arms. Allen had no choice but to follow too.

'Maybe we should wait for Komui's opinion,' Allen muffled seemingly annoyed that Kanda had him tied up with Timothy.

'Yeah, I guess we have no choice…' I didn't finish when I suddenly noticed that it went pitch black. Even the lights flickered and died above our heads as we glanced around in confusion.

'Why did it go so dark? It's not even three in the afternoon,' I was impressed by the Prioress's serene attitude to the situation before my whole body screamed danger.

A loud BANG echoed through the room as I was knocked back off my feet by some invisible force and collided harshly against the wall. I coughed on the surrounding dust as I saw the hovering figure of something outside the window.

'Is that an angel…?' It would seem that the Prioress, Timothy and Amelia were lucky enough to have Allen to shield them as they stared at the being they called an angel. But I knew better than they did that it was in fact the angel of death… more commonly known as akuma.

'Prioress, its dangerous here, is there somewhere that you can take the children?' I shouted quickly as Allen and Kanda quickly got to work in pushing the akuma back. The Prioress blinked slowly as she pointed to the door heading out of the room.

'Yes, the basement…' she said in quite a calm voice before Link interrupted us.

'Then move!' I grizzled but didn't argue further as I watched the Prioress bustle the children downstairs ahead of us.

'Wait, shouldn't you be helping your comrades?' Amelia shouted at the both of us as she and Timothy hurried towards the basement with us in tow.

'Unless you have a death wish, we do not possess innocence like them and Timothy,' I snapped sharply at her before Link grabbed all three of us and jumped down the flight of stairs. Luckily he did or we would have been caught in the explosion that happened above us.

'Stop bickering, we need to get to Prioress…' he paused just as we all rounded the corner that should have led us straight to the basement but a hand lunged out and grabbed Timothy. I tried to go to him but unfortunately his captor had their hands on a gun.

We dived but Amelia was wounded in the shoulder. It was a serious wound but thankfully not fatal as I quickly tended to it the best I could. It was a miracle that it had missed her lung by just a fraction or I'd be dealing with something far worse.

'Link, that couldn't have been an akuma, it was a normal bullet,' I took note of immediately because of the luck of pentacles covering her skin. Link just grunted as if he had already figured that out.

'Then that must been we also have a broker involved,' I was applying pressure to Amelia's wound when Link spoke of that, it puzzled and distracted me. I truly didn't care what they were but I knew that it had something to do with the Millennium Earl.

So while Link continued to glance and have quite a course conversation with the broker, I had to do my best to keep Amelia's wound from getting infected. My best was to craft some sort of sling using the bottom of my coat, which wasn't much but seemed to do the job.

But then a horrible sound came from the direction Link was looking and it sounded like the cracking of a ceramic pot and oozy mud. Just the thought made me shudder.

'Shit, there is more than just the level four Walker and the others are dealing with,' Link's curse was enough for my curiosity to sneak a glance to.

Christ! He was right because I took note of the two level twos and a level three. Not really a good number to deal with however you look at it. But it didn't help that Timothy was now being held by the biggest of the level twos and wailing loud enough to hurt my ears.

But before I could study the situation more, Link pushed me back and I almost fell on Amelia.

'What was that for?' I hissed at him.

'One of level twos can turn you into a doll within six seconds,' I blinked as I slowly processed that information… oh shit, why does this have to get worse. Then I frowned.

'What do you plan to do then?' I challenged him as he took another quick glance around the corner before turning back to me.

'I might be able to stop that particular akuma but with that level three around, it could be troublesome,'

'I'll draw the attention then,' my response seemed to shock him before he glared daggers at me. I was probably insane for suggesting such a thing but if Link had only six seconds it would be possible to lengthen that time if I drew it away.

Besides that, through experience dark matter had hardly an effect on me and it would mostly likely occur now too.

'You really are insane,' he muttered and I frowned at him.

'Just ready whatever you're planning,' I snapped quickly before bolting away from him and making sure I did draw their attention away.

It worked much to my relief as I slammed against the fat akuma making it almost stumble over before ducking behind it as a makeshift cover. I really didn't think at all, now that I had a chance to think… maybe he was right after all.

Then it got difficult once the akuma recovered from their surprise and focused all their attention onto me as I darted about. It was the best I could do to avoid getting caught or even worse… killed.

I think it was about this time that Link decided to move.

He was quick and easily smashed the level three to the side before aiming for he akuma that could turn you into a doll.

'What the fuck? They're not exorcists but they sure are annoying,' I jumped back as the akuma swiped at me but I was a little too late in my movements and ended up being caught.

'Caught one!' the akuma said gleefully at me as I squirmed in its grasp. I desperately turned to see if Link was successfully but then wished that I didn't. He had been turned into a doll, which obviously meant I was next to follow.

'Well at least he won't be trying anything anytime soon, now turn her into a doll then we'll take the kid to Earl-sama,' the level three hissed but the level stood there staring at me with its star-like eye.

I knew I was next but I think that it couldn't do it judging by the frown it was sporting.

'I can't…'

'What do you mean you can't!' the three snarled but the level two defended itself.

'She seems to suppress my ability,'

Several shots rang out distracting the lot of us as I turned to see Amelia up and holding the gun that once belonged to the broker.

'Let them go,' she said, it was obvious that she was scared but she did a good job at hiding it.

'Oh another one…' more shots knocked the level two holding both Timothy and I back.

'I said let them go!'

'How dare you order us, bitch!' the level three lunged at her at blinding speeds, there was nothing I could do about that. But luckily I didn't have to as the other level two stepped in the way.

It shocked me but the light radiating from Timothy's body was clear enough for me to realize that he had finally activated the true form of his innocence.

Well at least the shock was also affecting the akuma so I quickly lashed out at the stunned level two holding the both of us and managed to escape holding Timothy in one arm and dragging Link in the other.

I winced as I stumbled back to Amelia with the newly transformed being standing protectively in front of her.

'You could have done that earlier and saved us the pain,' I grimaced as I lay Timothy's body on the ground beside Link. For some reason I couldn't bare to hold onto him any further and glanced at the blisters forming… well that's strange?

'How was I suppose to know I could possess akuma too,' the akuma Timothy argued back as I rolled my eyes. Amelia was left to look back and forth between us in confusion.

'Is that Timothy?' She was stunned as she pointed at the akuma Timothy but it didn't last long. The remaining level two threw a punch causing us to jumps back.

'That was close,' I muttered but I wasn't happy that I had to carry Timothy's body again but at least it didn't hurt as badly as it did last time.

'Hey if I can take over an akuma, then I can use its ability right?' He didn't seem to be talking to anyone in particular as he stared at the space beside him… Amelia and I just glanced at each other, sharing the confusion between us as if that would somehow help.

Then he bounded away in a less than experienced manner. It was obvious that this was his first try in even attempting this as I helpless watched as he beat the level two use the doll-turning ability. He was doing so well up until the point the level three finally showed up again.

'Idiot, don't fight the level three possessing a level two body!' I shouted at him quickly before he narrowly got smashed in the head.

'What? Why?'

'The higher the number the strong it's power and body resistance to innocence,' I pointed out but my distraction caused him to be beaten back by the level three… it looked rather painful indeed.

'You sneaky bastard… but I wondered what happens if I attack your body,' shit… I made a move towards Timothy's body just as the level three did to. I had to quickly get there before it did.

That wasn't an easy task and it looked as if the level three would make it first. That was until Link conjured up the familiar wall of spell.

'You're awake!' I was surprised by the sound of my voice but ignored it for the time being as Timothy woke up in his own body as well.

'Jesus that was close,' I presumed that Link was okay since the body Timothy possessed was purified.

'Barely, but I can't hold this… for much longer,' Link was straining him self, I could see it in the way his body trembled. It was still recovering from being turned into a doll.

'Link!' That was the last thing I shouted before a stranger dressed in red stepped in front of all three of us. He was strange… as I said before but something was terribly off about him that it made me genuinely scared.

He held the level three back with one arm before uttering something under his breath and a huge vortex began to suck the akuma in. It was shocking as I suddenly collapsed because of the dizziness in my head and pain twisting in my chest.

'That was close…' I didn't agree or even listened completely as Timothy spoke of his relief but I was worried as I stared at this man standing before us. What was he? And what had the Order come up with now?


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