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Chapter Forty-Five:

Cold… it was very cold as my mind slowly came to and I risked a chance to open my eyes. What greeted me was a dreary grey stoned ceiling, the room smelled of mould and damp earth.

As my head cleared, there was no doubt in my mind that I had woken up in a cell. This cell in particular was exactly like the one that had held Allen prisoner several months ago.

Yep, I was definitely at the Black Order Headquarters.

'How typical…' I muttered underneath my breath as I slowly stood up. I closed my eyes again briefly. I could feel my entire body change.

My hair turning charcoal black and my skin took on the grayish hued tone of the Noah Clan. My ruined dress dissolved and was replaced with the white and black clothes each Noah wore respectively. Black tall-heeled boots hugged my thighs as I slowly rose to my feet.

I opened my eyes again and a smirk tugged at my lips as I stared at the talismans attached to the walls of my cells. To think that they could keep me locked within this cell with such measly spells, it was truly laughable.

I held my hand in front of me and summoned the dark matter that filled my being. My power of Erase made quick work of the spells. Before long, I sent the door flying into the wall across the hall outside.

Gasps of shock shortly followed as two Crows blocked my way. Their red uniforms fluttered about them as they tried to chant up another binding spell. But I knocked them back into the wall with an invisible blast of dark matter. Consciousness left them quickly as I made my way out of my cell before pausing.

I frowned in focus as I contemplated the locations of every Noah but the one I was looking for was Allen. It was barely noticeable, which worried me. He was here and that was all I wanted to think about right now.

Shaking away the dread, I continued along the corridor as I made my way up to the upper floors. Around me, the alarms were ringing telling everyone that a Noah had broken out of confinement. It wasn't long before I heard the rustle of coats and a group of Crow blocked my way.

With most of the exorcists still busy with Adam and the others in Russia, I knew the Order was running out of options. But so was I.

Infuriated, I paid no mind to injure and mentally reached out to them with invisible hands. It was amusing watching them being tossed about like rag dolls. Their pitiful screams and pointless chanting did little to deter me from what I intended to do.

Instead, more Crow showed up but I easily swept them to the side with a simple wave of my hand. I was getting closer now. The Fourteenth's presence was stronger now then when I was down in the dungeons. Despite being so close, I couldn't help but be concerned for his wellbeing as I stood before a great pair of double doors looming over me.

Shouts and a sickening thwack coming from the other side only seemed to fill me with rage. Without waiting for an invitation, I pushed open the doors and the few occupants in the rooms turned their heads towards me in disbelief.

Though it didn't take long for the shock to subside. I sensed innocence other than Allen's within the room.

'Waltz Misty Wind!'

The next thing I saw a large gust of wind blasted towards me. I rolled my eyes and stopped to torrent with an outspread hand. The people in the room were slightly taken back by fear.

'Nice to see you too Lenalee,' I eyed the Chinese girl standing protectively in front of her brother. Her ruby boots that covered her thighs seemed to glow as if preparing for another attack. From there I saw Lavi, his green eye was staring at me taking in my appearance.

Ignoring him, I further surveyed the room and noticed Rouvelier and his loyal hound, Link standing beside him. He looked to be the most frustrated, his lips pulled back into an ugly snarl while Link remained placid.

Next I saw Eve, her face was very amusing to me. It was like she never had expected these chains of events. I couldn't help but smile mischievously at her and watched the rage boil within her lilac eyes.

Then there was Allen gaping in confusion while two Crow held him back. His left arm was bound and his hair was a mess. Even his pale skin was covered in cuts and bruises.

'Don't just stand there, restrain her!' Rouvelier voice rose in urgency. I stopped and sighed hopelessly as the Crow within the room surrounded me like an obedient pack of dogs.

'Idiots,' as soon as the words left my mouth the red-dressed men were flung back into the shelves and walls. All that was left now, were the Crow holding Allen and the other humans within the room.

'This is absurd… how are you still alive?' Eve shouted through the deafening silence that fell in the room. I turned back to her, her hands curling into tight fists as she glared at me.

'Honestly Eve, I've grown tired of trying to explain that to you,' I simply replied with a tiresome sigh. Eve growled at me in anguish, her fists curling and uncurling. I was mildly surprised that she didn't lunge at me then. But as I looked closer she seemed to be considering my words more carefully.

'Why are you here, Noah?' Rouvelier spat as I narrowed my eyes at him.

'I thought it was obvious,' I said as I walked towards the Crow and Allen. But I couldn't get far when I felt murderous intent come up behind me. I quickly sidestepped and a ruby-clad leg swept past me. I knew it was Lenalee.

'Don't you dare touch Allen,' I sighed again. I had almost forgotten how annoyingly protective she could be over her friends. Lenalee jumped back, standing inconveniently between Allen and I. A frown slowly knitted my brows together as I glared at her.

'Really, Miss Lee, what do you ever hope to achieve by standing in my way?' I said, irritation lacing my every word I spat at her. To be frank, my patience isn't what it used to be. No doubt my full awakening as a Noah brought this out but maybe something more.

Even before I remembered who I was, I had almost exhausted myself trying to befriend Lenalee. To reassure her of my friend-zoned relationship with Allen, however it was all in vain.

'To stop you from taking Allen!' I shook my head hopelessly; I couldn't help but feel like I was being underestimated. In particular, the jeering stare I could feel from both Rouvelier and Eve.

For some reason I couldn't fathom, I started giggling and the frowns I was getting wasn't helping me control my mirth.

'Your naivety is laughable Lenalee, I'll give you that much,' I said with a small clap of my hands. 'But I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you've got it all wrong!'

Then with a simple flick of my wrist, I sent Lenalee into the bookshelves. Books dispersed around her as she crumbled to the ground. She probably was knocked unconscious.

'Lenalee!' Komui rushed to his little sister's side while a gasp of disbelief echoed from Allen who had watched the whole thing unfold before him. His eyes were flashing with hatred at me as I met him with a leveled gaze.

'I am the most forgiving amongst the Noah, but try my patience further and I'll erase your existence completely,' I threatened coldly before flicking my hand towards the Crow restraining Allen. They began to glow purple as the men reeled back in shocked gasps as they slowly began to fade. It didn't take long before the red uniform collapsed onto the ground empty of any body.

'No way…' the gasps of disbelief echoed behind me. Allen's eyes widened having lost his balance and fell forward. He couldn't even spread out his arms to catch himself so I stepped forward and caught him.

Allen stiffened as I cradled him in my arms. Running my grey hand through his hair gently, I could feel him reluctantly relax though he still felt rigid. I really couldn't blame him, Allen was struggling with the knowledge that I was Noah but at the same time I was still the young finder he had become friends with.

'Confusion is frightful, isn't it Allen? But to keep moving forward, you have to face the doubt lingering in your heart,' I murmured to him, ignoring the hostile stares coming from the others. Allen's shoulders began to shake as a sob escaped him.

'What do you know about the human heart, Noah?' Rouvelier, who had been close enough to hear me, sneered. I couldn't be bothered to look at him, Allen was more important right now than a worm squirming in the mud.

'The human heart was supposed to be Jehovah's finest creation. To give humans the chance to connect with one another, but I wouldn't expect you to understand that Rouvelier,' I snapped back raising my voice only slightly. The Central Inspector seemed to silently fume behind me but didn't say anything else after would.

'You talk as if this Jehovah is a God!' Lenalee shouted out suddenly, trying her best to stand up but was held back by Komui. I glared at her as Eve scoffed.

'Idiot, Jehovah is God's true name but I didn't think you cared about humans Lilith,' Eve retorted to me and I just rolled my eyes.

'Well then, I suppose that would make me a walking hypocrite,' I muttered as I distracted myself by brushing Allen soft white hair.

'You didn't…' Eve said as the shock and disbelief became evident in her voice. I glanced over my shoulder and smile.

'How else would you think I would have left Eden without destroying the world?' I mocked her and watched the anger flare up in her eyes.

'What do you mean by that Lilith?' Komui's voice rose up getting everyone's attention.

'Jehovah, after creating this world, divided Himself into three beings; Eve who is His Right; I who used to be His Left and finally, His Heart. Do I really have to spell it out for you?' I watched their eyes grow wide and Allen stiffened in my arms again. It was as if they just had realized something that had been staring them in the face the entire time.

'You're saying that the exorcists are actually wielding the true power of God Himself not just a power he granted to us?!' Rouvelier exclaimed but I knew he would be thinking something devious; there was no doubt about that.

'It never was granted to you nor would it ever be,' I corrected him quickly before being briefly distracted by a distinct humming sound. Closing my eyes, I recognized it as an Ark Gate about to be opened by Adam.

'Allen, all I ask is that you trust me and I'll do everything within my power to help you in return,' I whispered to him and he finally looked up at me with those silver eyes. It was then that the Ark opened beneath us and swallowed us whole. The screams from Lenalee and Eve were the loudest. One was with rage the other in horror.




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