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Chapter 2

"Rachel, over here!" Quinn Puckerman called, waving to her through the crowded train station.

Rachel Berry's face lit up when she saw her friend and she scurried over to her, throwing her arms around her when they finally met each other.

"You look wonderful!" Rachel exclaimed, standing back to look at her friend.

"I look pregnant," Quinn replied, shaking her head and smiling slightly. "I'm swollen and blotchy."

"No," Rachel said shaking her head. "No, you look beautiful. Every inch of you is glowing."

"You don't look so bad yourself, Miss Tony nominee!"

Rachel sighed and shook her head as she followed Quinn to the train station nomination. "But I didn't win."

"So! A nomination is still a nomination!" Quinn replied. "You have years to win a Tony, and I'm certain that you'll win one."

"Okay, enough small talk. . . I need to know, I want to know about—"

"Finn?" Quinn finished for her, looking at Rachel as she slipped her sunglasses on.

"How is he? Is he happy with Lucy, or are things rough between them? Does he ever talk about me—?"

"He's fine, I think that he's happy with Lucy but appearances can be deceiving, and no. . . he never talks about you. But he thinks about you," Quinn answered. "He has every single CD you've ever made, including the CD and DVD concert packs."

"So Lucy doesn't know about me?"

"She knows who you are," Quinn replied. "In fact she's the one that's interviewing you for the local radio station this week. But she doesn't know that you and Finn have a history."

Rachel's face fell slightly. "He hasn't told her about me?"

"I don't think so, and the rest of us don't think it's our place to tell her about you," Quinn said as she searched her purse for her car keys. "Believe me though; there are moments that I would love to tell her about you and Finn."

Rachel sighed and fiddled with her necklace. "And you said that his new fiancée is the one interviewing me?"

Quinn nodded as she pulled her keys out of her bag and waved them in the air triumphantly. "Come on, let's go to Breadsticks and get something to eat, you look like you're starving."

"I don't want her to interview me Quinn," Rachel said, not budging from her spot. "I don't think I'll be able to look at her without thinking over and over that she has what belonged to me at one time. That she has the one person I want more than any other person on this planet. And I know that I'm going to hate her right off the bat. Can't somebody else do the interview?"

"I don't think so," Quinn answered, waving her into the car. "Finn says this interview is the one that will shoot her career through the roof. Her program might even get syndicated if the interview with you goes well."

"Good for her," Rachel said dryly.

"I should warn you, he's going to be at your concert too. Lucy got an extra ticket and she gave it to him for his birthday."

Rachel's face dropped open and she shook her head. "No, I don't think I'll be able to see him again."

Quinn sighed and took a few steps towards her, she wrapped her fingers around Rachel's arm and led her to the car, inserting her into the passenger seat before climbing into the driver's side of the vehicle. She glanced at her friend and started to talk as she pulled out of the parking lot.

"I know you feel that way now Rache—"

"I haven't seen him since he ended things between us," Rachel interrupted. "Ever since then, my heart's been broken. I don't think I could take it, seeing him would make it hurt all over again. Maybe I'll just give everybody their money back and spend the night in bed."

"The girl I used to know wouldn't run away from a challenge," Quinn replied. "The girl that I used to know would face it head on, and maybe even try to win Finn back in the process."

"I'm not that girl anymore," Rachel answered. "I have everything that I've ever wanted, and I've fought tooth and nail for it. . . but none of it matters."

Quinn frowned. "What's up with the defeatist attitude Rachel? So? Finn broke your heart, cry me a river. He's done it dozens of times before and you never took it too hard, sure you were upset for a couple of weeks, but you always picked yourself up and dusted yourself off. You always let Finn know that you were over him, and that you were going to do what you wanted to do. Do it again."

"You're right," Rachel replied, but Quinn could tell that the brunette's heart wasn't all in it.

Quinn took a deep breath and drummed her fingers on the steering wheel as she waited for a stoplight to turn from red to green. There were a million more things that she wanted say, but she didn't because none of them would be helpful. Instead she opted to turn the radio on, switching it from her husband's rock & roll station to something soothing and classical.

An opera that Quinn had forgotten the name of filled the silent spaces between her and Rachel.

Rachel closed her eyes and began to mouth the words of the song, moving her head with the swell of the notes.

Quinn turned the music up a bit more and decided that there would be plenty of time to talk later, for now she'd just let Rachel brood in musical silence.

TBC. . .


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