Description: The renowned Star Warrior, Meta Knight, didn't always fight alongside the Galaxy Soldier Army. Instead, he was against them, working for his creator. My belief about MK's past. Includes Sir Arthur, Jecra, Garlude, Yamikage, Galactic Knight, a main OC, and a few lesser role OCs.

Rated T for future blood, violence, and character death

Disclaimer: Trademarks and copyrights are the properties of their respective owners, Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. I do not own any character in this story, only the plot line. My OCs are mine, but their idea is based on Nintendo characters.

- Prologue: A Spider on the Wall -

In the oldest part of the universe sat a barren planet, devoid of all native life. The planet, known as Ezoruma, was trapped in eternal darkness, for its sun had burnt out long ago. There was no moon, and only a few stars glittered weakly in the sky. Below them, on the dried up ground, was an ancient castle.

In this once mighty structure, an alligator-like humanoid treaded heavily down one of the many torch lit stone corridors, its armored tail dragging behind it. In its deep thought, the creature was unaware of a tiny shadow that was sneaking behind it.

The hallway soon ended at a pair of giant wooden doors covered in elegant designs. The creature hesitated before opening the large doors and stepping into the dark room beyond. The small shadow that had been following the creature quickly ran after it, the massive doors almost slamming shut on one of its eight metal legs.

As the doors closed with a soft thud, they blocked all light, plunging the room into total darkness. The robotic shadow cautiously crept forward, trying to find the creature it had been following. Unsuccessful, it scanned the area, noticing how the far end of the room was darker than the rest, if that was at all possible.

Curious by design, the spider-like robot blinked, its vision changing to heat vision. The spider backed up slightly, for right next to it was a massive clawed foot, belonging to the creature it had been following, its bulky figure glowing a dark blue. The creature was currently kneeling with its head bowed.

Looking forward towards the other side of the room, expecting to see a heat signature, the robot was confused to find that it was just as dark as before. Blinking again, it changed its vision once more, this time to show energy signatures. The brighter the signature, the stronger the owner was. The alligator glowed dimly next to the robot, while the far end of the room was ablaze with light, so much that it hurt the robot's artificial pain sensors found in its pair of optics.

Squinting at the extremely bright energy signature, the robot noticed an even brighter area next to it. However, the owner of the brighter signature was much smaller in size than the other, only being a bit bigger then the robot itself. Pondering on how this could be, the robot almost gave away its cover as it jumped in surprise, for the creature next to it suddenly spoke, breaking the silence. Scrambling to activate its audio recording system, the robot listened quietly.

"My lord," the creature said in its rough and accent heavy voice. The larger in size of the two energy signatures on the other side of the room shifted slightly in response before speaking.

"What is it, General Dracul? You better have something important to report for you to disturb me," a chilly voice replied, sounding angry.

"C-certainly, Lord Nightmare...A large group of demons got ambushed by the Galaxy Soldier Army while on patrol. Only me and a few other higher-ranking demon beasts escaped. The rest were all slaughtered..."

"That is none of my concern. If they were weak enough to die, they deserved to die. Now if that is all, leave my presence. Be grateful I'm too busy to punish you for your foolish mistake of bothering me. You know as well as I that I've killed others for much less."

"Of course, master, we retreated I might of told them that..." General Dracul trailed off, not wanting to finish.

"What exactly did you tell them?" Nightmare's words were like drops of poison.

"That...that they would be sorry they ever stood against the mighty, and the all-powerful if I might add, Lord Nightmare once we...released Nightmare's Jewel on them..." General Dracul replied hastily.

"You did what!" Lord Nightmare screeched, his voice shaking the whole foundation of the ancient castle. Particles of the stone ceiling fell as the structure threatened to collapse. "Do you realize what you've done?"

"But Master! If only you would send it into battle, the war would quickly be over with us as the victor! No more demon beasts would get killed, and you could be the emperor of the entire universe! I see no need to prolong the inevitable. It's already plenty powerful as it is; we don't need to wait any longer! With a single wave of its hand it could single handily take out those pathetic Star Warriors once and for all, and then the Galaxy Soldier Army would soon follow suit. With its leaders gone, they wouldn't stand a chance!" General Dracul argued, standing up straight.

"Silence! I'll decide when to put him into the war, but not a moment too soon! He isn't old enough yet!"

"Why does it matter? Even if the Star Warriors somehow do manage to destroy it, it can be replaced!"

"How dare you talk about my s-...jewel that way! Do you not realize how much work and time was put into creating him? Countless millenniums! Now, be gone before I change my mind on sparing you!" Nightmare snarled in rage.

"Yes...Your Highness," General Dracul replied reluctanly, bowing slightly before turning to leave. As he started to leave, the spider-like robot took one last glance at the smaller, but stronger, energy signature, before jumping onto General Dracul's plated tail. General Dracul, not sensing the hitchhiker, made his leave, the elegant doors slowly closing behind him.

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