Description: The renowned Star Warrior, Meta Knight, didn't always fight alongside the Galaxy Soldier Army. Instead, he was against them, working for his creator. My belief about MK's past. Includes Sir Arthur, Jecra, Garlude, Yamikage, Galactic Knight, a main OC, and a few lesser role OCs.

Rated T for future blood, violence, and character death

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- CH 5: Good Night -

It just so happened that right next to the stables was the hangar, bright industrial-styled lights lighting up the inside of the building. Ships from the size of simple cargo ships to full on armored warships were stored in the expansive metal building. Said hanger was currently full of the entire demon beast population on the planet that was not currently fighting the GSA on the other side of the castle. The beasts were huddled in large groups of lines as they waited for their turn to load one of the many space ships. The sound of a massive engine would break out over the sound of the countless gathered demon beasts as a space ship would suddenly lift off the ground before jetting out the retracted ceiling and into space.

Jecra, Garlude, Wolfwrath, and the Prince were currently all huddled at the entrance of the abandoned stable, peeking around the doorway at the hangar as they tried to think on a plan of action. There was no way they could just sneak past the all the demon beasts and hijack a getaway ship, but there was no way they could fight their way through either. Seeing as the better option of the two was to trying to sneak aboard a ship undetected that is what they planned on trying.

Garlude and Jecra took the lead, keeping down low as they dashed over to the side of the hanger, being sure to stick to the shadows. With their backs pressed to the cold metal of the hangar wall, the recruits peeked around the corner. They stood watching for awhile as some demon beasts lumbered by, waiting for them to pass before they moved forward. A large group of metal cargo boxes were right around the corner, and if they could sprint the short distance without getting detected, they would be that much closer to their goal. Taking a deep breath, not sure if they would get a better chance, the two recruits sprinted forward silently, their lungs burning as they begged themselves to run faster. With the boxes only a few feet away, they dived forward, landing on the ground and freezing as they listened for shouts or alarms. There was none.

Garlude released her breathe she didn't realize she was holding as relief washed over her. They hadn't been spotted. Getting to her feet, she turned to face the way they had come from, spotting Wolfwrath peeking around the corner. The red demon beast glanced over at the other demon beasts nervously, before she sprinted over to join the GSA soldiers, the Prince riding on her back as he hugged tightly to her, trying to keep low. While if Jecra and Garlude got caught, they would be killed with out question. If the Prince was caught out of his room against his dad's order, he would be scolded. That was something he didn't really want, especially since it would probably mean he couldn't play with Wolfwrath anymore.

The two demon beasts managed not to get spotted as well as they joined the two recruits in their hiding place, the Prince hopping off Wolfwrath's back and peeking around the far side of the cargo boxes. Demon beasts of all sizes were scurrying around in a hurry as they loaded into the space ships, some of them carrying heavy boxes full of who knows what. At this rate the demon beats would be loaded up and gone within a couple of minutes. They didn't have much time to make their move.

Red eyes scanned the area, before locking on to an empty small transport ship that was close by. There were no demon beasts loading into it for some reason, and the ship was only two ships over. Of course both of those ships in the way were lengthy battleships, but still. The only problem was the countless demon beasts that were mingling between them and the ship. If only they had a distraction of some sort…a large grin appeared on the Prince's face, his two tiny fangs flashing as he thought to himself.

Oh this is going to be fun!


Blade swinging right and left to block the attacks aimed to kill him, Sir Arthur growled in frustration, muscles aching with the strain put on them. Blood dripped down onto the dry dusty dirt below, staining the cracked ground crimson. A deep cut ran along his arm, the wound still bleeding profusely. Ignoring the throbbing injury, Sir Arthur swept his sword, successfully decapitating a demon beast. Three more demon beasts quickly took its spot. The GSA couldn't hold off much longer.

A flash of blue to his left caused the green warrior to turn, blade raised to strike before he halted as he saw who it was. Sir Galahand glanced at him from the side of his mask, sword drawn as he nodded at Sir Arthur. The green puffball noticed in alarm how the other's gloves were stained red from blood before he realized it was from where Sir Galahand had been helping pull off the wound soldiers from the battlefield. Needing assistance, Sir Arthur didn't argue with Sir Galahand's aid, despite it being against his orders, as he nodded back at the sky blue puffball, turning to be back to back with him. Together, the two used tag team attacks and soon the attacking demon beasts were vanquished, giving the two a momentary break to collect themselves.

"We need to retreat," Sir Galahand stated, raising his voice over the sound of battle. Sir Arthur glanced over to the chaotic battleground, lavender eyes wondering over to where Nightmare was laughing hysterically, dark energy enveloping the area around him. He tried not to think about the countless GSA soldiers that he was probably slaughtering right now. Growling again in frustration, Sir Arthur nodded reluctantly in agreement.

"Where is Sir Galacta? He should of returned by now!" Sir Arthur snarled, eyes darting around the battlefield as he searched for the fuchsia colored puffball. Had Sir Galacta failed his mission? Had the countless lives they sacrificed for this raid been for nothing? Shaking his head in aggravation, he turned back to Sir Galahand grimly. "Tell Sir Fowlen to get the ships ready, we're leaving."


Having explained his plan to Garlude and Jecra, the three watched from behind the cargo boxes as Wolfwarth ran out into the group of demon beasts. She disappeared into the crowd, but it didn't take long before a massive roar shook the building.

"Who did that!" an unseen demon beast roared, sounding furious. All the demon beats nearby stopped to stare at the sound of the uproar. "You, fire-one, you'll pay for setting my tail on fire! Come here!" The sound of electricity crackling followed as a blue flash of light filled the room. A small pyro demon beast, which looked like a living flame, suddenly was launched into the sky before promptly falling back into the crowd.

"What was that for? I didn't do it!" the pyro monster squeaked out, launching a fireball at its attacker. The fireball sped past a tyrannosaurus rex like monster that was crackling with electricity, presumably the one that attacked the pyro monster in the first place, before it smashed with a loud bang into the back of a huge metal demon beast. The demon beast slowly turned around, a huge mace in its hand.

"Masher…" the demon beast's deep robotic voice called out slowly before the monster spun and launched its mace at the pyro monster. "…Smash!" The mace knocked into multiple demon beasts in its path before it smashed into the pyro monster. It was a domino effect after that as the room broke out into a full on war, the demon beasts going at each other with tooth and nail. Laughing hysterically, the Prince glanced over at Garlude and Jecra. They were watching the scene in surprise, grins slowly spreading on their faces.

"Let's go!" the Prince shouted, eagerly dashing out of the protective cover of the cargo boxes and into the fray of mayhem. Garlude and Jecra followed much more reluctantly, cautious of any stray attacks that might head their way. And stray attacks there were, causing the three to have to constantly dodge the ranged attacks left and right. The Prince seemed uncaring to all the attacks that went his way as he easily dodged them with a smirk on his face, his cape waving back and forth madly as its owner swerved rapidly. The two recruits had a much more difficult time avoiding getting killed by the stray attacks and were forced to go at a much slower pace, having to jump backwards suddenly as a fireball exploded right in front of them.

Too busy laughing and dodging as he ran underneath the first warship, the Prince didn't notice the large demon beast until he ran right into it, face smashing into a tan fur covered leg. Falling to his bottom, causing his crown to become crooked, the Prince looked up into red eyes that glared down at him, light glistening off thick impermeable purple and gold armor the beast was wearing. The demon beast, Mistahi, flicked her ears back threateningly as she swiped her paw at the Prince. The paw swept towards him before it curled around him, pulling the Prince closer. Mistahi's head lowered till it was even with the Prince before it suddenly nuzzled against him lovingly. Mistahi made low murmurs and croons similar to the sounds a mother bear would make to her precious cub as she continued to nuzzle her muzzle against the Prince.

Smiling, the Prince reached up to straighten his crown before he hugged her muzzle the best he could, his tiny arms not even coming close to wrapping around her powerful jaws. As he hugged Mistahi, one of his assigned protectors and the only being other than his father he felt affection towards, the Prince noticed how she was guarding the entrance to the warship that he had just ran underneath. Looking at it from the corner of his vision, he recognized it as Nightmare's personal ship.

Suddenly, Mistahi's tan ear's twitched in alarm, and she jerked her head up, a low growl coming from her throat as she stepped forward, her leg protectively hiding the Prince from view. Jecra and Garlude were running towards them, looking back in panic as the blindly sprinted forward, their armor covered in tiny scratches and scorch marks. They looked forward, only to come to a screeching halt when they saw Mistahi posed to attack right in front of them. The Prince quickly ran out in front of her, hands raised in panic to stop her from attacking. Paw half raised to strike, Mistahi slowly lowered it, tilting her head in confusion.

"Mistahi stop! These are, uh….my pets!" the Prince exclaimed as he waved his hands, hearing Jecra and Garlude huff in anger behind him. "We're playing a game. Don't hurt them!" Relief washed over the Prince as Mistahi sat down in submission, giving him one last nudge of her muzzle in affection. The Prince was so close to helping the two recruits escape and to winning this little game of his, he didn't want the recruits to die and for him to lose the game.

Gesturing for Garlude and Jecra to follow, the Prince resumed running, the three no longer having to dodge stray attacks since the warship they had just reached acted as a blocker. Sprinting, the Prince soon reached the wheels of the next warship before he suddenly stopped as he realized he was alone again. Looking back the way he had come, he saw that the two recruits were frozen half way, eyes locked onto something in the distance. The Prince followed their gaze, red eyes landing on a tiny prisoner ship that was right across the way. Three tiny demon beasts were standing guard beside it, their attention focused on the fighting demon beats as they watched in amusement. Running up to the recruits, the Prince tugged on Garlude's shoulder.

"Come on! What are you waiting for! We need to go now!" Garlude shrugged out of the Prince's grip, pointing over to the prisoner ship.

"Over there, that is a prisoner ship, correct?" Garlude questioned, eyes still lingering on said ship.

"So?" the Prince pressed, getting irritated.

"The rest of our team got captured earlier. They probably are on that ship. We need to help them," Garlude stated as she started to walk towards the ship. The Prince quickly dashed in front of her, spreading his wings and blocking her way.

"Look, you're lucky I'm able to help you two escape, okay? There is no way we'll be able to help them too!" the Prince explained. Garlude, who hadn't moved her eyes away from the prisoner ship even when the Prince blocked her view, looked down to meet the Prince's gaze.

"We have to try." The Prince studied Garlude, his red eyes searching hers. What he saw was raw determination. Nothing was going to convince her otherwise. Sighing, he folded his wings and shook his head.

"Fine, but we need a plan, and we need a plan quick." Jecra glanced at the Prince, before he glanced back towards the ship.

"We'll need weapons. Those guards," Jecra pointed to the ones stationed by the prisoner ship, "have swords. If we can somehow get their weapons, Garlude and I can handle any other guards that might be on the ship. The ship isn't that big, so it shouldn't be heavily guarded." The Prince was listening intently to Jecra's plan, and when he finished the Prince nodded.

"We'll need to sneak closer to the ship first. Then, I can handle two of the guards outside to get you your weapons so you can do the rest. We need to make this fast, before they get the fighting demon beasts in order. I think there will be keys on one of the guards to the prison cells, so be sure to get those. Once you free your friends make a run to the getaway ship. That model of ship is very simple, so it won't be difficult to operate at all," the Prince added to the plan.

"Sounds like a great plan to me!" Jecra smiled, patting the Prince on the shoulder. Surprised, the Prince gave a sheepish smile back. "Let's do this!"


Garlude and Jecra pressed their backs to the side of the spaceship, the three guards right around the corner. The Prince stood beside them, peaking around the corner of the ship as he studied the guards. Sneaking up to the ship undetected had been easy, but now came the hard part. The Prince turned, making sure the two others were ready, and they nodded in response. The next second, the Prince suddenly vanished, starling Jecra and Garlude, before he appeared next to one of the guards that was just a bit taller than him. The guard didn't even have time to jump in surprise before the Prince slammed his wing into him without a sound, the power of the blow knocking the guard out as it slumped to the ground with a clang.

One of the other guards turned at the sound, a look of confusion on its face as it walked over to the unconscious guard, the Prince nowhere to be seen. The guard poked the other guard with its foot in confusion, before he was suddenly slammed forward into the ground hard. The Prince had teleported above him, diving down and kicking the guard in the head hard. The guard joined the other on the ground. Smirking in victory, the Prince waved at Jecra and Garlude to come forward, and the two ran over silently, grabbing the swords of the fallen guards.

The last guard was standing half-asleep as it leaned against the ship, its back to the three. Yawning, it glanced sideways, eyes widening when he saw them from the corner of his vision. He stumbled to his feet quickly, helmet almost falling off as he ran into the ship hastily, the sound of keys jingling following him. Garlude and Jecra quickly took action, and they dashed after the retreating demon beast, the Prince walking after them slowly.

With their new weapons drawn, the two recruits ran into the inside of the ship. The ship was very small, consisting of only one passageway. Four separate prison cells holding about ten occupants each were on the sides, their inhabitants jumping to their feet and running to the bars in excitement as they saw the two recruits. On the far side was the control panel, and that was the fleeing guards destination. The two guards that had been dozing near the control panel stumbled to their feet when they heard the panicked guard, quickly drawing their swords when they saw Garlude and Jecra.

Each taking up a guard to fight, the two young warriors locked swords with the demon beasts. Jecra pushed his sword against the guard's shoving the guard backward with his brute strength. Slashing at the guard, Jecra's attack was hastily blocked before a counter-attack was swung his way. Quickly leaning backwards, the enemy's blade sweeping by only inches away, Jecra jumped backwards, eyes locking onto the guard that had the keys. The guard had just reached the control panel and was rapidly typing away.

"Stop him!" Jecra shouted towards the Prince who was standing behind them watching, before Jecra was forced to defend himself again form the attacking demon beast guard. The Prince hesitated, before nodding, disappearing in a flash. Appearing on top of the control panel, the guard jumped backwards in fright at his sudden appearance.

"What…Prince?" the demon beast questioned in shock, before he was knocked out cold by a powerful kick to the face. The Prince hopped off of his perch, snatching up the keys that were on the fallen guard's waist. Looking up, he found that Jecra and Garlude had managed to defeat the other guards already, the two demon beasts slumped on the floor unconscious. He tossed them the keys, Jecra catching them and fumbling with the lock on the nearest prison cell. The cells were full of a collection of GSA soldiers that were now prisoners of war, not just the recruits from their group. Having difficulties with the lock, there was finally a small click and the door swung open. At the same time shouts could be heard coming from outside. They had been discovered.

Jecra tossed the keys to Garlude who was standing at the locked door of another cell, and she hurriedly went to work on the lock. The shouts were getting closer as Garlude managed to unlock the second cell. She ran to another cell to start to unlock it too, but Jecra spoke up.

"We don't have time for anymore, Garlude. We need to go now," Jecra said, not wanting to abandon the remaining prisoners but knowing they had no choice. Garlude nodded grimly in compliance, looking at the remaining prisoners who were still captured. They looked disheartened, but determination shown in their eyes as most of them nodded in understandance.

Acting quick, Jecra and Garlude led the freed prisoners out of the ship in a hurry, the Prince chasing after them. Almost instantly, a hail of laser bullets rained upon them as the group took off running towards the getaway ship. The guards that had been stationed at the other ships were chasing after them eagerly, laser guns shooting at them haphazardly. One of the freed prisoners cried out in pain as they fell, one of the bullets hitting them in the back. Another prisoner called out, and they too crashed to the floor. Helpless to aid their fallen comrades, the others kept running for their lives, not looking back.

Seeing the danger, the Prince unfolded his wings and took to the air in an attempt to escape the crossfire, following after the GSA soldiers through the air. He watched as one of the fleeing prisoners started to trip as a bullet hit her in the leg, before she hobbled to her feet, limping as she ran desperately towards the ship that was only a few yards away now. Grinning in anticipation of winning this game of his, the Prince started to veer off, before a sharp pain racked his body. It was a foreign feeling, one that the Prince did not like at all; he had never felt pain before. A bullet had torn through the tender membrane of one of his wings, and he started to plummet towards the ground, wings useless.

He instinctively closed his eyes as the sped towards the ground, waiting for the jarring impact. Instead, he fell roughly onto something that was soft and warm. Shooting his eyes open, the Prince leaned up to see Wolfwrath looking over her shoulder at him in worry. She had caught him on her back, and now she was trying to escape the crossfire as well.

'I told you this wasn't a good idea, Prince,' Wolfwrath stated as she faced forwards, head low as she increased in speed.

Groaning, the Prince silently agreed before his eyes shot open wide, hands feeling the top of his head for his crown. Glancing back in alarm, he saw the glistening sparkle of the precious crown laying on the ground from when it had fallen off when he had fallen himself. There was no way to retrieve his treasured crown that was given to him by his father right now as guards rushed past the beloved object. Saddened eyes darted over to where the remaining GSA soldiers had made it to the ship, the engine revving up and disturbing the surrounding air as the loading hatch closed with a hiss. Smirking at the fact that he had successfully won the game, the Prince didn't get to bask in the feeling for long as he had to duck low against Wolfwrath to avoid a shot, the laser shooting mere inches above his head.

"They think we're one of them!" the Prince shouted in panic as he glanced back at the guards who somehow mistook him for a GSA soldier. Wolfwrath realized it too, and picking up her pace, she veered off to the side and ducked behind a ship for cover. The firing ceased, but the sound of rushing footsteps still remained as the guards neared. Thinking fast, Wolfwrath ran over to the closest hiding spot, which happened to be a tiny grey ship that was in the shape of a star. The small ship looked ancient and was covered in a thick layer of dust. Luckily the cockpit of it was open, and Wolfwrath helped to raise him up to it as the Prince crawled the rest of the way in. Wincing as he bumped his injured wing against the ship, the Prince sat down in the single seat before he realized that there was only enough room for one.

"Wolfwrath, I-" the Prince started to say in alarm, not wanting to leave his friend.

'I know, Prince. I'll find another place to hide, just stay hidden. I'll come get you when it all settles down." With that, Wolfwrath was gone. The footsteps nearly upon him, the Prince hastily reached up and closed the glass hatch, pressing down low in the seat. Catching his breath, the Prince jumped slightly in surprise as an unknown female voice spoke up, coming from the dashboard of the ship.

"Star Warrior DNA detected. Initializing automatic launch sequence," the smooth female voice before the ship suddenly veered to life right as the guards rushed around the corner and came into view. The ship started to slowly move forward towards the armed guards as the Prince sat upright, wide-eyed and helpless. The guards had to jump to the side to avoid being hit as the ship suddenly jerked forward in a burst of speed, causing the Prince to be pressed against the back of the seat, before the ship started to curve upwards, no longer grounded. Sitting upright in horror, the Prince started to push random buttons, trying to get the ship to stop as it rose higher into the air and out of the hangar. The ship picked up speed as it shot past the slower space ships full of demon beasts that were departing, the ship veering left and right to avoid them.

Leaning into the glass desperately, the Prince watched as the castle, his home and the only place he had ever known, become smaller and smaller, the ship passing through the atmosphere of the planet. Blinking blankly, his eyes wandered over to see the ship the recruits had hijacked, and he watched as it joined the growing mass of GSA ships that were right out of orbit of the planet. Mind numb in shock, he glanced back down at where his home should have been, but the ship was too far into orbit now and he stared dully at the dark planet below.

Realization of what just happened washed over the Prince. Everything he had ever known was gone, left behind on the planet that was drifting far below him. And it all had been taken away from him in a blink of an eye. A small tear formed in the corner of his eye as he sniffed, pressing against the glass of the cockpit in a futile attempt to get the ship to go back. Why couldn't he of just stayed put in his room like his father told him to. If he had only listened he could still be playing with Wolfwrath...He could still be cuddled safely in the fur of his protector Mistahi...The Prince's belly growled...He wouldn't be hungry. A sob escaped his throat as the tear fell down his cheek...He could still be held protectively in the loving embrace of his daddy as he told him stories about the universe. Why hadn't he just listened!

The female voice from before snapped him out of his saddening thoughts.

"Activating hibernation mode," the soothing voice said from the speakers of the ship, pink gas seeping out of the vents. The Prince suddenly felt tired, slumping back into the seat as he gave a yawn, eyes flickering. Quickly falling into the unnatural slumber forced onto him, he was almost out completely when the female voice spoke again. "Good night, young Star Warrior." The last thing the Prince thought before he went under was of all the times his dad had said good night to him...

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