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Hermione POV

I walked to the lake, hand in hand with the one I loved. We stopped walking, and I started worrying about the obvious. Again.

"They're going to find out sooner or later. Why don't we tell them?" I whispered to my secret boyfriend. He looked down into my eyes and tucked a stray piece of hair behind my ear.

"Because they'll tear us apart. They hate me and if anyone told my father..." he trailed off, shuddering at the possibilities of his father doing something to me or to him.

"Oh, I get it. But still,they're my best friends, I can't keep lying to them about where I'm going every Friday night!"

He ran his fingers through his blond hair and sighed. He knew he was lying to his friends too. After a thoughtful minute, Draco snaked his strong arms around my waist and rested his chin on top of my head. I turned around to look up into his crystal blue eyes and stared into them as we leaned closer together.

"You mean the world to me, Mione. I can't lose you," Draco whispered hoarsely in my ear.

His breath smelt fresh and minty. I felt my legs go numb and I clung to my boyfriend's muscular chest. I looked up, staring into his icy blue eyes with my chocolately brown ones. We were silent for a moment, just enjoying each other's company. We sat down in the moist grass. He rested his head in my lap, not that I minded. Draco looked immensely cute like this. His blond hair is messed up; I preferred it this way, instead of slicked back. His Slytherin tie hung loosely around his neck and the top three bottoms of his shirt were undone. He lightly shut his cool blues eyes and relaxed. I let go of a breath I didn't know I was holding, because I knew, no matter what, we would be okay. After a while of sitting there in comfortable silence, I noticed slight snoring coming from Draco and I decided not to wake him.

"Goodnight Draco, I love you," I whispered softly, kissing his forehead.

There was no point in doing anything but sleeping so I laid down on his chest and,closing my eyes,fell into a deep sleep.

Next Morning-Hermione POV

I woke up and stretched, stealing glances at Draco and trying not to wake him. I looked at my watch that I still had on from last night. It read 7:37. I sighed in relief, and laid back down. Since it was Saturday, no one should be up and outside this early in the morning. I almost drifted back to sleep when I heard footsteps. My brain rushed to a thousand different conclusions but I kept my eyes shut. Then, I heard the footsteps come closer. And closer. And closer. Until finally I heard someone yelling at me.

"Hermione Jean Granger, what in the world are you doing?" the tone reminded me of my mom.

My eyes fluttered open to see a furious and confused Ron standing before me. I felt Draco stir in his sleep and rubbed his hand to calm him down and keep him asleep. I looked up from my boyfriend to see Ron staring at me, waiting.

"Well are you going to answer me?" a now irritated Ron asked.

This was going to be a long day of explanation.

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