"I wonder where Matvey is?" The Russian thought silently.

Earlier that morning Ivan had woken up to fins only a note in the place of his small Canadian.

Dear Ivan,

Happy Birthday! You might not have even remembered it, but I did! You might have noticed that I'm not there.(or am I?) Well, I'm currently hiding your present for you. If you want to find me and your present, go to the sunflower field. Go to the sunflower field. GO TO THE SUNFLOWER FIELD!

With hearts and maple,


So here he was, at the exact sunflower field where he and his Matvey originally met. As he glanced around, talking to himself as he normally did, "There's nothing out-of-the-ordinary here. Just sunflowers, sunflowers, blue ponies, sunflowers...wait..." he noticed the out-of-the-ordinary.

"BLUE PONY?" he screamed as he ran towards said pony. He stopped when he got to it and started admiring it. "You are so vierd. Your mane is all rainbow, and your flank has a, lightening bolt on it?" he smacked the pony's flank. It responded, "Hey! Don't do that, bro!" Ivan gasped, "You can TALK?" his face was completely lit up. "You are the best present ever! I'll have to thank Matvey in more ways than one when I got home." With that, Ivan sat upon the pony's back and even though he was such a large country, Rainbow Dash was so strong that she could hold him up.

They flew all over the world. Over rainbows, through volcanos, in Lithuania's bedroom, fucking EVERYWHERE. They went on crazy-ass adventures all day long.


The Canadian ran into the sunflower field carrying a bottle of vodka and a hockey stick.

"I-Ivan! I'm sorry I'm late, eh? The liquor store thought I had a fake ID and stuff!" he glanced around, realizing that Ivan was nowhere to be found. "What the maple? I just heard you!" he then saw a pony flying across the sky, with Ivan riding on it's back with his hands in the air screaming, "THIS IS THE BAST GIFT EVER, MATVEY!" Matthew hid the things in his hands behind his back, "Y-yeah...you're welcome...eh?"