Sena couldn't keep his eyes from returning to Hiruma who sat tapping away on his laptop. Biting his lip he looked away as he forced himself to casually change out of his football pads. After practice he usually ran straight home but today he felt like taking a cold shower before starting the trek.

Sena entered the shower stall, sighing as the cold water fell on him. It had been over a week sense Hiruma had trapped Sena in the club room and had his way with him but had not shown any inclination to repeat the process.

Sena groaned and thumped his head against the stall wall, as thoughts of that night flooded his mind. It had been a confusing experience at first, he had been unable to comprehend what Hiruma could possibly want to do to him, but it had quickly turned into the most arousing experience he had ever had.

Sena flushed as heat started to wash through him again as he remembered what exactly Hiruma had done to him, how exactly it had felt. Sena moaned as he remembered Hiruma caressing him, biting at his neck.

With an angry snarl Sena stomped out of the shower, quickly drying his hair and pulling on a pair of sweats before storming into the main room of the club. Hiruma looked up from his laptop one eyebrow raising as he looked over Sena's half naked state.

"You got something you want to say, fucking shrimp?"

Sena faltered, his anger leaving him in a rush, replaced by embarrassment. Sena fidgeted as Hiruma continued to stare expressionlessly at him. Sena muttered something not looking at the man before him who slowly moved his laptop to the table before he stood and walked around it. Hiruma sat casually on the edge of the table, folding his arms across his chest as he pointedly looked Sena over.

"Well?" He murmured quietly, "Let's hear it chibi."

Sena self-consciously folded an arm across his chest, and stared at the wall, gasping when the world tipped around him. Sena stared wide eyed at Hiruma, who grinned above him, his pointed teethe flashing. Hiruma pinned him firmly to the table, holding both of his wrists above his head, one leg pressed firmly between Sena's.

Hiruma watched as a flush stained Sena's cheeks and his eyes darkened with desire. Hiruma leaned down so that he was hovering just above Sena. "Explain yourself properly." He breathed across Sena's lips, pushing his leg into Sena who gasped, arching off the table. Hiruma blinked in surprise when Sena's eyes suddenly flashed with anger, "You have to take responsibility!" He snapped.

Hiruma moved back slightly, observing Sena curiously, "You have to take responsibility." He repeated, "For making me like this."

Hiruma smiled sadistically, "I see, you're upset because I haven't fucked you since that night." Sena flushed, obviously losing his confidence. Hiruma cackled before moving both of Sena's wrists in one hand, grasping Sena's jaw firmly he forced him to tip his head back slightly to give him better access to his lips. Hiruma aggressively claimed Sena's mouth, demanding entrance immediately. Sena shuttered, hesitating only a second before submitting to Hiruma's demands.

Hiruma roughly pushed him firmly against the table, his hand releasing Sena's jaw, stroking down across Sena's chest, caressing the skin and flicking across his nipples. Sena shuttered, moaning into Hiruma's mouth.

Hiruma smiled evilly against Sena's lips, he was much more responsive this time around, already starting to wither in desperation beneath him. Sena panted, already feeling like he was drowning in heat. He opened his eyes slightly as Hiruma moved away, unconsciously flicking his tongue out to stroke his abused lips. Hiruma's eyes were bright and lust filled, his grin extremely satisfied with a hint of sadism in it.

Hiruma leaned forward, wickedly dragging his tongue up Sena's neck. Moaning Sena moved his head to give Hiruma more room, who took immediate advantage of it, biting and sucking at the exposed skin.

"Hiruma," Sena breathed, "pleaseā€¦" Hiruma stopped, glancing up curiously at the note of pleading in Sena's voice. "I want to touch you." Sena whispered staring boldly into Hiruma's eyes.

Hiruma stared expressionlessly at Sena before slowly rolling Sena on top of him, allowing him to straddle his waist. Hiruma still held Sena's wrists tightly in his grasp keeping them pinned behind Sena's back as he used his other hand to support Sena's back as he leaned forward biting and sucking at his chest.

Hiruma growled falling back onto the table as Sena desperately rolled his hips, causing delicious friction. Narrowing his eyes in warning, Hiruma moved his hands to Sena's waist grabbing his hips firmly. "Make it fast fucking shrimp."

Sena smiled tentatively, before hesitantly reaching out and pushing Hiruma's back turtle neck up his chest. Hiruma shifted slightly to allow Sena to push the shirt farther up. Hiruma closed his eyes as Sena leaned forward, moving his lips across the expense of his chest. Sena pouted at his lack of response, sliding up Hiruma's chest he flicked his tongue across his nipple, grinning as he felt Hiruma's hands tighten further on his hips.

Emboldened Sena scooted farther up, bracing one hand on the table and the other on Hiruma's shoulder he gently nipped Hiruma's ear, than flicked his tongue across it, the same way Hiruma did to him.

Hiruma snarled, violently flipping Sena onto his stomach. Sena gasped as Hiruma ripped his sweats off. Hooking his leg under Sena's he levered him so that his chest was pressed against the table but his waist was twisted far enough to give Hiruma access to his straining erection. Sena cried out, moaning desperately as Hiruma roughly fisted his erection, stroking it firmly.

"Keep your hands on the table." Hiruma snarled, biting Sena's back hard enough to draw blood. Sena pressed his face into his arms to try and muffle the sounds he was making but suddenly Hiruma grabbed his arms, stretching them over Sena's head as his other hand left Sena's erection to prod at his entrance.

Sena shouted, pushing back against Hiruma. Sena withered unable to do anything as Hiruma firmly pushed a finger deep inside of him. Sena trembled as Hiruma begin to work a second finger in before he started to pump his fingers in and out of Sena, drawing strangled gasps from the younger male.

Hiruma hummed approvingly as his running back gasped and arched, every muscle straining to find even more pleasure. "Please Hiruma! More!"

Hiruma removed his fingers, before pushing three off them into Sena's mouth, allowing Sena's saliva to coat his fingers before he coated Sena's hole with it, massaging it firmly. Sena cried out, turning his head he desperately sought Hiruma's lips.

Hiruma obliged him, distracting him with his mouth as he unzipped his pants before lifting Sena's leg into the air, firmly pushing his erection into Sena's ass. Sena broke the kiss off with a pained groan, burying his face into Hiruma's neck as he sheathed himself self with a snarl.

Hiruma gritted his teeth as he waited for Sena to adjust. Sena trembled before hesitantly pushing himself more firmly against Hiruma, grabbing Sena's hip he thrust shallowly.

Hiruma buried one hand into Sena's hair, the other one grabbing Sena's knee keeping his leg raised. Sena gasped, flinging his head back, "Hiruma!" he screamed. Hiruma grinned against his neck, picking up the pace, making certain to hit Sena in the right spot every time.

Sena withered, unable to concentrate enough to continue begging as waves of heat crashed over him, increasing with every thrust of Hiruma's hips. Hiruma pulled out to Sena's groan of disappointment. Hiruma chuckled as he pushed Sena onto his back, hooking his legs firmly over his shoulders. Hiruma braced himself with his arms on each side of Sena's face as he worked his cock back inside of Sena, who arched against the table pushing himself down onto Hiruma.

Hiruma bent one arm for better leverage, planting his other hand on Sena's hip he held him in place as he began to rock into him. Sena groaned, scratching at Hiruma's back, head whipping back and forth as pleasure washed through him. Hiruma bit at Sena's ear, licking away the pain.

Sena screamed his muscles locking down around Hiruma as he came, white cum streaking across his and Hiruma's chest. Hiruma groaned at the feeling of Sena's twitching ass muscles; a few more thrusts sent Hiruma over the edge. Sena groaned at the feeling of Hiruma cuming inside of him.

Sena trembled underneath Hiruma, staring up at him with dazed eyes. Hiruma smirked leaning forward he pecked Sena's lips before sliding out of him. Hiruma stood with his back to Sena as he straightened his clothes.

"Hiruma?" Sena asked hesitantly. Hiruma turned to glance at him over his shoulder, one fang visible as he smirked. "Don't worry fucking shrimp. I'll take complete responsibility for corrupting you."