Soul Violation

Disclaimer: Don't own Mahou Sensei Negima!, Soul Calibur, or any of the various other things that might get referenced in here.

Pairing: One-sided Tsukuyomi/Setsuna

Summary: Tsukuyomi gets her hands on Soul Edge and tries to claim Setsuna as her own, which leads to a fight with all the over-the-topness of God Within and more blatant innuendo than the Witchblade anime. Just a word of warning, though, perspective will jump all over the place. Also, the views put forth in this story are not my own, but those of the current perspective character. Now, if you will, please enjoy this foray into the mind of alter!Tsukuyomi.

Tsukuyomi couldn't stand it, not at ALL.

The way that her brilliant, skilled, GORGEOUS, impossibly SEXY Setsuna senpai would look at her with such disdain while throwing just as much affection upon that upper-class whore Konoka.

It was just so infuriating that no matter how much love Tsukuyomi tried to shower upon her beloved Senpai, Senpai would only push her away. It was almost like Senpai hated her or something, but of course that just wasn't possible.

No, it was almost more like Senpai was being forced to fight her, which would of course explain why Setsuna always seemed so frustrated and upset when they fought. But then, why would Senpai be upset, yet never actually killing her?

Alas, that wild look in Senpai's eyes always had Tsukuyomi spellbound…


Senpai was always so distant because she must be under a SPELL of some sort! But who were the main spellcasters among that group? That flat-chested shorty wasn't an issue, being totally into brat-sensei and the admittedly cute bookworm instead.

Said brat-sensei was also busy snogging the fuck out of the manga artist, his future kid, and said bookworm duo, so he wasn't likely to be a part of the anti-Tsukuyomi conspiracy either, or at least not knowingly.

And with them out of the way, the only expert mage in their group with a motive was…

OF COURSE! The fuedal-lady-wannabe whore herself, KONOKA! That explained it!

Upon reaching this conclusion, Tsukuyomi pounded her fist against her palm, now knowing what she had to do. After all, if that selfish bitch had bewitched her beloved senpai, then the only way to save Senpai would be to cut away the curse.

And the best way to disrupt the magicks of a sorceress was, of course, simple.

Kill the fuck out of the sorceress.

"Aww, but where am I going to find a sword strong enough to counter Senpai's skills?"

Normally, Tsukuyomi would've simply gone on her holy crusade on behalf of Senpai without a second thought, but since Setsuna had shattered her previous blade into so much dust during their last encounter, the mad schoolgirl managed to exercise an amount of reason in this instance.

Coincidentally passing by a museum, Tsukuyomi whimsically decided to look through the window, and the blade her eyes fell upon almost made her scream in delight.

While it wasn't what she was used to, being a Zweihänder rather than a wakizashi, Tsukuyomi just knew that it was destined to fall into her hands.

The sword was indeed truly massive, even larger than the young woman herself was, with a five-foot blade and a two-foot handle. The blade was only sharp on a single edge, while the other was blunted from wear, and the entirety of it was black and dark red, as though irreparably stained with the blood of those slain in a perpetual slaughter that had lasted millenia.

But most peculiar of all, the sword was far more organic than metal, and she could even make out a bulge midway along the blade. Best of all, she could even feel the waves of darkness, of chaos radiating off of it. There was no doubt about it – this was a demonic sword.

Despite herself, Tsukuyomi found her nether regions getting absolutely drenched at the mere concept of the bloodshed that this blade could wreak, and upon trying to imagine herself or her Senpai wielding the blade and carrying it out, her nose bled fiercely enough that she almost blacked out.

Upon regaining her senses – or what passed for them, in any case – Tsukuyomi immediately decided that the blade through the window would be hers, and that it would help her to reclaim her beloved Senpai.

Of course, between the mad samurai and the sword, there was a window and a crowd of roughly three dozen people.

So Tsukuyomi took the obvious course of action, doing what any person in her situation would've.

Which is to say that she crashed through the window, shoved her way through the innocent people, took the blade into her hands, let out a near-orgasmic scream from the massive, powerful, throbbing creature in her grip, and drunk on the malevolent power running through her, gleefully slaughtered everyone in sight while laughing like her old man.

Ten minutes later, surrounded only by smoldering ruins and horribly maimed corpses, Tsukuyomi was panting from exhausted pleasure as she said, "Yeeeeeeeees, with this power… I can save Senpai from that witch! Serve with me, Soul Edge. Let us save Senpai, and then… hehehehe…. And then… THE THREE OF US WILL CARVE OUT OUR OWN PLACE ON THE STAGE OF HISTORY!"

Yes, I just gave Tsukuyomi fricken Soul Edge. And no, Setsuna is not going to get Soul Calibur in order to fight it. Hey, just be grateful I didn't give Tsukuyomi the Black Sword Strombringer...