Soul Violation

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Last time, on Soul Violation:

Dispelling her construct, Takane went to the center of the impact crater, used shadow tendrils to grab the fragments of Soul Edge, and then turned to Setsuna. "All things considered, we are fortunate that we kept things this low-key, Sakurazaki. The last time Soul Edge was on the loose, it consumed every living thing in a city in Germany around four hundred years ago. Take your leave of the scene; I will arrange for everything else to be dealt with."

Setsuna returned to the dorms, healed up what was left of her missing wing, and the story of the following morning was about a serial killer and a rash of terrorist attacks.

And now, the conclusion...

The day after the chaotic battle, Setsuna, Konoka, Negi, Asuna, and Takane were at a picnic table having lunch and discussing the recent events.

Konoka asked, "So Takane, is it really okay to use terrorism as an explanation for all that destruction?"

Takane shrugged and said, "My mentor once said to me, 'If collateral damage gets out of hand and a normal solution fails to prevent itself, just blame terrorists'."

Nodding sagely, she concluded, "It is a lesson I have found myself heeding time and again, and it has yet to fail me."

A bead of sweat going down the back of her head, Konoka said, "I... see."

Then, switching gears, she turned to her bodyguard and asked, "And what about you, Setsuna? Are you okay? I'm... I'm sorry I wasn't able to fix your wing..."

Seeing that her lady was in clear distress, Setsuna quickly replied, "Lady Konoe, I am perfectly fine. That I was able to prevent her from getting near you in the first place is more than I could have asked for, and if a wing is all that I had to sacrifice, then it is indeed a small price to pay."

Asuna crossed her arms in a huff and said, "Now let me get this straight. That... Soul Edge or whatever is supposed to be an instant kill on anything it cuts, right? But I'm still alive because of my magic cancel. So... how come this Tsukuyomi chick held back and didn't cut Setsuna with it?"

Her face contorting in disgust, Setsuna answered, "Tsukuyomi would not have wanted me dead unless Lady Konoe had already been cut down and I continued to refuse her. Her primary intent in our battle, then, was likely an attempt to break me down and render me unable to protect my mistress."

"So... you're still alive because your stalker wasn't ready to violate your corpse yet?"

Deciding that the topic at hand could stand to be a bit lighter and softer, Konoka turned to Setsuna and gave her a crushing embrace, saying, "I'm just happy that you're alive, Setsuna. I know you're always there for me, and I wish I could do more to repay you for that..."

Her face flaming red, Setsuna stammered, "L-Lady Konoe, you really shouldn't need to repay a lowly servant like me..."

Takane took this moment to rise from her seat and head off towards her next destination, while Asuna rolled her eyes and good-naturedly teased, "Get a room, you two."

With that, Asuna went on back to the dorm, leaving Setsuna and Konoka alone with their thoughts and each other.

"Setsuna, you've always been there for me, and you're more important to me than anyone else. So... don't ever change, okay?"

And then, suddenly swinging back to her usual perky self, Konoka gave a manic grin before sliding herself onto Setsuna's mouth, kissing her passionately while her hands gradually roamed over the samurai's body.

Getting out a gasp, Setsuna's entire body was flaming red as she asked, "Lady Konoka, what are-?"

Bringing a finger to her beloved's lips, Konoka softly said, "Hush, Setsuna. I promise you're going to enjoy this."

And then one thing led to another, and suffice it to say that had either of them been male there would've been babies on the way.

As it was, they wound up having babies anyway. Somehow.

Haruna and Hakase may or may not have been involved with punching out the laws of biology in order to make it happen.

Expect a spinoff about that.