Erin Straus watches the team from beyond the glass doors. Emily Prentiss has her head down, as she writes notes about the case she is reviewing. Reid says something to Morgan, causing the bald agent to throw a wadded up piece of paper at the genius.

Rossi walks through and appears to be scolding the boys like a father would.

Straus wanders down the hall and glances into JJ's office. Seeing the liaison on the phone she listens for a moment.

"Yes, sir, I understand. I need to run this case past my team." She listens a moment. "Yes, sir. We'll be able to leave tomorrow morning. Yes, sir, I understand that time is of the essence but we are having major storms here and the jet is grounded until they pass. We can start to work on a preliminary profile before we leave." She listens again. "Sheriff, I promise this will be our primary focus as soon I present it to them. And the sooner I get off the phone the sooner we get to your case." She nods. "Exactly. Thank you, Sheriff. I call you tomorrow with the team's ETA."

Straus moves on before JJ sees her. Her next stop is the technical analyst's office. This time she can't observe unseen.


The vibrant woman spins around in her chair, her face full of fear. "Chief Straus," she squeaks. "How can…how can I help you?"

"I was just checking to see what you're working on."

"Oh, uh, well," she starts to point to the various monitors and the screens on each one, "I'm running 2 scans for Morgan on a serial rapist, Reid has asked me about a series of kidnappings so that's here, Rossi is working on 2 home invasions that may be linked, Emily has me pulling recent parolees who may be sending threatening letters to police in Minneapolis, and JJ just sent me a new case for the team and I am pulling some preliminary information on the victims."

Straus raises an eyebrow. She had never realized just how much Garcia worked on at any given time. All the monitors are taken with the cases she had mentioned. "It was my understanding you had been doing additional research on the Foyet case."

"I was. And I may again in the future. But right now current cases are our focus, not old ones," Garcia tells her.

"I see. Well, carry on," Straus orders as she walks out of the room.

She wanders back towards the BAU meeting room. She sees the team gathering to hear about their new case. They smile. They joke with each other. They prepare for business. Maybe there really was no blame to lay on anyone. And maybe, just maybe this team would still be the best the FBI has to offer.


Straus turns and goes back to her office. She looks at the file box containing everything she had accumulated on the team. With resignation, she picks it up and shoves it in her closet…in case she needs it in the future.