Remembering Life

. . .

I open my eyes with my head throbbing and a sharp pain in my arm. The elevator around me is demolished and part of the metal wall encases my legs. I try to shift my arm from under the fallen railing but a harsh prominent pain prevents me from doing so. I pivot my head slightly and glance at my bloody arm. Amongst the red, I can see the white tip of one of my bones. I wince and turn around.

As I rotate my head again, I see the sandy brown hair of my partner. My heart flutters and I try to twist my body so I may face him. "Tony," I whisper, using my other arm to brush the hair off of his bruised and bloody face. "I'm sorry I didn't get us out of here soon enough," I tell him, still stroking his unconscious face. I feel utterly responsible for all of this. I know I could've gotten us out sooner. I'm just stupid.

Inspecting his body, I notice a goose-egg on his forehead as well as deep bruising around his temples. From what I could tell, nothing is broken and I'm glad. I attempt to use my injury free hand to free my other arm from the railing when a low groan emitting from Tony stops me dead in my tracks.

"Where am I?" He mumbles, stretching out his body. I remove my hand from the railing and It flies back to his face. He brings his own hand to mine and places it on top of my own. "Am I in heaven, are you an angel?"
I laugh softly, "No, you're not, Tony. You are still here at NCIS, don't you remember?" I ask, starting to get a little nervous for Tony. I stare into his blank green eye, anxiety pitting inside my stomach.

"I'm sorry, I'm not remembering much right now," Tony admits, shaking his head. He squints his eyes as he looks at me, looking at me like a stranger. "Who's this 'Tony' you speak of?"

My heart plummets. "You don't remember," I whisper.

. . .

A/N: I apologize for this being so short. I needed to begin this before I went crazy. Looking around, I've seen some stories much like this, and I hope you guys disregard them, as I am trying to not be like them. I am unique. I hope to gain inspiration for the next chapter soon.*Insert Smiley Face* Please Review!