"Hey, Tony!"

Tony turned around.

"Oh. Morning, McGee." Tony sat down at his desk, tired as hell. There were dark circles under his drooping eyes, his shirt untucked and splayed over his pants. He flopped down in the chair, and papers flew everywhere.

Ziva eyed him confusedly. This was not the Tony DiNozzo she knew.

"Tony, are you feeling all right?"

"Sure. What the hell?" He yawned tiredly, burying his face in his arms.

"Do you want any coffee or something?"

He shook his head, his desk squeaking.

"Fourth Avenue homicide!" Gibbs said sharply, suddenly appearing in the bullpen. Tony gave a start, causing tons of paper to fly everywhere.

"Clean that up, DiNozzo, and meet us out in the car." Gibbs said curtly. Tony yawned and snorted. He bent over, groaning, and began to pick up the papers.

Tony yawned, holding the camera. He snapped photos of the Petty Officer's bloody shirt and bludgeoned head.

Suddenly, Gibbs squinted.


"Yeah, boss." Tony said, slightly irate.

"Bag that evidence." Gibbs instructed, pointing to a shred of paper poking out of the breast pocket of the dead Marine's shirt.

"Okay." He grumbled, reaching for the tweezers and bending over to pick it up. As soon as he picked up, however, he dropped it.

"Pick it up, DiNozzo!" Gibbs said, irritated.

"SHUT UP!" Tony suddenly roared. "SHUT THE HELL UP!"

The whole house went silent.

Ziva stared at him, and McGee looked like he was choking back a snicker or two.

"What did you say to me, DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked, deadly quiet.

"I said to shut the hell up." Tony said, ripping off the camera and setting it down. He strode out angrily, slamming the door behind him of the apartment. Suddenly, a hand caught his arm. He whipped around to Ziva, with wide, concerned eyes.

"Tony, please."

"Get off me, Zi. I'm going."

"Tony, please don't-"

"GET AWAY!" Tony screamed. "I'm over it! Leave me alone!"

And he ran off, leaving an alone and utterly hurt Ziva standing in the dust, staring after him blankly.

Tony had started running. He didn't know why he was so pissed off. He just was. Maybe it was from the lack of sleep he was getting. Or maybe something was bugging him. But something, something apparently was so irritating that he snapped like a twig. He stopped, panting, on a sidewalk. Apparently, the apartment wasn't far from NCIS. A gust of wind blew through the city.

Suddenly, something slapped Tony in the face. He peeled a small piece of paper off of his face.

Dr. Jacque Clampton

Therapeutic Hypnotist

Guaranteed Happiness!


At the bottom was an address.

Tony studied the words "Guaranteed happiness."

He twisted the paper in his fingers. Suddenly, he folded in neatly and put it in his pocket, and walked off towards NCIS.

Laying in his bed, Tony took out the paper again, and read it. Over and over and over.

Suddenly, he flashbacked to today. His own words bounced around in his head. He suddenly felt ashamed. He had pushed away the people he loved the most.

And, now, he was paying for it.

He closed his eyes, desperately praying for sleep.

He shut his eyes, and fell into a restless sleep.

He found himself standing in NCIS again. He looked around. Apparently he was alone. He saw no one else. Gibbs suddenly appeared at the end of the bullpen.

"Boss!" Tony cried, wanting to reconcile with his boss.

"Tony. You have to leave." Gibbs said, urgent.

"Why?" Tony asked. Suddenly, Ziva appeared at his side.

"Please, Tony. Leave!" She cried, pushing him away.

"Why the hell-"

"GET OUT!" She screamed. Suddenly, two gunshots. Gibbs and Ziva dropped, blood pooling around their bodies. Tony yelled in surprise and jumped back. He dropped to his knees, and stared up.

At himself.

Another Tony stared at him, smiling evilly.

"You bastard!" Tony shouted, running at the man. However, Evil Tony sidestepped him.

"Look at what you did, Tony." The man grabbed Tony and forced him around. Tony thrashed out, but the other Tony did not relent.

"I didn't do this, you son of a bitch!" Tony cried. Evil Tony let him go. Green eyes met identical green eyes. Except these were cold and unloving.

"Yet you did. Because I am you, and you are me." Evil Tony grinned and dissipated, leaving Tony with the bodies of the two of the closest people he had in his life.

"NO!" Tony screamed.

Suddenly, he woke up. He was shivering, even thought it was a summer night. He was sweating buckshots. He switched on the light, still shaking.

He seized the slip of paper off the nightstand and looked at it only for a brief second before rushing his bathroom to change.

He pulled up at the address. It was a house, on the outskirts of the city. He checked his watch: 1:45 am. He shook his head and knocked on the door.

It creaked open. On the threshold stood a man. He was balding, and looked maybe in his mid-fifties. He wore large wire-framed glasses that made his eyes seem as round as dinner plates.

"Dr. Clampton?" Tony asked the man, furrowing his brow.

"Speaking." The man smiled crookedly. "I assume you are here for my hypnosis."

"Uh, yes." Tony felt slightly uneasy.

"Come in." The man disappeared into the house. Tony gently creaked open the door and stepped inside.

The house had a cabin-like air, with wood walls and wooden furniture. However, the man gestured for Tony to sit in an off-setting white reclining chair, much like one you see at a dentist's office.

"Sit." He said. He sat on a white stool beside the chair.

"What is your name?" He asked.

"Tony. Tony DiNozzo, sir."

"Now, Mr. DiNozzo, what is bothering you?" He asked, cracking his knuckles.

"I'm just-" Tony felt slightly embarrassed. "Not happy. I need happiness."

"Happiness? Well, I did guarantee it." He smiled. "Now, let's work on this. Close your eyes."

Slightly reluctant, Tony closed his eyes.

"Now, think about one of your happiest memories."

Tony sifted through memories, until he found one.

Tony's Memory:

A green eyed boy, laughing, dashes down the hallway.

"Mama no canna catch me!" The boy laughs. Suddenly, a shadow comes up behind him. Two hands scoop up the boy. He shrieks, then starts laughing.

"Mama, you got me!" The boy laughs. The woman holding him laughs. Green eyes meet almost identical green ones.

"I love you so much, sweetie." She whispers, kissing his forehead.

"I know, Mama. You tell me all the time!" he says brightly. She laughs and hugs him tighter, clutching him to her chest.

Tony smiled, his eyes still closed. The man concentrated on Tony.

"Now, when I snap my fingers…you will become who you are in that memory."


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