Hi, I'm writing this story because, well… nobody else would. I hope you like it.

It was a regular day at the Watch Tower. Well as normal as a space station filled with superheroes could be. Martian Manhunter on the other hand had a surprise for the six founders. A surprise in which might cause an uneasy Batman.

"So J'onn what is this surprise you have for us," Wally asked.

"New recruits," the martian stated while pushing some buttons. After pressing the last button a white light appeared and three boys walk through it, all in which Batman new. "Allow me to introduce Nightwing, Redhood, and Red Robin." He said pointing to each one.

"Isn't the last one a little young to be a hero," Clark asked preferring to Red Robin.

"Want to test that theory," Red Robin asked him while being restrained by Redhood.

"You'll have to excuse my brother, true he is young and umm… childish," Nightwing said.

"Hey," Red Robin said

"But he is more than capable of being a hero," Nightwing told them.

"And kicking your butt boy scout," Red Robin said smugly.

"Did we mention he has somewhat of a mouth on him," Redhood asked.

"I like that kid already," Hawkgirl said.

"Welcome to the Justice League our young heroes," Diana said.

"Thank you Wonder Woman, it is an honor to be able to work with all of you," Nightwing said looking more at Batman. Batman only gave him a stair, which if you knew him well enough said "We need to talk." Understanding the meaning behind the stair he gave him a simple nod in return. Once everyone, except Batman, Nightwing, Redhood, and Red Robin, left the room they were dragged to the camera room by Wally.

"Wally why did you bring us in here?" John asked him.

"So we can see what Batman is saying to our new recruits." He told them.

"Wally are you insane," Hawkgirl asked, "Bats will kill us if he found out about this."

"But Bats never talks to the recruits, don't you want to know why these ones are the exception?" Wally asked them.

"Fine but if he finds out I'm blaming you if we die," Clark told him. And with that said he turned on the screen to the room the four were in.

"Is this a talk between Batman, Nightwing, Redhood, and Red Robin," Nightwing asked.

"Or Bruce, Dick, Jason, and Tim," Jason continued.

"Bruce, Dick, Jason, and Tim," Bruce said pulling off his cowl. And after he did the three boys took off their masks and helmet. "Jason when did you…" Bruce began but was cut off by Jason.

"When Dick found out I was alive he went looking for me, helped me see what I was doing was wrong, helped me see that you were right, the I was acting I was being no better than the villains I was trying to stop, I'm sorry," he told him, "You have every right to be disappointed with me."

"I'm was never disappointed in you Jason," Bruce told his son while putting a hand on his shoulder, "I was upset that you had lost your way, but if anyone is sorry it's me, I should have tried harder to help you, and I'm very proud of you for finding your way again." "And I couldn't be more proud of you two," he said drawing his attention to Dick and Tim, "For sticking by him and becoming your own heroes, your own person, that's all a father could ask for."

"Thanks Bru… dad," Dick said smiling at his dad while Tim ran up and hugged him. For the first time in a long time Bruce let out a smile.

"Everyone heard and saw that right, it wasn't just me," Clark said while everyone stood in shock at what they just saw.

Okay this is a chapter story so expect more to come; anyone else wondered why they never showed up in the show? Anyway like I said someone had to write this, I might bring in a little romance between Bruce and Diana. Tell me if there is something you want to happen in this story. Review.