Final A/N

So it's come to my attention that people have started taking some of my stories and continuing them on their own, so I guess it's high time for me to do a bit of cleanup.

First of all, I will most likely not be coming back to fanfiction ever. I still read fanfics sometimes but for the most part I don't write it anymore. I just don't have the time, and I've kind of lost interest.

Secondly, for whatever reason, some of my fanfics still seem pretty popular, so here it is: I'm putting some of them up for adoption.

Here is a list of the stories I'm willing to open for anyone who wants to adopt and continue them:

The Lives Worth Saving
Almost Paradise / Wanderer
Of Strangers and Friends
To Fight and Protect
Finding Family / Clash with the Vendice
Apparent Shadow, Hidden Light
Whispers of the Future
Parallel Worlds

ONLY the above fanfics are free for adoption. I'd like to keep Road to Recovery to myself because if I ever do come back, that's the fic I'd continue and it's my favourite; and the Finding Home series (that includes Finding Home, The Letter, Difference of Opinion, and Choices) is already adopted by Locked Owle on AO3 (linked in my profile). If they're okay with you adopting their sequel, then by all means.


- If you adopt them – please credit me for the parts I wrote.

- Other than spelling mistakes, do not change anything in my fanfics. You can continue writing whatever you want from where I stopped, but please don't change anything that already exists, or worse, copy/paste chunks of my stories and post them into your own.

- I'd rather you post only on ffnet or AO3 but that's just a preference, not a requirement.

- You don't have to tell me beforehand if you want to adopt one (or more) of my stories.

I'll be opening the PM function on ffnet for the next two weeks so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

PLEASE DO NOT REPOST MY FANFICS SOLELY FOR PUBLIC READING. Adopting to continue is fine, but don't just repost something so people have free access to it anytime.

Last but not least, thank you to all readers who have stuck with me this far and left reviews and encouraging PMs and have been good about my absence and not plagiarizing my works. I've moved on from this stage of my life but it was fun, and you guys made it more so.

2017-08-14 EDIT:

To clarify, because a lot of people have been asking me this and I don't have time to reply to everyone - I will not be keeping track of who adopts what, nor is it just ONE person adopting each of my fics, it's whoever wants to. People were already taking them and continuing them so even if I gave writing rights to just one person, I have no doubt other people will continue writing them anyway, so why bother limiting it. I did mention above that you don't have to tell me beforehand if you want to adopt one (or more) of my stories, and I thought it was obvious but I guess I should've made it clearer - I will no longer be active on fanfiction (I haven't been in years), and I'll be turning off PMs again in two weeks so I won't be around anymore to keep a list of adoptions even if people are going to tell me first. I hope that clarifies that confusion.

Also, yes, the fics will remain posted. If I ever do delete them, I'll make another announcement.