Author's Note:

Hello all,

I'm obsessed with SCANDAL and the fan fiction on this site and elsewhere has inspired me to create my own. I enjoy telling stories but this is the first time I've written fan fic and posted my writing in a public forum like this.

The Season 1 finale made it seem like Olivia was leaving the White House (and Fitz) behind for good. But we know that Shonda Rhimes isn't going to leave us hanging like that in Season 2. I've been thinking a lot about what it will take for Olivia and Fitz to come back together and I think something major is going to happen where the tables get turned. Olivia is going to find herself in a predicament where the only person who can fix the situation will be Fitz. (Obviously, it goes without saying that I don't own these characters and that I have the greatest respect and admiration for their creator and original author, Shonda Rhimes.)

With this story I'm going to write, I already know what the ending is going to be. I'm just not exactly sure yet how I'm going to get there. LOL. I anticipate that this story will take multiple chapters to tell, so I hope you will be patient and interested enough to follow it all the way to the end.

Thanks in advance for reading and please leave reviews and feedback.


Neo (aka Neoyorquina)

An Ounce of Truth for Every Treason


The package had arrived. Inside was a plain manila folder. He opened it and found only a single photograph with a note attached. The photo was of a very attractive black female exiting a Georgetown townhouse in Washington, D.C. She was dressed smartly in a white Tory Burch trench coat and Christian Louboutin high heels and was obviously unaware that she was being photographed since she was deeply engrossed in conversation on her cell phone.

The man looked closely at the picture. He didn't recognize the woman and wondered if she was someone famous. She didn't look famous. Perhaps she was a lobbyist? Yes, that must be it. But why would his contact have sent him this photo? When he had asked his contact to find something, anything, on President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant that could be used to bring the most powerful man on the planet to his knees, the man holding the photograph didn't know what would turn up. And now here it was, a snapshot of a very attractive black female.

The man sighed. This wasn't enough. Perhaps finding the President's fatal flaw was going to be harder than he originally thought.

He picked up the photo to put it back in the folder when he noticed the note, a piece of blue paper folded in half. Inside there was only a single sentence. He opened it and read: "She's the one."