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Back on the road, Lucy galloped faster. She had not tightened the man's ropes enough, but she wasn't too worried. He probably hadn't figured it out yet. And when he did, she'd be long gone. And the fact that he had no idea who she was. Lucy liked it that way. It made things more exciting.

He was obviously one of the Sheriff's men. Probably an army counsellor, considering the crest on his jacket and his strong fighting skills. She had to admit, it had been fun fighting him. The flitting looks of surprise on his face, looks that were quickly replaced with determination.

Soon Lucy reached the North Road. Remembering visits to Nottingham with her father and sister, she guessed that she was almost there. She got off to check how much money she had robbed from the Sheriff's man. She counted the money quickly, guessing she had about ten gold coins.

"Not bad," She said, smiling to herself. Reaching further in the bag, she felt a scrap of paper. She took it out, breaking the seal to read it. She read the name at the top. Frowning, she saw that it was addressed to…..

Lord Rochdale! What would the Sheriff want with her father? Now Lucy was curious.

She cracked the seal, and gingerly opened the letter. It was just a small message, asking her father to send his armies and to meet a man named Gisbourne at Lord Rochdale's manor. It seemed like just a simple invitation, nothing strange. But knowing the Sheriff's reputation, and knowing her father, the meeting could mean nothing but trouble.

But that life was behind her now. She folded the letter, put it back in her bag, mounted her horse, covered her hair, and continued for Nottingham.

Back in his room in Nottingham Castle, Allan was trying to think of an explanation for the loss of the message. He could say it fell out of his pocket, but he had put in a bag, and Gisbourne knew it. So Allan decided to do what people like him do best – lie.

Yes, that's what he would do. He would say that a band of thieves had stolen it, along with his money. It was not the most creative lie, but it was a lot better than admitting that he had been robbed by a girl. A girl who looked vaguely familiar, now that he thought about it, although he couldn't remember why.

He sighed. It didn't really matter what he said, Gisbourne would still have his head. And had just started this job….he couldn't lose it. Where else would he go? Back to Rochdale, back to being the Blacksmith's son? He had left a year and a half ago, chasing after his brother, promising his parents that he would bring Tom home. But Allan never did, and never would.

He sometimes wondered, had the gang saved Tom in time, what would he be like now? Would he be more responsible, more careful, or would he go running off as usual, with Allan forever giving him warnings? He remembered after he had almost died after being caught poaching in the forest, and how he had changed since then.

"Sir Allan?" Marian's small quiet handmaiden stood at the door. She blushed, and looked away. He looked down and realized he wasn't wearing a shirt. He reached for the nearest one.

"Yes, Beth?" She asked, pulling it over his head and getting up.

"Lord Gisbourne and the Sheriff require your presence in the planning room." He thanked her and she left quickly.

He put on his black vest and stretched his arms out. Alright Allan, he thought to himself. Here goes nothing. He took a deep breath and left for the planning room.