'God Damn you! Die!" Sara hurled another ball of energy at Flint. Flint could not bring himself to hurt his friend. All he could do was hold onto his father and back away. In his heart he wished that Sara would come to her senses and be her old sweet self.
The next energy blast came too close and knocked Flint to the ground. Sara slowly started walking toward him. "Just give up Little Flint. I don't need to hurt you, but I will."
Flint swallowed and looked to his father. "What am I gonna do dad?"
"I don't know son, but we can't just keep running away like this."
'Damn strait." Sara was within five feet of the two, "Fight me little boy."
Her eyes were so cold. Flint had to look away from them.
"I don't want to fight you Sara. Why can't you be nice again? Why???" he let out a small sob. Sara eyes warmed for a second. She felt something warm in the corner of her eyes.
She turned around to see Fugiri staring at her with his hands on his hips. "Do not go back to being weak. I did not use all that energy to make you strong for nothing. Now fight him!"
She nodded, the ice returned to her eyes.
She glared at Flint, "Now, I see I am too weak with you. Put up or shut up."
"Sara-chan I....ohhh" Flint sank to the ground holding his stomach, "I need food."
You could cut the tension in the air with a knife. Or, at least, Fugiri felt something needed to be cut for he pulled a sword out from the folds of his cape.
"Finish them all now, Sara. This is pointless." He hurled the sword toward Sara.
Before she could grab a hold of it, Merlock flew down and grasped the handle. He pointed the sharp tip at Fugiri.
"How dare you defile Sara's innocence like this?? She would never hurt anything, why do you make her??"
Merlock looked hard into the young man's eyes. So cold, and unforgiving.
"She wanted this. I wouldn't force her to be anything she's not."
"Liar!!!" Merlock held the sword steady and rushed at the man. He hit flesh a lot sooner than he had thought. Blood dripped on the sword.
"Nono. Sara?" He looked up and saw his new Sara standing with her arms held open and her head held high. And the sword. The sword was going through her abdomen.
'She...she would give up her life for him?'
Fugiri frowned at this. She wasn't supposed to get hurt. He could see the sword projecting out from Sara's back. Blood was seeping through her fabric. No, this wasn't supposed to happen.
Dr. Bernard looked at his niece, with a crimson spot creeping along her front. Merlock slowly removed the sword, and he watched as Sara crumpled to the ground. His little Sara-chan was bleeding to death. Even from here he could see the hue of her skin grow paler and paler by the second. She was dying, and how could he have let this happen?
Not his sister. The stupid, idiot. Why, why did she do that? He felt the stab through his section as it happened, but the pain was fading fast. That was bad, so long as there was pain, that meant that he could feel. Was Sara slipping beyond the pain? Don't let this happen, oh God, please, not Sara.

Through Flint's hunger stupor he could see the battefeild grow lighter. Was a shifter going into master form? Rainbows filled his vision and everyone was focusing on a ball of light beside Sara.
As the flash faded away he could see something floating in the air. A shifter?
Whatever it was opened it's eyes. Golden wings pumped up and down. It had a long silverish tail that swayed back and forth. It looked like a brilliant, white kitty.
It extended it's wings and looked at Merlock and then down at Sara. The young vampire reached up a gloved hand to touch it's fur. Before he could do this, he jerked his hand away as the shifter seemed to expand and grow.
Fugiri felt the power from this creature. Power, that if he could harness, would be nearly untouchable. He made a mad dash towards the creature.
White fur melted into white dark skin, and the silver tail grew around and floated around the animal's head. The wings grew and spread out, letting golden feathers fly around.
The light died down and in the place of the cat-like animal was a young woman with long silver hair, and dark, mahogany skin.
It opened it's mouth:
"I, am all that can be, and would have been." It seemed to have many voices. A young girl. One of a strong man, or an aging woman. All seemed to stand out, and yet blend.
Flint was the first to get over the initial shock.
He innocently got up, hunger forgotten, and walked right up to it.
"Are you a time shifter?"
It's eyes held such compassion.
"Yes...Flint." It tucked it's wings in a bit, and touched it's feet on the solid ground. It got down on it's haunches and laid a hand on Flint's head. "Do you wish Sara was with you now?"
He nodded his head, "Sara is the sweetest, kindest, most huggable, lovable, edible, sweetest person on this Earth!" he smiled up at her, "I want my Sara back!"
The thing stood back up and seemed to look at each one of them individually.
"Children always have the sweetest dreams. An innocent thought holds more power than anything ever created." It turned to Fugiri who had stopped his approach when it landed on the ground. "You should remember that, and learn to harness the beauty of your dreams that are now forgotten."
His face paled, if that was any more possible, and his eyes widened as he saw Sara's fallen body rise as if by a powerful wind.
"I am every possibility. I am every choice you make, and do not take. The futures of a million rolls of the die."
It took one more look around the feild and then back to the girl that was floating in front of it. The girl that had cried those salty tears that one day. Sara had protected it. The rules would be bent for this one. All of the hearts in this place wanted her to be well. Even the hard and frozen heart of Fugiri. Time would be shifted, it decided.
"Let it be undone."
A sudden burst of light.
The universe shifter. Planets moved. Stars died, only to be born in another second. Parents returned to children, and then taken away again.

History is shifted. But worth it, for the girl who cried for her pain, and made the rest of the world cry with her.

"Uhhhh, Tony?"
Sara opened her eyes and was greeted by the faces of her family. Doctor Bernard, and Tony were holding her hands. Flint was at her feet.
She was immediatly aware of the needles in her arms, and the beeping noises around her.
"You're awake, kiddo!" Bernard leaned forward and kissed his niece. "We missed you."
She tried to sit up but Tony pushed her down gently.
"Easy there, We want you out of the hospital as soon as possible."
Sara smiled up at them, "What happened to me?"
Bernie squeezed her hand, "Well, we don't know for sure. We just found you in the park, unconscious with a bad cut on your stomach. Don't you remember?"
She looked up at the ceiling and frowned.
"I don't remember a thing."
Tony smiled at his sister and gave her a hug.
"Well, all your injuries are minor. Just that little bump on your head. You were only out for a few hours. I'll call the police, they'll find out what happened."
Sara nodded.
Something was poking at the back of her mind. She should remember something. But then she looked again at the relieved faces of her family and sat back and relaxed as they each took turns holding her hand and telling her how worried they were.

Merlock kneeled on a tree branch outside of Sara's room. When her eyes opened he smiled and let out a sigh of relief. He would watch over her better from now on. Not a step would be without the scrutiny of Merlock Holmes from now on.
Bindi just pouted at his side as he got more comfortable watching Sara.

Somewhere, in a house far away...
"Fugi-chan! It's time to wake up!"
"Urg...five more minutes?"
"Two more minutes?"
"One more minutes?(You've got to love Disney's Tarzan)
A young boy pushed back the covers of his bed. He rubbed the sleep from his pale blue eyes and ran a hand through his short blue hair. He fell back on his pillow and looked up at his ceiling.
How he loved to dream

The End.