INTERIOR: Motel. SAM and DEAN are on a queen-sized bed, drinking whiskey from the bottle. The contents of the bottle are nearly entirely gone.

Sam: Dean. My butt's empty.

Dean: The fuck?

Sam: It's all…empty. And sad.

Dean: Your butt is sad.

Sam: And empty!

Dean: This is the last time I'm letting you near the whiskey, Sammy.

Sam: How come?

Dean: Because you're so drunk, you're talking about your butt.

Sam: When you're drunk, you talk about my butt.

Dean:…kinda got a point there.

Sam: It's like, ALL you talk about.

Dean: Have you SEEN your ass? It's like…so awesome I bet even you want to fuck it.

Sam: Right. 'Cause I'm drunk.

Dean: Never said I wasn't.

Sam: So drunk you want me to fuck my own ass.

Dean: Again, have you seen your ass? It's fucking…majestic.

Sam: Empty, is what it is.

Dean: What the fuck is it with you saying your butt is empty? What does that even mean?

SAM throws himself across Dean's lap, facing down.

Sam: Feels empty without you inside me. You idiot.

Dean: Ohhhh…

Sam: And it's sad. Because it wants you inside it. Filling it up.

Dean: Ok. I get it. That's actually kinda hot. Instead of what the fuck. Which is what I thought.

Sam: Gonna take care of me, right?

Dean: So your ass gets sad without my cock in it, Sam? That's what you're saying?

SAM tugs the waistband of his sweatpants down, revealing he is not wearing underwear, and smacks his bare ass.

Sam: S'right.

Dean: I am so not letting you forget this when you sober up.

Sam: Don't even care. Need it. Need you in me. All the time.

Dean: Yeah, that's actually really fucking hot.

Sam: Gonna take care of me?

DEAN groans, and quickly peels off his pajama pants. He is fully erect.

Dean: Always do, don't I?

DEAN squirts some lube onto his hand from the pump dispenser he set on the bedside table as soon as they checked in.

Sam: Hurry up.

Dean: Patience is a-

SAM pushes Dean onto his back and throws a leg over, climbing on top of him.

SAM: Need you in me now.

SAM lowers himself onto Dean's cock, working the first inch in slowly, then sinking down in one smooth motion.

Dean: Fuck!

SAM groans.

Sam: God.

Dean: Christ, Sammy, you just took that like…

SAM just holds himself in place, not moving his hips at all.

Sam: Want you in me all the time.

Dean: Ok, Sammy.

SAM starts to laugh.

Sam: Now my butt's happy. Happy and full of Dean.

Dean: Dude, I'm gonna lose my hard-on if you make me laugh.

SAM wiggles his hips.

Sam: Nope. Not gonna let ya.

Dean: Plan on fucking me any time soon, or are you just gonna sit there and laugh?

Sam: Dunno.

DEAN flips SAM onto his back.

Dean: How 'bout you lay there and I'll fuck you stupid. Wait. You're already partway there. How 'bout you lay there, and I'll fuck you?

SAM wraps his arms around DEAN and pulls him down for a kiss, arching his back and spreading his legs wider.

Sam: Yeah. Yeah. But go slow? Wanna feel you inside me as long as you can.

DEAN fucks SAM as slow as he can stand until they're both delirious. DEAN maneuvers SAM onto his side and rolls onto his own side without pulling out, then jerks Sam's cock until he comes, and coming himself. He goes to pull out, and SAM puts a hand on his hip to stop him.

Sam: Don't. Please. Want you to fall asleep inside me.

Dean:…and that's another reason right there why I love you so goddamn much.