INT. .

Sunlight streams through the curtains onto the sleeping form of SAM. DEAN is in the bathroom, offstage.

Dean (from offstage): Rise and shine, Sammy!

SAM groans and pulls DEAN's pillow over his face.

Sam: (voice muffled in pillow): Shut up.

Dean: Not feeling too good?

SAM sticks his head out from underneath the pillow.

Sam: Feel like shit. Don't you feel like shit?

Dean (from offstage): Nah. I'm a pro. And you… looks like you're a rank amateur. Gonna have to train you up.

SAM groans.

Dean (from offstage): I'm gonna grab us some coffee and bagels. You hungry?

Sam: Coffee. Please. Kill for some coffee. Not hungry though. We ate kinda late. Still full.

DEAN appears in the bathroom doorway, naked, toothbrush in hand.

Dean (long pause) How about your ass?

SAM throws the pillow at DEAN.



SAM and DEAN are in a stage prop of the IMPALA, with a video of a two-lane blacktop projected behind them so it looks like they are driving.

SAM shifts in his seat, a bit uncomfortable.

Dean: Doin' ok, there, Sammy? Too hard on you last night?

Sam: Shut up.

DEAN puts in a cassette tape of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

Sam: Oh god, not again.

DEAN fast-forwards to song four by Eric Carman and starts singing along.

Dean: Now I've got you in my sights... with this... hungry ass... one look at you and I can't disguise I've got a... hungry ass...

SAM buries his face in his hands.