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That day started out like any other; Echizen and Momo were late for morning practice, again. This time, it wasn't Echizen's fault. He was actually standing outside waiting for Momo. Usually, he just leaves without him but he was still tired and didn't want to walk. The back tire on Momo's bike was deflated and he needed to replace it, hence, why they were late.

"Baka Momo-sempai!" Echizen said as they walked onto the courts. "I should have left without you!"

"Be quiet Echizen!" retorted Momo. "Do you want Buchou to-"

"Echizen, Momoshiro, 20 laps." They both heard a voice shout to them from one of the far off courts. Tezuka was watching a match and had his back to them.

"How does he do that?" Momo asked. Echizen just sighed and walked into the club room to change. "Oi Echizen, don't ignore me!"

"Saa, I wonder what the excuse is today." Fuji said with a smile.

"50% Echizen says its Momo fault and 50% Momo says its Echizen's fault." Inui said reading from his notebook.

"Maa, that's kind of a given Inui." Taka said as he sweat dropped.

"Nya, I feel bad for Momo and Ochibi. They always have to run." Kikumaru said as he swung his racket.

"But all that extra running has to be good for them." Oishi said.

"It's not my fault that we're late!" Momo shouted at Echizen as they came out of the club room.

"Then whose is it Momo-sempai?" Echizen asked with an annoyed face as he began is laps.

Momo thought for a second. "It's obviously- hey! Don't start without me!" he ran to catch up with Echizen.

"Fsshhh… baka." Kaidou said as he hit a ball back to his opponent.

After Momo and Echizen finished their laps, they began their practice. It seemed to go by rather quickly and they didn't really do much. They warmed up, rallied for a few minutes then had practice matches and that was it. Even though it was the morning, they would still do as much as if it were the afternoon.

"I wonder why practice wasn't so tough today." Momo said to himself as he walked into the club room.

"Fsshhh, if you were here on time you would know." Kaidou hissed.

Momo scowled at him. Echizen was in the middle of changing when Momo's statement caused him to wonder too.

"Saa, Ryuzaki-sensei scheduled a match with Hyoutei this afternoon."

"Wouldn't that make her work us more?"

"Nya, we asked that too but she said that this time was different. Something about having a break next week." Kikumaru trailed off and went into a deep thought.

Hearing that, Echizen finished changing and left the club room. He was a little curious about why they didn't practice as they normally did and what it had to do with Hyoutei but he shrugged it off and went to class.

As usual, Echizen slept through most of his morning classes and when lunch came, he went to go sleep on the roof of the school. He couldn't help but feel like he was being watched. It took a little more 'time and concentration' to fall asleep but he managed. After lunch, he slept through most of his afternoon classes. He still couldn't shake the feeling that someone had been watching him all day but he stopped thinking about that and started focusing on their match with Hyoutei as he fell back to sleep.

The bell had rung and Echizen awoke to Horio yelling in his ear to wake up. He lazily pushed Horio out of the way and got out of his seat then they both walked towards the tennis courts. Horio noticed that every now and then, Echizen would look over his shoulder.

"Oi Echizen, what's with you?" Horio asked as Echizen looked over his shoulder again.

"Betsuni." Echizen looked ahead and walked into the club room. The only thing that was bugging him was he still felt the eyes on him as he changed. A chill went up his spine.

He walked out from the club room and on to the courts in a bit of a daze. The only thing he heard was a voice more annoying than Horio's.

"Oi gaki, why are you all spaced out? You should be more alert now that Ore-sama has entered your line of sight." Echizen looked around until he saw Atobe standing in front of the gate to enter the courts with Kabaji and some of the other Hyoutei regulars playing matches against the Seigaku regulars. "Today is the day the great Ore-sama shall beat you down to the place you belong."

Echizen gave him an annoyed look. He looked behind himself once again then brushed past Atobe and walked into the courts. "Whatever helps you sleep at night, Monkey king."

A vein on Atobe's forehead popped. "Oi, is that anyway to treat Ore-sama?"

Echizen ignored him and walked over to the other side of the courts where he was tackled by Kikumaru.

"Ochibi! What's wrong?" he asked with a smile.

"The thing that's wrong is you're strangling him!" Oishi came running after him just in time to save his young kouhai who was beginning to turn blue.

"Gomen Ochibi!" Kikumaru let him go. "But what's wrong?"

"Why would you assume something's wrong sempai?"

"Horio said you were acting strange on your way here." Echizen shot Horio a glare that made him shudder.

"Echizen, you're not sick are you? You do look a little paler. Maybe you should go see the nurse." Oishi was fully in mother hen mode.

"I'm not sick Oishi-sempai. Nothing's wrong." He pushed past Oishi and Kikumaru and went to a bench. He could still feel eyes watching him from somewhere.

"Gaki, don't ignore Ore-sama." Atobe stood in front of him. "Let's play a match."

"Why?" he asked taking a sip of his Ponta that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. "You'll lose."

Another vein popped. "Do you doubt Ore-sama abilities?"

"Yes." He stated bluntly. "That and the other times we've played you've lost."

Several veins popped. "Ore-sama was being graceful and letting you win."

"You always said that you went all out." Echizen finished his Ponta and started to walk over to Momo. Before he could, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"How about we play a match and if Ore-sama loses, he will give you a reward." Atobe's calm, cool composure was slowly dissipating.

This peaked Echizen's interest a little. "Hn? And what if I lose?"

"You must come to Hyoutei and be on our team."

"Why would I d-mmnph." His voice was stifled by Fuji's hand over his mouth.

"We accept." He said with a smile.

"Excellent. Ore-sama is looking forward to it." Atobe flipped his bangs and walked to where Hyoutei had put their things. Kabaji followed.

Fuji gave him a smile as they walked away. Echizen, however, gave him a glare then shifted his gaze to glare at Fuji.

"Fuji-sempai." He said as he took Fuji's hand from his mouth.

"You'll be fine. I have confidence in you." Fuji said with a smile. "Don't you have confidence?"

Echizen looked at him and sighed. 'It's not that I'm not confident Fuji-sempai.' He thought as he took a look around again. 'I just might not be able to concentrate.' He sighed again and walked over to his things. "Momo-sempai, warm me up." He shouted to Momo.

Momo help warm Echizen up then proceeded to the sidelines to watch the match.

"Echizen looks more aggravated than usual." Momo said pointing out how much more Echizen was scowling. "If he keeps that up, he'll look like you Mamoshi." He said with a smile as he patted Kaidou on the back.

Kaidou glared at him. "Fsshhh…"

"There's a lot riding on this match." Oshitari said as he and the other Hyotei regulars joined them on the sidelines.

"What do you mean?" Taka asked.

"According to Atobe-san, if he wins then Echizen-kun has to transfer to Hyoutei." Choutarou said.

"Nani? Why would Ochibi agree to that?" Kikumaru asked.

"He didn't." Gakuto said. "He did." He pointed to Fuji. Everyone looked to him.

"Fuji! Why would you accept something like that? What if he loses?" Oishi panicked. Echizen shot him a glare.

"Saa, it made things more interesting didn't it?" he said with a smile. "Besides, there's no way that Echizen would lose. Ne, Inui?"

Inui pulled out his notebook. "According to previous encounters, Echizen has a 76.8% chance that he will win."

"Nya, but that's not 100%! What if Ochibi has to transfer and then we have to face him?" Echizen switched his glare from Oishi to Kikumaru.

"There's no way that Echizen would lose to him!" Momo said. "Echizen, if you win, I'll treat you to all you can eat at the Burger Joint!"

Echizen smirked. "Don't regret those words Momo-sempai."

"Gaki, do we need put this match off to a later date? Ore-sama is getting tired of waiting." Atobe complained form the other side of the court.

"Heh. It's your funeral Monkey king." Echizen smirked and served the ball.

After a long time of rallying back and forth, Echizen won 7-5. As he walked to the net to shake Atobe's hand, he handed him an envelope.

"What's this?" he looked at it.

"It's your prize. I'll be back at the end of the week to come get you. You better not make Ore-sama wait." He shoved the envelope into Echizen hands and started to walk off the courts. "You can bring your teammates if you wish." He turned to everyone outside of the fence. "Ore-sama will be waiting." He then turned to his own teammates. "Shishido, Hiyoshi, grab Ore-sama's things."

"Eh?" Shishido voiced.

"Why do we have to do it?" Hiyoshi asked.

"Would you rather carry Jirou?" he gestured to the sleeping boy slumped over Kabaji's shoulder. They both sweat dropped. "Then carry Ore-sama's things." He turned to Seigaku regulars. "I look forward to a match with you next time, Tezuka."

"Ah." Tezuka's stoic face stayed the same.

"Until next time then." With that, Atobe led the Hyoutei regulars from the tennis courts and out of the school.

All the regulars watched as they left then went to the court where Echizen was staring at the envelope in his hand. It was purple and had a sticker of Atobe's face sealing it shut. (chibi face)

"What did he give you Echizen?" Taka asked.

Echizen stared at the envelope then gave it to Taka. "I could care less." He took his things and went towards the club room.

Taka watched him walk away then looked at the envelope in his hand. "Should we open it?"

"Nya, let me!" Taka handed the envelope to Kikumaru and he opened it. He took out a letter and read it aloud.

"You are here by invited to join Atobe Keigo and the rest of the Hyotei regulars on their yearly camping trip. It will be held from XX to XX on Mount XX. A bus will be at Seishun Gakuen at XX:XX to pick you up. You will need enough clothes for one week. We will be dropped off around XX:XX and the only people that will be there will be the people that came on the bus. We look forward to seeing you.

-Atobe Keigo"

"That's such a lie. Atobe would never look forward to seeing anyone but himself." Momo said as he took the letter from Kikumaru's hands.

"A camping trip? That sounds fun, Ne Tezuka?" Fuji asked with a smile. Tezuka's expressionless face stayed expressionless.

"I think it will be fun to get to know everyone more." Taka said.

"Hoi hoi! I wanna go! I haven't been camping in a long time. You'll come right Oishi?" Kikumaru asked as he started jumping with excitement.

"That's not our decision Eiji. Atobe gave this to Echizen." he said trying to calm him down.

"Fsshhh, I doubt that Echizen will go." Kaidou said trying to further Oishi's point.

"There is a 34.6% chance that Echizen is interested but only a 12.7% chance that he will actually go." Inui said reading from his notebook.

"Nya, but that's not fair! Ochibi has to go!" Kikumaru took the letter out of Momo's hand and ran towards the club room. "O-chi-bi! Say that you'll g-"

"What are you doing here?" Kikumaru heard him talking to someone.

"You're so mean to me! Why can't we get along?" the other voice said.

"Oi, what the hell? Get off of me!" that's all Kikumaru could stand to hear.

"Ochibi!" he burst into the room ready to save his defenseless kouhai. "What do you think your- EH?"

"Kikumaru-kun, it's been a while hasn't it?" Kikumaru walked in to see a sight he never thought would be possible.

"What is it sempai?" Kaidou asked as he and the other regulars came to the room.

"R-Ryoga-san!" he said as he pointed inside the club room.

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