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We are all born for love…
It is the principle of existence and its only end.
~Benjamin Disraeli

Time: 2.32 am, 20 December

Place: Beika


"Ring… R-"

The ringing stopped when the phone was picked up.

"Hello?" A woman's voice answered, sounding slightly irritated that she was awoken by the ring of her cell phone so early in the morning.

"Are you ready?"

The woman jerked upright in her bed, lurching to a sit as she woke up from the daze she was in. The boy's voice on the other end was serious and it felt as though he was taking the mission that was supposed to be for adults a little too hard. She rubbed her brow unconsciously, trying to dispose of the bad feeling she had ever since she was asked along with her boss to accompany him on a trip that might lead to their deaths if they found out.

"Yeah, I am," she replied solidly, glancing at her prepared luggage in the corner of the room. Apart from the three suitcases full of clothes, she had also hidden her guns in them in order to protect everyone on that devil's cruise ship. Just like Black, she was not letting her guard down when they were so close to them.

"Good," the boy replied, his voice still emotionless, stirring some sympathy from the woman. He was taking it too hard on himself and they all knew that.

"Remember to be at the jetty by 7pm," he continued, cutting her off from her enquire of his well-being.

"I will be there."


Then there was silence as both of them had no idea what they wanted to say. The words she wanted to say had vanished at the tip of her tongue, leaving her speechless. He was quiet, as though pondering about the coming events. She bit her lip, waiting for him to say something so she would not feel so worried and awkward. But when none came, she released a breath of air that she had held in. The sound of the air escaping from her mouth apparently brought the boy from his daydream because immediately after all the air was released, he said in a monotonous voice, "See you there then."

"See ya," she managed to utter her goodbye before he hung up on her.

Looking at the screen of phone, she realized that the number of the phone he was using was different than the one he used the last time he called. He was getting paranoid but she did not know why. Maybe it was because he was in a lion's den and now he was boarding a ship that might bring him either victory or death. There was no way out from it now. And what was worse, everyone who knew about the true reason why he was at that school knows that. It swallowed them in darkness and misery as they tried to accept that there might be a chance that they might die. The headquarters back home had not enough human resources to send over to Japan so that their success chance might be heightened. It was only them against what would seem an entire battalion of black-clad members, darkened in both the heart and their minds. Just thinking about them made her shudder with fear, anger and anticipation.

Sighing, she took a look at the time on the screen of the phone and was not so surprised to find out it was only 2.30am. That boy was now awake most nights, spending the time thinking and preparing for everything that might happen. It worried her but no matter what she said; he had no desire to stop his obsessed cautiousness.

Her soul and body feeling even more worn out than before, she flung her phone to the other side of her king-sized bed and threw the blanket over her head again before curling up under the covers again. Soon, she would be part of an undercover scheme to take down one of the largest criminal organization in the world and she had to have enough sleep to do that.

She shut her eyes and once again, felt the numbing darkness sweep away her senses and thoughts, leaving her with nothing but sleep.

Time: 2.32 am, 20 December

Place: Sapporo, JIS

Conan stared at the disposable phone that he had bought earlier in the day. He remembered the saleswoman's shocked face when he ordered ten of these phones. He had a feeling that he was being watched and he was taking no chances but somehow, he felt that just buying phones was not enough. He had done many other preparations as he got ready for the big day, which was today. Only a few more hours before the start of the cruise and he had done everything he could to ensure that whoever that is innocent that got onboard that ship would be safe.

Turning to the other bed, he saw Ryuu sleeping peacefully, the blankets drawn till his ears. He had taken an extreme liking to the bed all of a sudden and spent most of his time sleeping while waiting for the start of the cruise. Conan did not understand that kid and he was not sure if he ever would. Ryuu was a complex child and needs closer observation that Conan could not provide. He had more pressing matters in his mind.

Dismantling the phone he held, he broke apart the phone before throwing it into a disposable plastic bag. Tying the top of the bag, he hid it under his own bed so he could destroy it completely when morning came but for now, he wanted to sleep. He was going to need all the energy he could get. Straightening up from his crouch, he stretched before getting into bed, sliding his legs under the heavy duvet and pulling it to his chin to shield himself from the cold that was getting to his bones.

He stayed in that position for awhile, his eyes wide open as he stared at the red canopy above him, his hands still grasping the edge of his blanket near his chin. His heart was beating relatively faster than normal but it was like an ominous beats of a drum, loud and deep. He could hear it in his ears and he could feel it in his heart that something bad would happen but he had no idea how he knew. It was just a signal, some sort of inkling of what would happen in the near future that he had. He did not know whether he should believe it or not but what he did know was to never trust your emotions. He stilled his breath and forced his heart to retain its normal speed.

Once he was satisfied by the speed of his heartbeat, he tossed over in his bed so he was on his side. He stared out of the arched stone window and into the pale, shining surface of the full moon. There were no sound so late at night; he could not even hear his own breath. All he saw was the moon and all he heard was her last words to him before she fell into a comatose. That was all he thought off and that was all he cared about in that moment.

He couldn't remember when he stopped thinking about it and he did not remember feeling his eyelids fall but it did, leading him to uncomfortable dreams about her.

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