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Chapter One: The EX World Grand Prix

There are times when stuff happens at complete random. This was one of those times, and the Dragon Buster Georgia got the short end of the stick on this one. The redhead was walking along on her way to Lacunosa Town, her hometown, when she suddenly fell through a portal that randomly spawned underneath her. She closed her eyes as the series of lights that flashed by did so, opening them to find she was in another dimension. Her puffy yellow hat flew off on her way down, releasing her hair's full length (which went past her knees) and before she knew it there was a collision. Seven mysterious figures piled into where she had ended up landing, spilling boards and figures all over the place.

'Ow. What a collision. Man, that hurt. Wait, where the heck am i?' Georgia thought once she saw her surroundings. Then she saw what looked like a yellow, two-tailed fox ask his hedgehog partenr something.

"Sonic, where's Knuckles?"

"Gee, Tails, i think he managed to miss the chaos that suddenly ensued when Storm nailed some random person. If it hadn't been for the fact the rest of us, minus Knux, were riding Storm's turbulence at the time of his collision this mess wouldn't've happened." Sonic told the fox. Then the announcer's voice suddenly popped up.

"Knuckles has just established a new track record! And this one was nowhere even close after the accident from Storm's random collision on the backstretch."

"Nice going, Storm. You get all of us but the red mutt riding your turbulence and then you cause us to get involved in a heavy crash."

"Hey, it's not his fault that happened. I wound up in front of him when he was there at the last second and he had nowhere to go. If anyone's to blame, it's me." Georgia retorted at the purple swallow accusing Storm, a hulking grey albatross, of causing the crash.

"Hey, just who are you anyway?" Sonic asked Georgia. "I heard Storm hit something that threw him off his Gear, i just didn't know it would spiral into a seven-rider crash. And by the way, i'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog."

"I'm Georgia. Some random portal sent me here. And this Storm you mentioned was huge when i got that up close look moments before the collision, no wonder that hit hurt. Where am i , anyway?"

"Mobius. We were in the middle of the EX World Grand Prix when you suddenly appeared in front of Storm. And by the way, Knuckles," Sonic added as his red echidna friend arrived on the accident scene, "Wave called you a red mutt again."

"GET BACK HERE, YOU DORK!" Knuckles yelled as he started chasing Wave all over the place. After ten seconds of chasing there was a sickening thud and a scream of pain as Knuckles drilled Wave with a punch to the eye.

"Hey, where's my Gear?" asked a green hawk who was looking around at the boards scattered around. "Darn it, Wave must've been in a hurry and grabbed my Gear at random. No wonder the red guy caught her so quickly."


"Extreme Gear, the method we use in the EX World Grand Prix to race." the hawk replied. "By the way, I'm Jet. Storm's the grey one who hit ya starting this mess, and Wave's the purple one who got chased by the red guy, Knuckles, for some name calling that got to him."

'Now i know what the XQ captain keeps complaining about every time that Locator System he uses with Chaos Control spawns him somewhere with no chance of anything evasive.' Georgia thought to herself, feeling a relapse of one particularly painful bruise on her right hip recieved when the leader of the GX system's biggest crime-fighting team spawned right in front of her at the last second. That was when Knuckles returned.

"You're gonna have a REALLY hard time keeping all THAT under control on a Gear." he said. Gerogia's hands quickly rushed to her head, feeling that her hat was gone. She quickly looked down to discover that her red hair was now at its true, past-her-knees length.

'Darn, my hat must've flown off on my way down after i left that random portal.' Georgia thought. 'I'm gonna have a hard time dealing with the speeds these Extreme Gears can reach coupled with my hair being at its full length. Hopefully by doing this i can open up a portal back to where i came here from.'