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Chapter 3: Babylon Garden

Georgia, having won two very close races against a pair of Mobians who were actually disguised XQ agents, was at the Egg Factory course for the third race. Looking at her competition she found two versions of Silver, along with Zelinoss, among her opponents for this race. The others were Eggman, Wave, the green E-10000, and Amy. Georgia would win again, in yet another close race as she barely managed to hold off the gold-colored Silver and Zelinoss at the end. She then took the hedgehog racer to the side afterwards.

"Whoa, you're good at this sort of thing. How many races you got under your belt?" the hedgehog asked the Dragon Buster, in a clearly female voice.

"Three. Second time i managed to hold off Zelinoss at the end of a race in the three of 'em; a similar-looking Shadow was hot on my tail at the line in the race inbetween the close wins over Zelinoss."

"You managed to beat Azure the last race? For a rookie, you sure are good. That's a fact if, in your first three races, you manage to hold off Jet twice, and he's got a lot of skill."

"Which ZK3 member are you, actually? It must be your true voice you're using currently; this Azure person ya mentioned was doing the same thing as i talked to her after my second race."

"Crimson, age eighteen. First met Azure as a seventeen year-old looking eleven years younger due to something an unintended ascent to the Super Saiyan 4 state fixed. Who made your gear?"

"Wave did. Named it 'Dragon Star' due to the appearance. Yours?"

"XQ Gear Tech. Azure's as well. Crimson Wave. Based on Silver's Gear, dubbed Psychic Wave as he's got psychokinetic abilities. The Gear Azure uses, Azure Shot, is based on the Black Shot Gear Shadow uses on occasion due to his air skates. Eggman can only ride bikes due to his bulk, which is larger than Storm's."

"Well, gotta go. Don't want to miss the next race." Gerogia said before taking off for Green Cave, where the next race was. Azure was back, as was Jet and Sonic. Tails was among her competition for the first time, as was a rabbit-like being Amy, who had followed her there, said was named Cream. Her last opponent was a blue E-10000 she suspected was actually Metal Sonic - she had played Sonic Free Riders, explaining her skill on a Gear. In yet another close finish she managed to hold off Azure's desperation dash in the final stretch. After the race...

"Hey, Azure."

"Didn't expect to run into you again, Georgia. Wait, how do ya know my codename?"

"Bumped into Crimson last race, managed to hold her and Zelinoss off at the end. She gave me that - wait, codename?"

"Ever heard of the Zenon Force?"

"Isn't that the group that took down Team Vexus?"

"Yeah. Azure's my codename during Zenon Force missions. Real name's Dawn Brayzii."

"Any relation to Jet?"

"Cousin. His mom's fifteen months older than mine, and my last name's spelled differently than his despite similar pronounciation. Crimson, who you raced at Egg Factory and barely beat, her real name's Peach Rochelle Gordon. Started allowing other crimefighters to use her middle name after discovering a confusion possibility involving her OZ counterpart."

"You mean the princess, right?"

"Have you played any Mario games?"

"Double Dash."

"Yeah, that's the one all right. Broke up a rape concerning a friend of the blonde where she unveiled a new personality separation technique deployed to destroy Mr. L without affecting the real Luigi in the process."

"Apparantly she must've known which personality there was on which side of the law and took out the villain."

"Yeah, and that was BEFORE she gained her Psychic powers. You might wanna get going, the next race is about to start."

"Good point. See ya." It took a while, but Georgia managed to reach Sand Ruins in time for the race. Among her opponents were Knuckles, Crimson, Azure, Zelinoss, Jet, and two golden-colored Sonics. One of the Sonics had nearly ground-length quills. Needless to say, this race was WAY closer than the others as only Jet lagged behind a bit at the finish. Unfortunately for Georgia, this time she didn't win the race - the longer-quilled golden Sonic got there a split-second ahead of her. Then the other Sonic turned his usual blue color - he was in his Super Sonic form during the race.

"Wow, Fuschia, didn't expect you to beat Georgia this time. She's managed to hold me and Zelinoss off twice each in her first four races."

"Hey, ya never know. I've been watching her skill from the other races - odds are she's played Sonic Free Riders before getting pulled here by a random portal spawning underneath her."

"Wait, how'd ya know that?"


"Did this XQ Gear Tech build your gear as well?"

"Yeah, but i helped out. Amethyst Star, based on one of my other codenames. I've ridden it before, just not in this form. My method of transportation when i bumped into this new GD team calling themselves the Neo Vexus during their Cipher days - they're the only ones who managed to escape the team's collapse despite one recovering from a broken ankle during it."

"Hang on, i've read something on concerning the escape of Cipher's collapse. If you named your Gear after a different codename from the one Azure referred to ya as, and ya used it in this GD system location - OH!" Georgia suddenly said as the realization hit her - the Sonic that had beaten her was actually the third ZK3 member, the Amethyst Angel, Anise Azeat. Then she heard of round six being at Babylon Garden, with one last race, at Dark Desert, remaining.