Chapter 1: Dust in the Wind

"Good morning, Barnabas!" said Vicky cheerfully as she walked into the drawing room. Barnabas shot her a sheepish smile and he looked rather troubled. "Thank you Vicky," he hesitated for a moment" but I must inform you of a tragic event that took place last night." Vicky glanced at him nervously, not knowing what to expect. "Your boyfriend, Burke, was killed in a car crash." All the color in her face was gone, she looked like she'd seen a ghost. It took a few moments to sink in but then she began to sob, Barnabas swiftly came over to comfort her. "Tell me it isn't true, Barnabas! We had such hopes and dreams for the future! All of it just went up in smoke!", she continued to weep even harder.

It pained Barnabas to see her this way. Deep down in his heart, Barnabas knew he loved her, his soul yearned for her. "Victoria, I know how it feels to have lost someone you loved", his mind suddenly was flooded with thoughts of his beloved Josett, he would never forget her. "Barnabas, I've never felt this horrible my whole life! I loved Burke more than anything!". "My dear, it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.", A few moments passed and Barnabas and her both sat on the couch. He poured her a glass of water. She didn't touch it. After what seemed like an eternity of just silently sitting there Vicky broke the silence by excusing herself to her room . Barnabas was relieved she had retired to her room for he could not bear seeing such a lively person in such a state of despair.

Days drifted by and Vicky seemed rather distant to the Collins. She stayed in her room most of the week, coming out only when necessary. A knock came at the door. "Who is it?" said Vicky. "Barnabas, may I come in." "Sure", Vicky replied. Barnabas came into her room. Vicky had dark circles under her eyes and her hair looked rather wild, she looked as if she was going mad. "I must inform you that Burke's funeral shall be tomorrow.", she shuddered, the mere thought of seeing him lying dead in a casket teared her up. She stood silently, thats when their eyes met. Barnabas grabbed Vicky by the shoulders and kissed her. She didn't fight it. She enjoyed it. Was this a new beginning for Vicky? Has Barnabas found love again? Only time will tell...