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Chapter 21-Break Point/Master Plan Pt.1

When I started to come to, I found myself staring up at the ceiling of my room. I rubbed my eyes and got up to check myself in the bathroom mirror. My hair was a mess, and my eyes looked tired. I stretched a bit and brushed out my bob before pulling it back with a hair clip.

When I went downstairs, I made brief eye contact with my sister, who was in a private meeting with Dad and some of the hunters in the living room. Her eyes were cold and distant, a drastic change from the Allison I came home to several months back. I didn't like this new Allison.

I grabbed a chocolate cupcake and wandered toward the garage, and I could hear muffled voices from the basement. I slowly made my way to the door and opened it. I dropped my snack in surprise and rushed down the stairs to peel my grandfather off of my boyfriend.

I kneeled down beside the semi-conscious Stiles, and glanced up to see the two teenage werewolves that my dad and sister caught during the game. They stared back at me with terrified eyes.

"What the hell is going on here, Gerard?" I demanded.

"McCall and his friends are catching up with my plans, and I needed a distraction. He seemed like the perfect candidate. Do not let your emotions cloud your judgment of my actions, dear Arielle," Gerard shot back.

I stood up and glared at the senile man. Now he had gone too far. "You know what! I don't care about any of this anymore! I don't want to be a part of this anymore. You say that we're the good guys, but all we've done is go after innocent people without cause. Scott and the wolves are innocent, and all Stiles has done is try to help. He doesn't deserve to punished, least of all by you. Now, I'm gonna take him home, and if anything happens to him, ever, I swear, I will take that sword and chop you in half myself!"

Gerard flashed me a devious smile, "You see, you do have Kate in you. I always knew that you had that same fire that she had. But, note that fear is not in my vocabulary, Arielle."

I sent a similar smile back at him, "That may be so, but, it's in your eyes. C'mon, Stiles."

I helped him off of the ground and he draped his arm over my shoulder as I steadied him up the stairs. He whispered to me on the way out, "Is it possible that you became ten times hotter than before?"

I rolled my eyes at him.

Cole was going to bring Stiles' Jeep over later, but we needed to assure Stiles' dad that he was okay first. When we pulled up in front of his house, he glanced at me with his battered face, and I burst into tears.

I just felt like I wasn't doing anything right anymore. I couldn't stop Gerard, I couldn't prevent Allison from turning into a mini-Kate, and I couldn't protect my boyfriend, who had revealed that he loved me earlier.

I recovered slightly to turn off the engine and climb out of the car. Stiles climbed out of the passenger side, and held open his arms to me. I rushed into them, and cried some more. Stiles rubbed my back and repeated, "Shh, shh, it's okay. I'm here," over and over again.

I pulled back and wiped my face with my jacket sleeve. I looked up at his face, and nearly started crying again. "Do I really look that bad?" Stiles asked in a whisper.

"Not as bad as I feel," I admitted.

Stiles leaned down to look in the side mirror and groaned. "Aww, man, it looks worse than I thought. What am I going to tell my dad?"

"I don't know, but you're smart; you're figure it out somehow. We need to make our way inside now. I bet your dad is freaking out."

Stiles nodded at me, and I took his hand, intertwining our fingers. Stiles relaxed a bit, and so did I. We walked hand in hand into the house, and quietly made our way upstairs. You could distinctly overhear Mr. Stilinski on the phone, asking for updates on Stiles. His voice sounded broken and lost.

When we reached the doorway of Stiles' room, he said, "Dad," and his father's face scrunched up into a glare.

He grabbed Stiles' face to examine it and demanded, "Who did it?"

Stiles answered in a low voice, "It's okay. It was a couple of kids from the other team. They were pissed about losing, and I was mouthing off, so the next thing I know-"

"Who was it?" his father asked again.

"Dad, I don't know. I didn't even see them, really. I mean, if Arielle hadn't found me, it would be a lot worse," Stiles lied with some slight truth at the end.

Mr. Stilinski glanced at me and asked, "Did you see the boys that did this to my son?"

"No, sir, they were long gone before I found him," I managed to say without my voice cracking.

"I want descriptions."

"Dad, c'mon, it's not even that bad-"Stiles tried to say, but his father only got angrier.

Finally, Stiles said, "Dad! I said it was okay." Then, he and his dad hugged and cried for a bit.

I went downstairs to get me something to drink, and so that they could have a moment alone.

After Stiles cleaned himself up and took a quick shower, we just cuddled on his bed, me staring at the ceiling, and him staring at me.

Stiles' thumb traced small circles on the back of my hand, and I could feel the heat radiate off of his body. He smelled like fresh Ivory soap and freshly cut grass. It was the most wonderful smell in the world.

I rested my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. "Do you hate me, Stiles?" I asked him.

His deep brown eyes peered down at me with curiosity. "No. Why would you think that?"

"Because of all the near-death situations that my family has put you and Scott through. Not to mention, a little while ago, my grandfather was kicking your ass."

"Okay, for the record, I'm going to pretend that that never happened, and to answer your question, no. I don't hate you. I don't think I could ever hate you. Didn't you hear what I said before the game?"

"Yes, but after everything that's happened I was sure that you would've changed your mind, that you wouldn't want anything to do with me."

Stiles sighed, "Okay, I will admit that your family has made Scott and my life a living hell at times. But, with you, I feel that I can keep going through it and come out on the other side not burned at all."

I twisted in his arms so that we were face to face and gave him a long, lingering kiss. Then, I whispered, "I love you, Stiles Stilinski."

He grinned and our lips met once more. This newfound love for Stiles wasn't that all-consuming "first love" thing; it was something much stronger than that. I felt strong without him, but with him, I felt a surge of confidence in myself and everything. He was like a ray of sunshine or a breath of fresh air.

His hands were everywhere, and his lips and tongue were desperate and intense, pulling me under their spell as each second passed. My hands roamed his chest and I could feel the firm, but lean muscle beneath his shirt. My body was at war with itself at the moment, trying to decide which course of action to follow.

My body was screaming at me to keep going, but my head kept reminding me that his dad was downstairs and that we were rushing a bit. If Stiles was as conflicted as I was at the moment, I certainly couldn't guess. I ultimately decided to go with my head, plus there was something that I needed to ask him.

I broke the kiss and once I managed to catch my breath. Stiles looked at me, his eyes full of lust and disappointment. I took the moment to ask him, "There's something that I'd been meaning to ask for a while. You see, there's a cousin that lives in Orlando, and he wants me to come visit for the summer. Allison opted out of it, but there's still one plane ticket left, so do you want to go with me?"

Stiles' mouth opened and closed that a fish, and he took a deep breath as if he were about to answer before someone knocked on the door. Still looking at me, Stiles said, "Dad, I said I'm fine."

There was another knock. Stiles sighed and climbed out of the bed. "Dad, how many times do I have to- Lydia?"

I sat up and fixed my t-shirt, which had curled up around my bra. "Lydia?"

"Hi. Your dad let me in. Did I interrupt something?" she asked quietly. I went over to stand by Stiles.

"Sadly, no," Stiles mumbled and I gently nudged him in the ribs.

"What happened to your face?" she asked Stiles.

"Oh, yeah, it's nothing. I'm fine," Stiles brushed off.

Lydia looked down, and she seemed on the verge of a breakdown. Stiles and I exchanged glances of worry and he asked, "Do you wanna come in?"

She didn't move at first and I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her, guiding her inside.

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