Hello All. I'm back.

Calleigh opens her eye to pure blackness. The only words of light was a slim light beam coming from two closed doors. The surface she was lying on was cold and wet. The air around her felt hot and damp, almost like she was underwater. Sweat coated her body causing her shirt to stick to her body. She rolls over and tries to sit up but a blinding pain stops her in her tracks. She falls back down in pain. She fights the urge to scream and tries to calm her breathing. She had landed on something warm and hard. She realizes that the thing she landed on was breathing. She quickly pushed herself off the object realizing it was a person. She crawls over to the unconscious person and checks to see if they were injured. She tried to feel for any injuries. When she couldn't find any by touch she tries to wake them. With a groan they come to life.

"What happened?" The person asks sitting up.

Calleigh was startled when hearing the voice. She knew exactly who it belonged to.

"Natalia, it's me." Calleigh said hearing her voice crack.

"What happened Cal? Where are we?" Natalia asks rubbing her head.

"I don't know where we are or what happened but my leg is killing me." Calleigh groans.

Natalia crawls over to Calleigh and feels her leg. Calleigh winces in pain when her leg was touched. She realized that the floor underneath her wasn't wet with water, it was blood. Her blood. She could feel that someone had tried to tie off the wound with an old shirt for a make shift bandaged but it wasn't holding well.

"I can tell it's daytime for the beam coming in the crack over there but that's about it." Natalia says feeling around the small room.

Natalia bangs on the wall. A clanking sound bounced off from the impact. The walls were made of metal. Suddenly Natalia knew what the small room was.

"Cal, I think we're in a storage container."

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Eric Delko was not a man who scared easy. He battled through many things before. Sharks, fights and even a bullet to the head but nothing frightened him more than the thought of losing his Calleigh. She was his whole world. She's the one who always had faith in him and believed him. She was the one who helped him come back from his head injury. She's the one he made his and now she needed him and he couldn't help her and it was killing him.

He had been in the evidence room for hours studying what evidence the kidnappers left them. None of it was leading anywhere. He had checked the security camera on the roof and had gotten a plate. When he ran it, it turned out to be a cold plate. Now he was back to square one. He rubs his head and stares at the evidence.

"Staring at that won't help."

Eric turned toward voice which belonged to Ryan.

"There has to be something here. I just can't see it yet." Eric said putting his eyes back on the evidence.

"Let's check into Calleigh and Natalia's past and see who would want to hurt them. That may give us somewhere to start." Ryan suggests.

They go into records room and pull up Calleigh in the computer.

"Calleigh has put away hundreds of perps." Eric says.

"So has Natalia." Ryan says from the other computer.

"Let's cross check the names and see if one name comes up for both of them." Eric says typing into the computer.

They check the names looking for the same name for both women. The computer beeps and spit up a name.

Thomas Mache.

"I'll call H."

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Horatio stood outside the small rundown house owned by Thomas Mache. Yellow paint was peeling off the old wood siding. The house stood a single story tall. The windows were covered in a thick dust. Kids toys were rusting in the yard unplayed with for years. Surrounding the yard was a rusting chain link fence. Horatio slides on his shades and approached the house.

He walks up the cracked falling apart walk way and knocks on the wooden door.

"Miami Dade PD. Open up Mr. Mache."

A crash echos from inside. Horatio draws his gun and kicks in the door. The door gives away with cracking of splintering wood. He runs inside with his gun up.

The inside of the house looked just as old as the outside of the house. The coffee table had beer cans stacked high on it, the carpet covered in several different stains. The wallpaper was peeling away in the kitchen where the cupboards were rotting.

Out of the corner of his eye Horatio sees someone hiding behind the living room hair. The chair was not big enough to cover an adult so the figure must be a child.

Horatio puts his gun away.

"Hello there. You can come out I won't hurt you.

A small voice responded.

"Are you a police officer?"

Horatio gets a little closer to the chair.

"Yes, I am."

A young girl who looked no older than seven crawled out from behind the chair holding the hand of a boy who looked about three. Both children had tan skin and dark hair. The girl spoke with a Spanish accent.

"Why were you hiding?" Horatio asked the children.

"Papa says that police will take us back to Cuba." The little girl said.

"I won't let that happen, I promise. What are your names?" Horatio says to the children.

"I'm Alejandra and this is Marco." Alejandra replied.

Horatio takes the children from that house and back to the crime lab.

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The pain in Calleigh's leg was immense and she could barely stand it. Natalia had done her best to tie off the wound but it still bled a little. The darkness was really starting to take it's toll on Calleigh. For some reason she thought the room was getting smaller by every passing minute. She couldn't see her watch so she had no idea what time it was. Her tongue was dryer than the dessert and her stomach growled.

They hear clicking outside the unit like somebody was opening the door. She was blinded by sunlight as the door swung open and a figure stood there. He tossed in some food and water.

Natalia crawls toward the food only to be struck by a pipe of some sort.

"You must ask before you take." The voice barked out. "Now you must be punished."

He grab Natalia and drags her outside. The door swings shut behind them. Calleigh bangs on the door.

"Don't hurt her!" She screams.

Natalia's scream rang in her ears followed by a cracking sound.

Then it was silent again.

Finally chapter 2 is done.