The ocean was beautiful today. The waves crashed against the rocks and Niklaus was happy to be walking along the beach. It had been a very trying summer, his engagement to Tatia broken due to his lack of love. How did his parents expect him to marry without love?

They may be the ones in a loveless marriage but he wasn't going to be. He stopped as he heard someone call his name and turned around to see his best friend, Stefan.

"Hello, mate. Took you long enough. I'm already halfway down the beach."

Stefan laughed and clapped Klaus on the back, starting to walk alongside him. "I'm sorry, your sister kept me longer than I thought."

Klaus rolled his eyes. It was already bad enough that his best friend had started to court his sister, but he didn't want to hear about the details. "I'm perfect fine with not knowing any more, thank you."

Stefan laughed and they walked along in silence, enjoying the sound of the waves as they crashed up towards the shore.

Klaus looked behind him and could see the castle, the place where he was to rule someday. It should be Elijah ruling instead but he had abandoned the family and was off God knew where.

"What's on your mind?" Stefan asked, finally breaking the silence. "Still thinking about her?"

Klaus shrugged and looked at his friend before looking back down at his feet as he walked. "It's not that I miss her, cause I don't. She was an annoying little twit and I couldn't believe I ever thought there was a future there."

Stefan smiled and shrugged. "You were trying to please your parents, nothing wrong with that."

"I need to learn to please myself first," he replied, sighing. "I hate knowing that he's mad at me."


"Yes, Mikael. He's unbelievable hard on me and I'm not the son who abandoned his duty and his people and his natural born right to the throne."

The Mikaelsons were the ruling family in the land and Klaus had grown up with every luxury. He had never gone hungry and wanted for nothing. He'd done everything he could to please his father, trained hard at swords and horseback riding.

But no matter what he did it was never good enough for Mikael. Kol could be off chasing after half of the female population and Klaus could be learning new fighting techniques and he was the one to get the lecture.


"Maybe because he can't blame Elijah directly he's diverting his anger out on you?" Stefan suggested. Klaus hated to admit it but his friend was probably right.

"It's fine. I'm becoming older now and thinking maybe it's best if I go off on my own, too."

Stefan stopped walking and looked at his friend. "That would mean Kol would get the throne and control of the kingdom."

"And?" Klaus asked, not seeing the problem. As long as he didn't have to do it, he didn't care what happened.

"Don't be selfish. I couldn't stand bowing down to that idiot." Stefan laughed again and continued his walk. He saw something up ahead and walked quicker, noticing Klaus lost in his own thoughts.

"Klaus!" he called after he'd finally reached the object on the beach.

Klaus heard his name but didn't bother to look up. He was thinking about leaving now, and how good it would feel to be off of on his own without Mikael scrutinizing every move he made.

"Klaus!" Stefan screamed again. "Come here, please! There's a body on the beach!"

Klaus looked up and noticed Stefan a distance away. How the hell had he gotten way over there? He started to walk quicker until he was close enough to see the form on the beach next to Stefan. The water moved on the shore and wrapped around the body, pulling the clothing tighter around the body.

"What the hell is this?" he asked, kneeling next to his friend and the body. He rolled the body over, ignoring Stefan's warning not to move or touch the body. He brushed the hair off of the face and noticed it was a girl.

A very beautiful girl.

"Is she alive?" Stefan asked, looking at Klaus worried.

"I don't know. Do you recognize her?"

Stefan shook his head and hissed as the cold water lapped around their knees as the tide came in again. "She is in pretty bad shape, though."

Klaus nodded and leaned down to try and feel if any air was coming from her mouth or nose. Nothing.

He lay her back down on the beach, his hands moving to her chest. He started pumping, hoping this would get her to wake up.

"Do you even know what you're doing?" Stefan asked, looking at the ridiculous scene unfold before him. Watching Klaus try and resuscitate this young woman was almost comical. But, he knew he couldn't laugh in case the girl did not wake up.

"Shut up and be useful, Stefan." He stopped his pumping and ran a hand through his hair. He leaned down and tilted her head back, blowing air into her mouth.



Three times.


"I…I think she's dead, Klaus."

Klaus sighed again. He groaned and placed her head back on the wet sand. He looked around. Where had she come from? Why wasn't she waking up? Who was she?

"No. She can't be dead," he said, leaning down to blow into her mouth again. Stefan looked at him, wondering why he was so determined to save this girl. He supposed a lifetime of never feeling good enough would do that to a person.

Klaus finally gave up after a few moment, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "I guess we'd better carry her back. See if anyone recognizes her to claim her and bury her."

They both stood up and Klaus reached down to pick her up when she started coughing. Water sprang from her mouth and she turned onto her side, coughing until the water was clear from her lungs.

She opened her eyes and took in her surrounds. "Where – where am I?" she asked, looking up at the two men standing before her. Both were well dressed and well groomed, a nice change from what she was used to.

Klaus leaned down and looked at her, their eyes locking. "You're on a beach in the middle of Mikael's Kingdom. Who are you? What happened to you?"

"My name is," she started to say and then nothing came out. "My name is…I…I don't know."

Stefan looked down at the blonde, arching an eyebrow. How did she not know who she was? Had she hit her head? Maybe the lack of oxygen to her brain and damaged her a little. "It's okay. Take your time. You have to know who you are."

The girl nodded and took a deep breath, her throat dry. She was…she was…she knew this. She had to know who she was. She thought and thought and then the tears started to roll down her cheeks. "I don't know! I can't remember!"

"It's okay. It's fine. Come, we'll take you back to the castle and get you into some dry clothes. We'll figure this out," Klaus said, smiling at her.

She smiled back and nodded, standing up with him. She lost her balance and fell into his arms, looking up into his eyes. "I'm sorry," she whispered, trying to right herself.

Klaus grinned at her apology. "It's okay. Come. You're all wet and probably famished." He wrapped his arm around her waist and let her lean into him as they walked down the beach, Stefan eyeing them suspiciously but smiling as he followed after them.