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Summary: As Snow White struggles to find her place as Queen in her Kingdom, she becomes conflicted with her own feelings towards the Huntsman who keeps the truth behind the one who freed her from the spell in exchange for her happiness with William.

Chapter 1

The coronation of the beloved Snow White has ended as everyone gathered in the grand dining hall to continue with the festivities. Orchestrated music resonated vibrantly in the room and a buffet-style of food that lined the long, decorated oak wood table against the marbled walls left many guests full with satisfaction. The dark, somber mood that once filled the castle when the evil Ravenna took over as Queen, was suddenly replaced with light and joy that was so infectious, it was as though the evil Queen has never existed in their eyes. Life after years of darkness seemed impossible to mend, but somehow Snow White was able to lift her people's spirits up and put an end to the darkness that have plagued so many lives.

The grand dining hall filled up quickly as Snow White became surrounded with people from different villages offering their gifts and thanks to their new Queen. She could only accept and offer a smile of gratitude as the fear of running her entire Kingdom began to elude and overwhelmed her thoughts. She was only late in her adolescent years, nearly reaching adulthood, and to be given such responsibility with no proper training nor experience to run a Kingdom seemed like an impossible task given to a child. But as she looked at the desperate eyes of young women sparked with hope, beauty and love that was once taken from them all these years, Snow White knew deep down she could not disappoint her people and that it was her duty to bring back life of prosperity and happiness.

As Snow continued to be approached by her loyal subjects, offering their ideas and input about restoring the Kingdom, she managed to escape through the crowd and find a moment of solitude as she entered another room that led to an empty long corridor. She stopped in the middle of the hallway, leaning against the cold marble walls, as she shuts her eyes and takes a deep, slow breath—relieved by the moment of silence she desperately needed after an overwhelming long day of celebrations. Suddenly, Snow felt out of place; felt undeserving to the title as Queen and yet so many people are counting on her to run a Kingdom that her father once successfully led. But what does she know about ruling? About being a Queen? About restoring the damages and the lives of so many people? Nothing.

Snow was trapped in her own troubled thoughts of unrelenting fear and uncertainty that she was unaware of her surroundings as a familiar voice suddenly alerted her senses and brought her back to a reality that she now must face. "My Queen?" A light gasp escaped from her pale red lips as she quickly turned around to face the Huntsman whose hair was tied back and face slightly shaved; he looked many years younger, and quite handsome. He was very skilled at hunting that he can appear anywhere without making a single sound. Snow felt her heart jump at the sight of him as a small smile crept over her face. Her troubled thoughts seemed to no longer matter at the moment as she temporarily pushes them aside. "I'm sorry if I frightened you." He spoke as he bowed respectfully before his Queen.

"No, Huntsman."

"Eric," he uttered as their gaze met in an intense stare. Snow suddenly felt weak in his presence as she leaned against the walls to keep from falling. "You can call me Eric."

Snow nodded her head in response. "Very well, Eric."

"Do you mind if I ask…" he paused in mid-sentenced and continued on without any objection from the Queen, "but what are you doing here alone, your majesty? Shouldn't you be with the others celebrating?"

Snow averted from his curious gaze and sighed deeply at the thought. Although she has never really shared meaningful conversations with another after being locked up in a cell for many years, she finds herself confiding in the young Huntsman. After all, they've been through so much together and owed him a lifetime of debt. She trusted him with her life and with her words. "I don't think I can do this." She confessed as panic became evident in her blue green eyes that flickered in the dim light that ran along the hallway.

The Huntsman only smiled at her. He could sense the vulnerability in her; so pure and innocent. But behind such uncertainty in her eyes, there was strength and courage which he admired whole-heartedly. "Yes you can."

"How can you be so sure?" She turned to the Huntsman and found herself only a few inches away from him. The two shared a moment of silence locked into each other's eyes leaving Snow utterly speechless. 'What's wrong with me?' She thought trying to make sense of the "feelings" she suddenly felt for the Huntsman. But who wouldn't feel for someone who encompasses such bravery, who would put their own life in danger to protect and save another? It just seemed natural for Snow to care deeply for the Huntsman as he shown her by his act of loyalty.

"Because I believe in you," he responded as Snow White shook her head of previous thoughts and returned his soft gaze. "And I know with all my heart that you will be a great Queen."

Snow White and the Huntsman stood there for what appeared to be an eternity, engulfed in each other's eyes; completely lost in them as they try to read the other's thoughts and make sense of it all. The Huntsman was immensely captivated by Snow's beauty and the mere kindness she had shown him despite the circumstances that sent him to the evil Ravenna to do her bidding in exchange for his dead wife, Sara. He could never forgive himself as the memories of losing his wife, and nearly losing Snow White lingered in his thoughts.

"Are you alright?" The young Queen asked worriedly as the Huntsman stepped back, never leaving her gaze. He had to stop himself from going any further with the Queen; from doing something that may offend her as he held back the urge to take her in his arms and kiss her once more.

"Do you remember what happened before you woke up from the dead?" He asked, almost mischievously as Snow furrowed her eyebrows in bewilderment. The night when he confessed how she reminded him so much of his wife clouded his thoughts, and he feared that Snow may have witnessed it all and evoke feelings of disapproval.

"No." She looked down sadly at the thought. "I just remembered seeing Ravenna." Snow White shuts her eyes, remembering every horrid detail; from Ravenna using dark magic to impersonate William and deceive her heart to the poisonous apple that led to her death. The evil that Ravenna possessed seemed to haunt her in her dreams and in every waking moment.

"I was there, watching you. Your skin was cold to the touch, and you were lifeless." Snow White could see the pain in the Huntsman's eyes as he continued on. "When I left you, you were dead. How was it possible that you came back to life?"

Snow White smiled. "Only the most powerful thing in the world can break Ravenna's spell." The Huntsman remained silent as he listens intently to his Queen, "true love's kiss."

His lips parted in disbelief. Could it be true? Was he the one that broke Ravenna's spell to free Snow White from a deep sleep? If so, what did it all mean? But before he could utter another word, they were interrupted by one's unexpected presence that left them slightly startled.

"Your majesty?"

Snow White and the Huntsman both turned around, only to be greeted by the Duke Hammond's son William who was staring between the two in mere curiosity. He looked at the Huntsman and then at his Queen who exchange a warm smile at his way. He bowed before her. "My apologies, I hope I'm not interrupting…"

"No, William. It's fine." Snow White spoke gently as her gaze lingered in his. The Huntsman noticed the gleam in her eyes that showed of love as she stared longingly at her childhood friend. Although, he knew what he shared with the Queen can never compare to the longtime friendship she has with William, it is evident that he stand no chance with Snow White. How can she ever fall in love with a widow who drinks his way in sorrow and despair, who cared for nothing and lived life in complete darkness? Her heart already belonged to someone else; someone who was the opposite of himself; and he could not be anymore content for their future together. If Snow White were to marry, Eric believed in his heart that William was the only one worthy of the Queen's affections, and he felt relieved to know that she will be in good hands under his protection and love. "What is it, William?" She asked.

"My father wishes to speak with you." He said formally as he acknowledges the Huntsman with a nod of respect. Eric returned the gesture.

"Very well," The Queen turned to the Huntsman. "Eric. Thank you for keeping me company."

He bowed as he looked up at her and smiled, "The pleasure was all mine, your majesty." He watched on as William escorted her back to the dining hall.

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