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"So you're going out with Sam," I say.

I tried for a flat uninterested tone, but my voice is pitched too high and it comes out sounding just a tad like a whine.

Thor turns to look at me, smile crinkling the corners of his eyes. "Of course. He is my friend," he responds and resumes digging through his drawers in search of an appropriate shirt for the evening.

Stamping down the urge to get him to stay, I fall back onto his bed and close my eyes. I can understand how they can remain friends, but knowing Sam is interested, knowing Sam kissed him, and knowing Sam doesn't know about Thor and I yet is unsettling.

Feeling Thor's presence over me and I tilt my head up to look at him. Bending down, he crowds my vision until he hooks his hands around my biceps and pulls me up in one swift motion. He kisses my forehead, my cheek, my neck.

"Is someone jealous?" he murmurs against my throat.

"No, not jealous. Just…worried," I reply while drawing him closer, encouraging him really. He nips me gently then pulls away to look into my eyes.

"There is no need to worry. I am yours." My heart stutters then speeds up. That is the first time that he has ever said that outright.

Thor cuts his eyes to the side. "But now I must go. I do not like to be tardy." He glides a hand through my hair and plants a kiss on my lips. Dislodging himself from my arms, he exits, but not before shooting me a reassuring smile. I smile back before he disappears from view.

Catching my knees on the edge of the bed, I let gravity do its job as I plop down onto it again. It's good, almost too great really, considering where I am in this, I love him, to hear that he's committed to me in some way. But at the same time, the insecurity brought on by my inexperience forces out the tempting comfort his words bring.

I am yours.

I sure hope so.

"It's cute really," Tony states suddenly. I start on the stool I'm perched on and look up.

"Almost heartbreaking quite frankly," Bruce adds and I'm bewildered.

"What?" I question.

"You," they say simultaneously. They look at each other, eyebrows furrowed, until they break into identical lopsided grins. They are around each other too much.

"What about me?"

"Every time you're upset about Thor you come down here all solemn and slouch on a stool," Tony responds clearly amused.

I open my mouth to squash this notion, but taking quick stock of my memories, I can't necessarily deny that it's not true. "Not always," I say instead.

"Of course," Bruce supplies while lifting his goggles from his eyes. When he sets them into his hair his curls go every which way and I can see the clean outline of the goggles on his soot stained face. Tony mirrors Bruce's actions. "What has Thor done now?"

"Nothing. He just went out."

Tony rolls his eyes heavily. "So in other words, Bruce, he's out with Sam and Steve's jealous and he's come to pout over it with us. Perhaps you'd like a tub of ice cream?"

I stare at Tony incredulously. I feel like I'm missing a reference.

"Ahh," Bruce shakes his head with a little laugh. "You don't have to worry. Sam and Thor are just friends."

Tony laughs too. "I was just fucking with you before about all of that."

I reach up to pinch the bridge of my nose between my thumb and forefinger. I'm going to regret this.

"They kissed," I say as I remove my hand. Both men are shifting, eyes narrowed when I look up at them again.

"They did?" Bruce asks after a beat.

I cross my arms and revel in a small moment of triumph. "I guess not everything gets around here then, huh?"

Tony licks his lips and moves back until his legs hit a stool. He sits. "I'll make sure to correct that." Folding his arms over his chest, he leaves one up and grips his chin as he looks at me thoughtfully. "Is that why you're down here and about ten seconds away from your arms growing at of your ears?" Tony chuckles softly. "You might want to relax your shoulders a bit."

Taking inventory of my body, I realize my shoulders are pulled up high; my back rigid. It's takes a moment, but with some effort I get my muscles to release.

"Good, there you go." Tony nods in approval and continues. "But you know, I get it. You're not putting out," I can't help the automatic head tilt, "you're not really giving the big guy…how do I put this so I don't embarrass you? Hmmm." Tony glances at the celling then turns dangerous eyes back on me. "You're not fucking him, not having sex with him. You're not giving the good sexual healing he needs." It's horribly juvenile, but my cheeks and ears heat up instantaneously. He's so just crude about everything.

"H-how" I stutter then swallow compulsively though my mouth has suddenly gone dry. "How…why do you even know that?"

"Just because I don't hear about everything, doesn't mean I don't know 99.9% of what goes on under my roof."

Bruce sighs and nudges Tony with his shoulder. "In other words, Tony overheard Natasha and Clint talking about it after Thor had consulted them about your…shyness, I guess is a good word for it." I think I'm going to swallow my tongue.

"What, ah, what did they tell him?" I croak.

Tony immediately opens his mouth, but with a hard stare from Bruce, he clamps it shut unhappily. Thank God for Bruce.

"They told him about your experience, or rather, your lack thereof." I'm surely a brilliant shade of red now, mortified that they all know this and apparently are discussing it freely with the exact person I didn't want to know. I was going to tell Thor…in my own time.

"Oh good," I mutter.

Tony springs forward. "Well at least now Thor knows why you act like a n—"


Tony turns to Bruce. "What? I'm just trying to help the guy…guys. I don't think uptight captains and pent up Thunder Gods especially, should be roaming around my tower. It's not good for our health." Bruce, face completely deadpanned, glares until Tony seems to wither under his gaze.

He holds his hands up in mock surrender. "Alright, alright, I'll keep my nose out of it, but I'm just saying." Tony pulls his goggles back down and retreats to the project he had been working on before this whole mess.

Crossing the distance between us, Bruce lays a sympathetic hand on my shoulder. "Don't worry about what Tony said. From what I heard Thor is completely understanding and—"

"I am sorry to interrupt, but Steve told me to notify him when Thor returned and he has done so," Jarvis informs us.

"Woohoo your boyfriend's back," Tony drawls, words dripping sarcasm.

I ignore him. "Thank you Jarvis," I say quietly.

"You're welcome sir," Jarvis responds.

Bruce clears his throat and I focus my attention back on him. "Anyway, as I was going to say, Thor understands and there's no way he would do anything with Sam because he would certainly never want to hurt you, so it's not worth worrying about. Trust me."

"But it's after 1 am," I mumble, caught up in the embarrassment of Thor knowing I'm virginal and seeing how he was out so late with Sam. Surely Sam knows his way around the bedroom more than I—

Bruce shakes me slightly. "I can see you thinking and I implore you to stop it. Self-deprecation for no reason, or ever, is not attractive in a partner. And so what if it's 1 am? Staying out late isn't a crime or incriminating." He's looking at me intently and through the force of his gaze I can tell he's hoping his words will stick.

"Just don't over think this, okay? Go up there and—"

"Don't play the jealous boyfriend," Tony chimes in. "Slightly over two weeks isn't long enough for you to be playing that card."

"Enough, Tony, enough," Bruce scolds and Tony just shakes his head in exasperation.

"I'm just trying to help," he shrugs.

"We could use a little less of that right now," Bruce responds as he nudges me off my seat. "Go upstairs and be yourself. Everything's fine, I'm sure of it," he tells me. He gives me a little push toward the door.

"Okay," I reply uneasily. "Good night."

"Good night" they say in tandem. When I look back through the glass, Bruce and Tony are gesturing wildly and in each other's personal space.

The trip to Thor's floor is short and I find him sprawled out on the couch, eyes closed with a slight smile on his face.

A flare of anxiety shoots through me and in a fit of uncalculated abandon, I launch myself at his resting figure.

Thor's eyes shoot open, but I pay it no mind as I'm too much teeth and tongue in my assault on his lips. Apparently, appreciating my sudden enthusiasm, Thor fists his hand in my hair and pulls as he kisses me back just as fiercely.

My skin is flush by the time we pull back, and we're both panting slightly, but I give us no real reprieve as I dive in again.

My hands, just as eager as my mouth, roam over the expanse of his chest, sliding down until I find the hem of his shirt. I slip my hands underneath it. His skin is unusually hot and I sigh contently as I trace the outlines of the muscles on the flat of his stomach. Thor inhales sharply when I drag my nails across his skin.

I reach for his belt buckle and the body beneath me goes rigid. Opening my eyes, I find myself looking into concerned blue ones. "What are you doing?"

"I…" I trail off.

He narrows his eyes. "Have you been talking to Tony?"

"Well tonight, while you were out I—"

He cuts me off. "I should have known he would discover my private matters though I went to great pains to make sure he did not. Disregard whatever it is that he said to you, Steve. I do not wish for you to think that I would pressure you into any situation."

I slump forward onto his chest. "I know you wouldn't, Thor" I say into his shirt. "I'm just," I gesture into the air with a free hand. "It's just you went out with Sam tonight and I know his kissed you before. Then Tony and Bruce filled me in on your talk with Natasha and Clint and I panicked."

"I understand, but you have nothing to fear." He wraps his arms around me from where I lay on his chest. "Do not let your insecurities push you into something you do not want. We shall go at a pace you are comfortable in." Squeezing me once more, he sits up, rolls me off him and then stands. Extending a hand he says, "Let us go to bed."

Grasping the hand before me, he helps me from the couch and fingers intertwined we walk toward his bedroom.

I let my mind drift to his words.

His words and actions are so respectful and so unbearably sweet that the warmth in my chest is truly frightening and yet.

And yet…maybe I want more?

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