I feel a deep sense of duty to the amazing people who have followed, faved and reviewed this fic, and feel the need to update you guys on exactly what is going on.

So, just this once, I'm going against my policy of creating author's notes chapter. I'll try and attach a snippet or at least some form of chapter to this later, but as its 11:21 pm at the minute of my writing this, I can't really promise anything.

Oh man, where do I even begin?

I used to have a single primary email account. I don't have a mobile, and my friend stopped using her old e-mail account (my backup) years ago.

On one fateful day, I tried to log in.

But I didn't remember the password.

EVERYTHING that was solely connected to that e-mail, gone in an instant.

Chicken Smoothie account, FanFiction... and probably some other stuff that isn't really important because I don't remember it at all after all this time...

The password reset? I couldn't get it to work.

After a few weeks of this, I gave up.

Until tonight. Some spark of what-if, maybe a temporary insanity daring me to try again. It worked. I logged in. I'm happy, relieved, ecstatic, but at the same time, I'm confused and freaked out. I've built up my own, completely new identity out there in the ethernets. Now what am I going to do? I made myself a new FanFiction account, a new CS account (though, honestly, I only used that for a day or so before getting depressed and leaving). I found this awesome new virtual pet site called Flight Rising.

But, as I said, it's also 11:30 pm here, and I have school in the morning.

I'm going to try and sort this out as soon as I can. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to start posting for Entity again – oh, that would be awesome! I love this fic and its potential. I very nearly started posting it on my new FF account, I wanted to continue it so bad! But I couldn't face it. Not yet.

Hopefully I can figure out what to do now. It's gonna be hard to figure it out, for me at least.

I'll see what tomorrow brings.

- Dee

P.S. This is a completely uncut message, so I'm sorry if it gives you a brain-ache trying to decipher it. It gave me a brain-ache writing it. I need sleep. Oh man, do I need sleep. I'm running on two hours of uninterrupted sleep from last night. :( Coherency is not gonna be... something. I dunno.

...I'll probably read this in the morning with a look on my face that says, 'um... wut? o.o'