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When she awoke she was met with waves of bright sunlight. She allowed her eyes the courtesy of adjusting to the light at their own leisure and instead stretched her legs. She was rewarded with a pang of soreness in her thighs and her knees, but she couldn't help but smile at the memory of the cause.

She rolled over to take a proper vantage of the view outside but it was not the rolling hills and endless forests she saw – Endymion's image flickered in her mind and with it a desire for the pleasure he had bestowed upon her only hours ago.

He was a conundrum. His general reputation painted him as a black fiend whose propensity for drink, women, and war left him little time for ruling his country or giving any thought to his people. She had even heard discussions from council members who alleged his total disregard for the citizens of his kingdom – instead asserting his request for aid was to be used as leverage against the other planets on the council.

But she had seen the urgency with which he had discussed his people's needs at dinner. As for his laziness, she knew of no one from her kingdom who would wake at 4:30 to train. Certainly no one of royal blood and position. And if the accounts had been true why had he not abandoned his duties to stay with her and enjoy the carnal pleasures he was so well known for?

Tired of the subject and the ambiguous answers she was faced with, she sat up and began to take stock of his quarters. At first she only dared to gaze around the room, but after a while boredom overcame reticence and she got up. Her first focus was the bookshelf which was lined to the brim with countless leather volumes – most of them ancient – on a wide array of subjects ranging from warfare, which she did not find surprising, to horticulture, which she would not have thought a proper interest for a king.

Once she had exhausted her perusal and made a mental note of those books which she may find interest in, she made her way over to the desk. The scattered papers were numerous and on some of them lay the remnants of candle wax that must have dropped as he studied them late at night. Most of them seemed innocent enough – the letters mainly correspondence with nobles of the country to whom Endymion had seemed to promise money in exchange for their protection of the citizens in their district. There were maps of his kingdom, charts of the stars and planets, and multiple wells of ink. A letter scribbled in red caught her eye – the handwriting was feminine but barely legible, seemingly that quality had been neglected in the haste to finish.

What she read made her sick to her stomach. Apparently this woman had written to Endymion to let him know that their affair had resulted in… a burden. One which she was trying to pass off as that of her husband's. Her letter was a mess of emotions – at some points highlighting the love she felt for Endymion and at others damning him for the turmoil he had left in his wake.

She heard the turn of the door handle and in a panic threw the note back onto the desk.

He stopped when he caught sight of her, stunned both by her naked form and her presence at his desk.

"What are you doing," he asked brusquely.

"I got bored," she answered, "I was just looking around."

"You had no business doing so, especially not where I strategize my plans for battle."

"I'm sorry," her voice faltered, "I just.."

"Did you find anything interesting," he mockingly inquired, cutting her off.

Anger rose in her. How dare he treat her like some skulking thief – if he had not wanted her looking he should not have left her to her own devices. She knew she shouldn't, but passion overcame reason and she let him know exactly what it was she had found.

His eyes lit up and the force of his footsteps echoed in the room as he made his way over to inspect the letter in question. He threw it back down – antipathy towards it and the woman in front of him.

"If that is the only thing of note you found I must call into question your mother's ability to educate our future ruler."

"I suppose I should be more interested in your designs of war? I did not find any of them of note because they were so simplistically laid out I had to wonder if one of your servants had devised them."

"I do not doubt your inability to comprehend them, but I did think you above the petty intrigues of gossip and deceit. If you were so fond of it I wonder why you did not choose to stay in your own court."

"And the fact that you can trivialize your iniquitous conduct and the abandonment of your own child does not surprise me."

"I urge you to think before you speak."

"Why? So that you may walk away unscathed from your indiscretions? Why shouldn't you answer for what you've done? I thought you of all people would want a son – perhaps you could share whores. Or is that what you fear… that your progeny will have even greater thirsts than you and take that which you see as your rightful claim?"

"Serenity, she is a whore and a liar. That letter was intercepted – she had intended it to be delivered to her husband by 'error' so that he would pull his troops when I was defending a position in the North. She does not carry my child – the affair of which she speaks of occurred many years ago."

"A convenient explanation for a man who does not wish to be burdened with a child. How I wish to be a man – I could rewrite history with my lies and condemn women and children out of my presence as I see fit," she spat.

His eyes grew narrow as he stepped towards her. Her stomach clenched at the edge of his voice and the fire that flared in his cheeks.

"If I wanted to populate the whole of my nation with bastards I would, and with no concern of whether or not you and your hypocritical propriety approve," he growled, "You accuse me of lying, Serenity, but forget that I have no reason to lie. You are here because of an arrangement we made, and per that arrangement I will fuck you whenever I please without need to explain any of my activities beyond that. If I want to fuck someone else I will. If I want to marry someone else I will, and continue to take you as it pleases me. I am not bound by exclusivity. We are not lovers. We are not betrothed. I would not debase myself low enough to marry you. Now get out and take mind to avoid finding yourself alone in my chambers again."

She took a step towards the bed to retrieve her gown but he mistook it as a gesture towards him. In an instant he had her body pinned down to the desk. He hovered above her, his breath ragged as he stared down into her eys. She had no idea whether he wanted to fuck her or kill her. After a moment he stirred, leaning down to press a kiss to her lips. She turned though, the humiliation of his words making her nauseous while the fear he had induced caused her body to tremble.

He let her go in disgust and did not stop her a second time as she made her way towards the bed. She slipped the dress on silently, trying to think of anything to push back the tears that wanted to spill forth. Hatred for him bubbled and she welcomed it – he was nothing of the man she used to know, and more than that he was barely even tolerable. Whether or not he was telling the truth was irrelevant, his character was far from redeemable. She kept her mind focused on her abhorrence of him as she made her way across the room.

As she reached the door his voiced echoed throughout the room.

"You will remain in your room until I send word to the contrary. Your meals will be brought to you and if you should find yourself in need of anything else you will do best to forget the request as you will find no one in this castle to fulfill it."

Despite the strong front she had kept up in front of Endymion, once Serenity got to her room she couldn't stop the sobs that burst forth, each one wracking her body in undulating waves of misery and fury. How could she have been so stupid as to let her guard down? As he had so blatantly pointed out, the beginning and end of their relationship was sex. The memories of the boy she used to know, the flirtatious sparring at dinner, even the kisses he showered upon her while they were making love – all of it was irrelevant.

"Making love," she laughed bitterly, "he knows as much about love as he does about peace. I can only blame myself for mistaking a brute as being capable of common decency."

She tried to regain her equilibrium but it was of no use. Her thoughts could not help but drift back to him and the image of his eyes as he hovered above her. He had tried to kiss her despite his words – an action whose meaning she could only assume was part of his sadistic nature. What other reason could his arousal have for awakening at her pain? She longed for recompense in the form of revenge. But he did not care enough about her to be upset at any insults she may throw at him, nor foster any weaknesses that she may use against him. He was as guarded as a steel trap, and equally as sympathetic.

She walked over to the window and gazed out at the sky – sunlight evaporated as dark storm clouds began to form over the castle. She welcomed the darkness and the sounds of rumbling that interrupted an otherwise devastating silence.

She passed hours staring out the window. The rainfall eased her nerves and allowed her to quiet the thoughts that had been rolling out of her eyes for hours. She tried reading, but her eyes passed the pages without comprehension. She had no one to talk to. No one in whom she could confide. She was alone with nothing but her thoughts to keep her company.

Someone entered the room, a slave girl she saw once she had turned to face the intruder. She carried a tray of food and balanced a jug on her hip.

"What am I to dine on," she inquired.

She was not given the courtesy of an answer. The food was placed on a table near the seating area and the slave turned to leave the room.

"You will answer me when I speak," she said more loudly, a cold edge to her voice, "I am Princess Serenity and heir to the Moon Kingdom, you will not disobey my command."

The slave turned, her eyes acknowledging Serenity before she continued to make her way out of the room. Serenity got up and began walking in her direction, but the girl had closed the door before she even made it halfway across the room.

A fresh wave of sobs attacked her. As a princess she had never been ignored – and the startling insight that she had no position on this planet was another unwelcome realization. She looked at the food in disgust and walked towards the bathroom, hoping that a bath would allow her some peace.

"Your majesty," the girl said as she bowed.

"What is it," he asked, not looking up from the papers in front of him.

"You told me to keep you apprised of Miss Serenity's condition."

"So apprise me," he growled as he set his fork down.

"We brought her lunch and dinner, but the girl who went to retrieve the trays says she has not touched a thing."

"Did she bother to ask her why she had not eaten?"

"No, sire."

"Is there a reason she did not make the inquiry?"

"You advised us we were not to speak to her under any circumstances. Do you want us to bring her another tray?"

"Absolutely not. If the spoiled bitch wants to starve herself we will not make the task any more difficult for her."

"Understood," she whispered before dismissing herself.

He was left alone in the private dining room, the fire crackling as it began to die down. He tried to return to the documents before him but found himself infuriatingly unable to do so. Her words had been little compared to the accusations that her eyes cast at him. He always knew Mariana was going to cause more trouble than she was worth, but he had never suspected she would have allowed rebel sympathies to sway her loyalty. Of course women had very little capacity for that to begin with.

War had seasoned his soul and left him emotionally ravaged. Women were good for few things, and honesty was never one of them. He had watched men die on the battlefield, die for his cause, and their last words of lovers they would never again see always left him haunted. Few of them were worthy of the merits that those cursed souls had lain upon them. Endymion had seen how quickly these women had found new lovers – the concern less for those that had laid down their lives and more for the gold-lined pockets of those that still lived. It was the same story over and over, and those few women that did his men honor were living caskets that had neither the capacity nor the inclination to ever love again. Such an existence was barely more tolerable to him than the whores who surrounded their ranks.

No, his position was too hazardous to devote so much energy to a creature as capricious as a woman. Still, he could not deny that he missed Serenity's body laying against his, her quiet breathing a companion to his nocturnal contemplations. It had been a long time since he had allowed a woman to sleep in his bed, and far from finding it a nuisance he had found himself enjoying the golden curls spread across his sheets, the smell of her arousal flirting with his senses, lulling him into a sense of comfort he had not felt since childhood.

He took a large swig of wine. He couldn't afford to think such thoughts – his treatment had been harsh, but it would be easier for her to learn her place now rather than formulate the mistaken beliefs that she was in any way his equal during her tenure as his mistress. More than that she had wounded his pride – he had been telling her the truth about Mariana and she chose to believe the deceitful words of a woman she had never met over his.

He had changed much since they had known each other as children – but he had done nothing to deserve the questioning of his integrity. He closed his eyes and envisioned the face she had made this morning, the fear that had crossed her features as he tried to kiss her. His fists clenched at the memory – the desire that had nearly drowned him moments before now a barren desert.

'No,' he thought, 'the ire she has roused is not nearly extinguished. Let her suffer if it pleases her to do so.'

The pangs of hunger were strangers to Serenity but by the time she had suffered them until breakfast she found them to be doting companions. The storm had not yet let up and she allowed the anger of the tempest to run through her body.

She hated herself for doing so, but she missed him. More than his touch or the sensual kisses he lavished upon her, he was the only real companion she had on this forsaken planet. She had thought he would come to her last night, and was disappointed when the first light of dawn poured into the room. It was a twisted notion, both yearning for and hating the man who had claimed her body.

Fueling the concept, absolute solitude had driven her insane. Surely she must be mad to want anything to do with him after yesterday. But her body craved his touch despite the harshness of his words. And doubt had begun to fill the void of his absence. What if he had been telling the truth? What if she had acted out of anger at herself for her current circumstances? The constant questioning was tiring.

She had pondered running away, but she had no place to go. At least no place where she would remain safely harbored from the reaches of her mother. This wicked lover was her only refuge. The blood running through his veins the essence of her freedom.

She turned away from the breakfast, stripped the remnants of her clothes, and curled beneath the sheets of the bed. If she had to tolerate his absence, she would do so in the ignorance of sleep.

He marched through the corridor and made his way left towards her chamber. He still questioned whether he was making the right decision, but he did not think her frail form could support a third day without sustenance. He had considered having the servants force-feed her but knew if she really wanted to make a statement she would find a way to purge herself once they had left. At any rate, her stubbornness had angered him so much he wanted to handle her insolence personally.

He reached the door and furiously threw it open, causing the wood to break against the stone wall.

"Tell me how much longer you plan to continue this childish idiocy," he bellowed, "I'd like to refrain from wasting any more food when I have subjects who are starving to death."

"I'm sorry, Endymion. I just.. I haven't found myself able to eat," she said, an apologetic smile hovering on her lips.

"Bullshit. Do you think I cannot see through your games? This is a tactic of dominance – you are doing it to exert some control. Do you think I won't let you starve yourself to death if that is what you wish? That I will consider it my bound duty to ensure your good health? I urge you to consider my reputation very carefully before you wager your life on it."

"I assure you I had no ploy in mind." she said.

"Then what," he growled, what little patience he had already squandered.

"I have been selfish. I did not think how my actions would reflect upon you. I know you have so much taking up your time already; I did not mean to become an additional burden to your thoughts."

She reached her hand out to his, her delicate fingers entwining the strength of his own.

"Forgive me, Endymion."

A strange look crossed his features – she found that unfathomable gaze resting on her. Unable to bear its weight she brought his hand to her mouth and placed a soft kiss on his wrist. A solitary tear slipped silently down her cheek, its warmth melting the icy demeanor of her captive.

"Please, Endy. You are all I have here; please do not keep us at odds. I know I am… I know I have a temper and I speak before I think, but please don't leave. I am so lonely…"

His thumb gently trailed across her bottom lip, noting with dismay that it was quivering. It was difficult for him to remember her vulnerability. More so to remember that he was the entirety of her world. To him his castle was a sanctuary, a place of solitude in a world of madness. To her it was dark and cold and far distanced from everything she knew and loved.

"I am a man of war, Serenity. When challenged I do not back down, especially when I feel that my honor is being called into question."

She nodded but did not speak.

He knelt down until he was level with her and lifted her jaw so that she had no choice but to meet his gaze.

"We do not have to be enemies, darling girl. In fact I very much hope that we will not be. It surprises me how much I enjoy your company, but I will not temper being treated like that by anyone, much less the woman who has asked me for assistance. I understand that your decision was not an easy one, but I will not be encumbered by your inability to control your emotions."

The tension fell from her shoulders. Relief and hunger toiled throughout her body and she found it impossible to stop herself from laying back on the bed. His form followed suit, the gentle melody of his moans washing over her body as he nuzzled into her form.

After a few moments of blissful kisses she pulled away.

"May I call for a servant to bring something to eat," she said softly.

"You are the most infuriating woman I have ever met. Yes, call the fucking servant before you faint from hunger."

She wriggled from his arms and stood to go to the door, however, unexpected dizziness caught her unawares and she fell back to the bed.

"Gods, what were you thinking woman? Stay here, I will be back with food."

When he returned she was curled up in a ball and staring at him with a vague expression.

"You look like you're pondering the damnation of mankind."

She burst out laughing before sitting up.

"Your damnation entirely depends upon what you've brought for me to eat."

He smiled and kissed her, a reward as much for him as it was for her.

"My dear, I think I could've brought you rats and porridge and you'd have eaten it as if it was the food of the Gods themselves."

She scrunched her nose in disagreement but began to pick at the food on the tray. She started with the bread and was unable to stop until she had devoured roast, potatoes, and the entirety of an apple. He watched her studiously, trying to untangle his feelings towards this willing captive. When she had finished he placed the remnants, what few there were, back onto the tray and set it on the table.

"I assume I do not need to elucidate the lesson we have learned this evening?"

Her eyes smoldered back at him.

"Do not be a hypocrite," she said huskily.

"A hypocrite," he asked, his eyebrows raising in surprise at her allegation.

"Are you not, too, suffering from a hunger that you have gone without satiating?"

A dark smile spread across his lips.

"You aren't nearly as chaste as you look," he said darkly.

She lay back upon the bed, resting her weight on her elbows, and stared up at his form.

"Do you prefer your women to look like whores?"

"I thought you of all people would know how very indiscriminate I am when it comes to women."

She smiled at that, the joy spreading from her mouth and into her eyes. God how he had missed her.

"This is a much improved look for such a fair face."

Her smile faded then, and something else took its place, some emotion he could not quite discern.

"Am I not also a whore? Haven't I bartered my body to you?"

"I would have hoped that you enjoyed fucking me as much as I enjoy fucking you. Perhaps I misinterpreted your moans and cries for more."

"Do not tease me."

He stepped towards her, a predatory look upon his face.

"You are not a whore, Serenity. You and I may not be in love but what lies between us is a mutual respect. I do not think the same would have been true if you had consummated your marriage to Lord Diamond. You think of sex as a wicked deed if it is not united with love, but pleasure is not debased or evil as long as there is an understanding between the parties involved.

Yes, you offered your flesh in return for protection – but what is a marriage if not a bargain. Especially for people as highly ranked as us. Love is ideal, but ideals are rarely attainable. There is no shame in enjoying sex, especially when it is as satisfying as ours."

Her wordless response was to trace her hands up the solid form of his legs. She reached his belt and began to fumble with the inhibiting garment.

A wicked gleam entered his eye and he began stripping off his shirt. Once she had liberated him of his trousers she began to focus on her own clothing. She unfastened the delicate gown, taking careful regard not to tear the fabric. However, the slowness teased Endymion's impatience and with rash haste he began ripping the dress open, the delicate fabric tearing easily beneath the strength of his fingers.

A protest began to form on her lips but he cut her off with the promise to replace it. Endymion gazed at her frail form, noting with disdain the jutting of bone against pale flesh. These thoughts fled quickly though as his eye caught sight of her breasts, their smooth curve luring his thoughts back to the desire that flowed through his cock.

A tragic sigh escaped his lips as he entered her flesh. He knew it was only a fool who would continue on this path, but he was unable to stop his descent into her embrace. A fire rushed across their flesh, their forbidden desire tying them to the bed in fevered shame. Their tongues struggled against the ire of their lust – the deception that their passion could be quenched leading them on.

Her hands gripped his shoulders as his thrusts sent note after note of pleasure singing through her body. A demon incarnate, the violence of his need wracked against her with such power it caused her breasts to sway with every rocking motion. Her moans spilled forth, reverberating against his shoulder as she buried her face into his neck. She bit his flesh, the sharp pain causing him to hiss like a serpent.

He let her drop down to the bed and flipped her over onto her knees. Her legs spread properly, he once again began to fuck her with intensity – the exposed nature of her charms possessed his senses. He loved watching her submit to his dominance, watching as she met each thrust and cried out for more. His hands found the core of her desire and began to tease it with torturous intensity, his fingertips moving with practiced precision.

"Oh, Endymion. Don't stop, please don't stop," she begged.

He moaned his pleasure at her words and continued toying with the wet nib.

Her strangled cries filled the room as she came, her body writhing of its own accord as she bucked on his cock.

"That's it, Serenity. Come on me you fucking slut. Show me how much you need me."

He thrust deeper, his stiff cock filling the tight channel it occupied. She was ready to collapse but his hands held her steady, refusing to allow her a respite from his attentions. She cried out in exhaustion, but it was no use; he continued his primordial offering. Pulling her by the hair until she was upright on her knees, he pressed her form against him. His teeth nipped and carved at the flesh of her neck as his eyes took in the view of her bouncing breasts. The contrast of his tickling breath and sharp teeth sent another shiver of pleasure through her body and before she knew it she was once again building up with him.

"Endymion," she moaned over and over.

"Mmm, tell me, who you belong to, Princess. Do you belong to me?"

She nodded her assent as his thrusts took her to the brink again.

"Say it," he said coarsely.

"I belong to you," she said hoarsely.

He laughed and pulled her roughly against his member, each slam as brutal as it was pleasing.

"I can't hear you, Serenity," he said through gritted teeth.

"I belong to you, Endymion," she screamed out as she orgasmed again.

"Fucking witch," he cried out as he spent into her, bucking madly into the woman who had possessed his reason. All their strength squandered, they fell onto the bed in a mess of limbs and misery.

A slumberous haze fell over the lovers. They did not notice the raven haired woman standing in the doorway or the vitriolic gaze resting upon them.

"Fuck," he growled, "I forgot about the door. You cannot sleep in here until it is replaced, you will have to sleep with me tonight."

"That's not necessary, Endymion. I am sure there are plenty of other guest chambers I can occupy."

"Yes, there are. But I find them much less convenient for fucking you than my own bed."

She blushed but continued her protest.

"Even so, you wake up early and need your sleep. I am sure my presence can only impede your rest."

"I give a fuck about my rest, Serenity," he said blithely, "I want you with me tonight and with me you will be."

She remained silent, fear of provoking the demon within him tempering her obstinacy. Moments passed as his hands toyed with her flesh, trailing and rubbing in soft circles. His mouth found its way to her ear where he leisurely nibbled and the tender lobe, his ticklish breath warm and sweet.

His voice was in hushed tone when he finally broke the silence between them.

"My ire can be a dangerous beast, Serenity. You'll be wise not to incite it, but I do not wish you to be afraid of me."

Tears began to fall before she could think to stop them. His hands continued to roam, waiting patiently as she exorcised the despair of the last few days. He nuzzled into her, letting her scent mingle and trying to place the familiar fragrant notes.

Frustration at her own weakness helped her in overcoming it. Her breathing finally leveled and after the last tear had fallen and her face had dried she found the words to speak the thoughts that had been occupying her head these last few days.

"You do not need to pity me, Endymion. You were right when you said there should be an understanding between both parties. I know exactly what you expect from me and how easily you will let me go once you tire of me. Take me as often as you please; my body is yours for as long as you wish it to be so. I hope you know that I expect nothing else other than what you have already offered. I do not labor under any misapprehensions regarding our relationship, nor should you feel the need to –"

He had forced her head to face his and pressed a brutal kiss upon her lips. The assault was ruthless, the taste of blood mingling between them, though whose she did not know. A low moan escaped from within her as her arms wrapped around the waist of the insatiable incubus next to her.

"The only need I feel, Serenity," he growled, "is the need to fuck you until you scream for me to stop."

"To do so would be sacrilegious."

He grunted as her forced himself into her once again. The feeling of his manhood pressing within her sent chills up her spine – she leaned back and closed her eyes before succumbing to the wicked lure of his need.