The Years in Between.

Guess whose back?

Back again?

I am back.

Tell your friends.

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The stench and look of Kirkwall was a welcome sight for everyone after the darkness of the Deep Roads. Hawke pushed her red, shoulder length hair behind her ears as Varric laughed about how they were going to be rich. The dwarf seemed in good spirits, despite the betrayal of his brother for that lyrium idol.

"Just think Hawke! We get these item valued and sold for the best possible price; you and your family could be in Hightown before the year is out." Varric grinned widely; already planning how to get the remaining treasures from the ruins.

Anders and Fenris followed them past the gates in silence. Fenris had said little during the trip, mostly because he was still slightly angry with Hawke for bringing the Abomination. Bethany was at least tolerable for a mage, but Fenris understood her reasoning for not putting her family in danger. The group walked into Lowtown before Hawke stopped as they reached her Uncle Gamlen's house.

"Well this is me. Besides I'm sick of the sight of you lot." Hawke laughed softly as Varric grinned at her.

"You're breaking my heart Hawke! I thought I was your favourite!" Varric jokingly said and Hawke grinned.

"You're my favourite dwarf Varric. As Isabela is my favourite pirate; Aveline is my favourite Guard Captain to be; Merrill is my favourite Dale; Anders is my favourite Grey Warden and Fenris is my favourite Brooding Tevinter." Hawke smiled as Fenris narrowed his eyes warningly at the rogue.

"I don't brood." Fenris said simply as Varric laughed.

"Sure you don't elf; and I'm the Queen of Antiva."

"Come to think of it; I haven't actually seen you in a dress, your majesty." Hawke bowed mockingly to the dwarf before she turned and headed up the stairs.

Hawke waved her goodbyes to everyone with a promise to meet up tomorrow evening for celebratory drinks. Fenris noticed her blue eyes linger on him before they met his green ones suddenly. She winked at him subtly before she went inside. Fenris swallowed gently before he made his way back to his mansion quickly. With Hawke being the only woman in his sight for the past few weeks in the dark; and became very… aware of her.

Since he had joined her group, he always found his eyes wandering to those swaying hips of hers. Hawke was very beautiful; anyone in Kirkwall could tell you that. And Fenris was feeling frustrated to say the least. Being in the dark with such a beautiful woman did nothing to help his restraint, but he wasn't really the sort of man who would jump into bed with any woman. Besides; Hawke was his leader, and his friend, he would not risk that for a roll in the sheets.

No matter what his body wanted.

His crumbling mansion was an almost welcome sight. The building was in a severe state of disrepair, but at least it was in a better place to sleep than he had used for the past several weeks. Fenris locked the door behind him and made to clean himself up and have a sleep. Hopefully he would not dwell upon those swaying hips.

"… Then we came across this massive vault as we were looking for a way out. And then suddenly; we heard the sound of rocks shifting from behind us, so we turned to see this Rock Wraith forming behind us." Varric told the group gathered around the table. He hadn't even been back a full day and this was the seventh time he had told this story. He had even added several more dragons than Fenris remembered; but he kept that to himself.

"What was it like?" Merrill asked with wonder; and Varric grinned.

"I'm glad you asked Daisy. It had a red glow to it, and was probably the size of the Hanged Man in height."

"Bullshit. How could it be that big?" Isabela said firmly, glaring at the dwarf.

"Varric; that doesn't seem possible," Aveline shook her head and Varric shook his head softly.

"I'm telling you ladies. The elf, Blondie and Hawke all saw it. Right?"

"It was enormous! I've never seen anything like that in my life." Anders smiled and Fenris nodded gently as the dwarf continued.

The door to the Hanged Man clattered open and Varric grinned widely.

"Hawke!" He called before he saw a scowl on her soft features and sat back as she entered his suite, and stood by the end of the table as everyone looked at their, usually cheerful leader. "What's that face for? Don't you know how right we are going to be?"

"What's wrong Hawke?" Aveline asked and Hawke answered through gritted teeth.

"They took her."

"Who?" Merrill asked meekly from her seat next to Isabela.

"Bethany. The Templar's have her; they took her just as I got through the door." Hawke growled and silence fell on the table before Anders stood.

"See; this is why we need to do something about the Templars. They treat us all like animals to justify their cruelty. We need to get Bethany out."

"Mages need the Circle; pity they didn't get you Abomination." Fenris said sharply and Anders glared at him from across the table.

"How do we know it wasn't you who gave the Templar's the tip that Hawke was hiding a mage?" Anders glared and Varric saw a spark of Justice in his eyes.

"Firstly; if you failed to notice I have been with Hawke, Varric and yourself in the Deep Roads for about a month. So if I tipped the Templar's off, they would have had Bethany in the Circle, well before now. And secondly; if I were indeed to tell the Templars of apostates in Kirkwall, Bethany would be far from the first on my list." Fenris growled at Anders who was about to answer before Hawke slammed her hands on the table.

"Both of you just stop it." Hawke said quietly; her hair had fallen across her face; shielding it from everyone. "As if it isn't bad enough that my mother thinks it's my fault and I can't find the bastard who ratted us out; I don't need you two bickering about who is right or wrong!" Hawke raised her voice before she sighed and turned quickly; leaving the room in silence.

Isabela stood quickly but Aveline shook her head soft at the pirate.

"Hawke need's some space. She will talk when she's ready." Aveline said gently as the pirate sat down before she turned and glared viciously at Anders and Fenris. "And you two aren't helping! Both of you know how much her family means to her; so stop arguing like children and grow up."

"But the mages-" Anders began.

"The mages cause can wait until Hawke is feeling better." Aveline put an end to the issue and silence fell upon the group again. Fenris sighed before he stood and grabbed his great sword from its spot by the door.

"Elf, where you going?" Varric called after him.

"To find Hawke."

"I thought I said-" Aveline glared.

"I know what you said; but you all know Hawke. She can be reckless when she isn't thinking straight. And she is far from calm right now." Fenris answered simply before passing through the crowds on the main floor of the Hanged Man. Some pretended not to have heard the noise from upstairs; simply trying to start a conversation. While others spoke in hushed whispers as he passed. Fenris didn't care; he just needed to know Hawke would be ok.

He walked through Lowtown and headed for the steps of Hightown, knowing exactly where she would be. Fenris walked into the market place, and climbed the stairs to some of the houses before leaping on the wall and climbing up to the roof tops with more grace than a warrior should possess. He walked quietly along the roof tiles until he reached the courtyard by the Viscount's keep.

He walked to the edge and sat next to Hawke who as watching the former Amell estate intently. They sat in silence while Fenris watched the few clouds pass the moon and marvelled at the sight. After all that time underground it was good to be out in the open air again. He turned his gaze back on Hawke; as her eyes dashed away from his. He had caught her staring and was confused as to why she was.

"How did you know I was here?" Hawke asked, keeping her eyes on the worn estate.

"I've seen you up here before. You usually stop by for a chat after you're done; so I leave you be." Fenris answered plainly, watching Hawke with his usual stoic look. "I apologise for what happened back there. It was not the time for us to talk of mages."

"It's ok. Honestly, I'm surprised you and Anders didn't hit each other." She shrugged.

"Believe me I was tempted." She laughed a little at that and Fenris smiled at her.

"I just thought that once we got back; everything would just fit into place, you know? I would get mother off my back about my heritage and I would be able to keep Bethany safe. And now she's locked in the Gallows and there is nothing I can do." Hawke sighed before Fenris spoke.

"You did all you could for Bethany, Hawke. You endangered your own life in order to give your family a better one. You have done them proud. And as for who ratted you out; I will help you find them if you desire, we all would." Fenris said and Hawke smiled softly.

"Thank you Fenris. I just… I can't believe my baby sister is gone all because of a mistake of birth."

"Magic can corrupt anyone Hawke, you know this well. Bethany, from what I know, if a good person and a talented mage. She needs the Circle to fully protect herself and others from demons." Silence fell upon them as they watched the estate.

"I have a question; if I were a mage, would you turn me in?" Hawke asked suddenly.

Fenris looked at her with confusion for a second before he sighed. "You know of my feelings towards mages, Hawke. I would like to think that I would not turn my friend to the Circle, but I have a feeling that my hatred might make me. I'm sorry." Fenris answered and he heard her hum slightly at his answer.

"I see," She answered plainly and continued to watch the estate. Movement from behind the windows showed the slavers shadows in her families former estate, and Fenris knew it was killing her. She hated slavers with a passion and he had to admit that was one of the many things he liked about her.

"Do you think we can take them?" Hawke's usual spark returned to her eyes suddenly and Fenris relaxed a little.

"Take who?"

"The slavers in my estate. We could go in from the cellar entrance in Darktown, and make our way up through the estate from there. I'd pick the locks and watch for traps and you would try and seduce them out of the mansion then kill them. It can't fail!" Hawke laughed and Fenris raised an eyebrow.

"Seducing them would let us win?" Fenris asked with a laugh as she winked.

"Work on me."

Fenris swallowed as she stood and cracked her back. "Come on then, I better go back to the Hanged Man and make sure Varric isn't spinning any more tales about me." Hawke laughed and Fenris stood to face her with a look of concern.

"But are you alright Hawke?"

Hawke turned and looked at the starry blanket surrounding the market and Lowtown before she answered him quietly.

"No. I don't think I'll be ok for a while."

Fenris stood and watched her carefully. Her red hair was blowing from the slight breeze; pushing it to the side, and her usually bright blue eyes were filled with sadness instead of their usual joy and fearlessness. Hawke turned back to him and smiled. It took Fenris a few moments to realise he was staring before he turned away attempting to hide his slight blush.

"What's wrong? See something you like?" Hawke grinned as Fenris cleared his throat.

"I… I simply… perhaps we should…" Fenris struggled as Hawke laughed, the sweet sound filling his ears.

"Thank you Fenris. Really," Hawke said before she grinned at him, "Come on then; bet you a round I can beat you back to the Hanged Man."

"Only if you are intent on losing." Fenris smiled as she raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, smack talk. So this is how we're going to play?"

"Indeed, or I could try and seduce you but that might take a while."

"What?" Hawke's eyes widened as he stepped closer to her.

"You can hardly blame me for wanting such a beautiful woman." Fenris said breathlessly as Hawke swallowed softly.

"You think I'm beautiful?"

"What I have seen is stunning. But I want to see more. 'What's under that armour' I ask myself at night, when I lie in bed. And then… well I don't really think I should say,"Fenris smirked as she blushed furiously.

"Fenris I…" Hawke blushed and he placed a gauntleted finger over her lips and leaned closer. Hawke closed her eyes and waited for the kiss she had been praying for since she met him. She waited for a few moments before she opened her eyes and saw Fenris running down the road.

Fenris had taken that opportunity to jump from the roof and land gracefully, before sprinting in the direction of the Hanged Man, chuckling softly. He vaguely heard Hawke curse before her footfalls on the roof's reached his ears. Fenris jumped down the stairs and reached the bridge to Lowtown sprinting across it.

Hawke jumped across a narrow space between buildings, running quickly with a grin. Fenris was so dead when she got him. Hawke rolled across another space, before jumping across to the building alongside the Hanged Man. She saw Fenris entering the area for the tavern and began to panic before she recognised a small window.

She had this in the bag.

"I'm telling you Blondie; renegade, secret, mage healer is not the direction you should be going for. Why not try something less… deadly?" Varric prodded as Ander rubbed his temples with a sigh.

"I told you Varric. Until mages have Justice in Thedas I will not stop this fight." Anders said firmly and Isabela groaned loudly.

"You guys are so BORING! Uhg! Why can't something exciting happen?" Isabela moaned.

Suddenly the window on the high walls of Varric's suite burst open the same time as the door. Everyone turned to either see Fenris coming in quickly, or Hawke slipping through the window, feet first and landing gracefully on her feet.

"I win!"

"I win!" They shouted together, panting from the run. Leaving everyone sat at the table in a haze of confusion.

"You did not! I came through the window before you. So I win as I was here first!" Hawke glared at Fenris who smirked, much to Varric's surprise.

"I was on the floor faster than you. So I win," Fenris smiled as Hawke glared.

"Fine we need a ruling. Isabela who won?" Hawke turned to Isabela with a determined look in her eyes.

"No, she is closer friends with you than me, Aveline is much fairer."

"True; Aveline who won?" They turned to the soon to be Guard Captain who looked at them blankly.

"… What?"

"Fenris and I raced from the Viscount's Keep back here. I was on the roofs and he was on foot. And I got here first; even though he cheated and had a head start."

"I did have a head start true, but you should know better than to lose track of the enemy." Fenris smirked and Hawke glared.

"Aveline who won?"

Everyone looked at Aveline who was watching Hawke with wonder. When Hawke had first come in here, she was heartbroken. It looked like it would take months for her to get over Bethany being taken away. But in the short time they had been away, not even half an hour; Fenris had done it. Aveline didn't know how; but the elf had managed to give her back that sparkle of mischief.

"We're waiting." Fenris said simply and Aveline looked at him.

Something in him had changed as well. He was slightly more at ease. Fenris was actually smiling and teasing Hawke; he had a sense of humour, which none of them though possible before. Yet here he was, waiting with a bright and shiny new looking Hawke at his side.

Aveline smiled softly before she answered.


Hawke flung her hands in the air and laughed with victory, and Aveline saw Fenris smile before he pretended to be frustrated about losing. He was a good man.

"I won! I won! And you lost! Cause I won!" Hawke sang, dancing around Fenris before she pulled a seat out for herself and he sat next to her. "So what'd I miss?"

"Well I am trying to convince Merrill to come to the Blooming Rose with me; but she won't. Will you come instead? We'd have a lot of fun." Isabela grinned and Hawke raised an eyebrow.

"As … tempting as that offer sounds 'Bela, I'm going to pass." Hawke took a pint from Norah as Isabla sighed.

"Come on Hawke. It's where people come… then go," The pirate grinned and Hawke shook her head.

"Still no."

"You are no fun."

"You love it."

The evening was spent with the 'Truthful' retelling of the Deep Roads story as the drinking began. Varric said he would look into his contacts to get the best prices for their treasure. Varric had taken much of the heavier, valuable stuff, with a determination to return, while Hawke took some valuable items but several were only smaller things. As the evening drew on the group had started to leave, and Hawke stood shakily with a stretch, almost falling over in the process.

"Well, it appears I have reached that wonderful time of the evening where I go and face mother dearest. You can only imagine the joy I feel in my heart at that prospect." Hawke groaned and Fenris smiled as he stood.

"I think you mean it is late. I shall walk you home," Fenris held the door for her as she said goodbye to their remaining group. Fenris raised an eyebrow mockingly as Anders glared at him, before he directed Hawke out and closed the door behind her. The short walk was silent until she reached the stairs leading to Gamlen's place, and turned to face him.

"That wasn't funny you know." Hawke frowned; but Fenris saw the mirth in her eyes.

"I know. And it appears I still lost." Fenris chuckled, looking at his feet before lifting his head back to her.

"That just shows you that you can't beat me." Hawke ginned and Fenris smiled softly.

"It appears so." Fenris said before he sighed. "I want to say that if I made you uncomfortable; then I apologise. For it was not my intention to do so."

"Did I say I was uncomfortable?" Hawke smiled, pushing a lock of red hair from her face.

"No; but I think I needed to apologise." Fenris said simply and he saw Hawke's eyes watch him with something he rarely saw in her. He saw it when they spoke alone into the night; but he never knew what it was.

"It's alright Fenris. I just want to thank you for everything you did for me tonight." Hawke reached under her armour and Fenris raised an eyebrow at her. Hawke pulled out a silver ring on a chain, taking it off her neck. "I found this down in the Deep Roads; while Varric was drooling over the main pile of treasure. I was going to give it to Bethany for luck." She placed it in his hand with a smile.

Fenris looked closely at the ring and saw several small emeralds dotted around the band of silver, and a small rune was placed in the centre of the ring. A Protection rune.

"It is very lovely." Fenris handed Hawke back the ring, but she kept her hands on her hips with a smile.

"I want you to have it."

"Me?" Fenris asked confused while Hawke laughed quietly.

"Yes you; do you see anyone else here?"

"Well no, but Hawke this is still-" Fenris was cut off by Hawke's finger on his seductive lips.

"It is mine to give. And now it's yours." Hawke smiled softly. She held her finger still for another moment before she smiled and lowered her hand.

"Goodnight Fenris." Hawke turned and walked up the stairs to her Uncle Gamlen's house, and turned with a smile to see Fenris watching her with wide eyes. Hawke blew him a kiss before she slipped inside.

Fenris just watched the door for a few moments before he sighed.

"Goodnight Hawke."

He was definitely feeling frustrated now.

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