The Years in Between 69

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"I was wondering something…" Fenris began as they exited the Dalish camp, after just killing the mercenaries who threatened to kill them all for not siding with them. Hawke turned her head to face him, with confusion in her blue eyes.

"What's that?"

"The Dalish are a wandering people. They never stay in the same place for too long, whether they do so to remain safe, or if they wish to find better land. One would have thought that they would have moved on by now." Fenris stopped and looked at the camp, and their companions stopped with him.

"Aw, Fenny, are you thinking of running away and joining the Dalish, like every young elf does?" Isabela mocked softly, with a playful pout on her lips. "If you do who will be our sexy brooding elf? We'll need to hold auditions. I think we should go for something in Antivan…" The pirate cackled sensually, and Fenris rolled his eyes at her.

"The Dalish have never seemed to be of much interest to you before, Fenris. Is everything alright?" Hawke asked and the Tevinter nodded, meeting her eyes briefly, before glancing back to face the camp.

"Yes. I was just curious as to the cause." Fenris shrugged and turned back to face them.

"I agree with you though, my friend. The Dalish have been here for almost as long as you have, Hawke." Sebastian turned to the rouge with a concerned look.

"It seems everyone does." Hawke laughed with Isabela while Sebastian smiled.

"True. But the Dalish are a proud people. They have not caused the city any harm, quite the opposite in fact, but I am concerned as to why they remain. Meredith might try to take the Keeper if they stay for much longer." Sebastian sighed and Hawke raised an eyebrow.

"You honestly think Meredith would go after Keeper Marithari? If she wanted too, the Keeper could have killed us all with a wave of her hand." Hawke shrugged and Fenris scoffed.

"Which is possibly why Meredith would be wise in keeping tabs on the Dalish mages. They are not a part of the Chantry, but they are dangerous all the same."

"Perhaps that's a conversation to have with Merrill." Isabela crossed her arms at the elf, who rolled his eyes at her.

"Either way. I think that the Dalish will reveal their true purpose soon, and knowing how things go with Hawke, it will not be a simple matter." Fenris shrugged and Hawke laughed.

"What do you mean by that?" She smiled as the elf shrugged.

"You know full well what I mean. You find trouble, and if there is none to be found, you create some. When was the last time anyone had a day without you causing chaos or angering someone?" The elf crossed his arms, but Hawke could see the challenge glinting in his eyes.

"Very well. You all have the day off. Spread the word. The Champion is going to let the city run itself." Hawke began to walk away with a smile and Sebastian sighed with a smile.

"Because this can't possibly go wrong."

Anders sat alone in his clinic, surrounded by numerous tomes, pieces of paper and bottles and bowls on a desk. He sat in silence meditating on what he had read so far. Justice had suggested this idea… and it was… it was…


This was how he would showcase the plight of mages across Thedas. This would show the Knight Commander what the mages were truly capable of. That they could take their freedom by force if they had too.

And now they had too.

He was thankful that Isabela had came around earlier to tell them that Hawke was giving them all the day off. Some sort of bet with Fenris to prove that she was not chaotic, or something like that. He wasn't really listening to her.

Anders exhaled deeply before he pulled another tome close to him. It was an old Tevinter one, and while he hated the idea of Blood magic, as it did nothing to help their cause, the Tevinters did know how to make a statement. The mage looked briefly at the dusty pages before he turned them slowly, aware of tearing them. He saw numerous spells, outlawed by the Circle and the Chantry, as they believed these spells were corrupt and tainted.

To be fair, some were.

But not all.

Which once again showed their lack of sympathy towards the mages. They were so reluctant to accept the mages for what they are, that they forced them further away into the desperation of Blood magic.

This was their fault.

The Chantry wanted to stop the mages, to destroy them. But he wasn't going to let that happen. He was going to destroy the Chantry before they could destroy the mages.

Anders stopped on one page and read each word twice, just so he knew exactly what he needed. He glanced up and grabbed several of the vials that were near him, and placed them beside the tome. He had that… he needed a filter… Anders stood up and grabbed several beakers from the crates on the other side of the room, before returning to his desk.

He pushed aside some of the papers and unused tomes to make a space for all his equipment. The mage ran his hand down the page, reading the theory and lists and practices, and warnings carefully. He began to measure the quantities of potions before he mixed them slowly. The beaker filled with fluid began to change colour as he added lyrium dust, watching as it changed to a light violet colour.

He mixed it with a spoon, but began to see it sizzling. He pulled the spoon out of the solution to see that it had almost fully dissolved. Anders picked up a small bag of life stones and crumbled one into the solution. It fizzled and turned into a deep reddish colour, and a pale smoke began to rise from the beaker. The mage then returned his attention to the books to see the next set of instructions for this…



"…then add the Drakestone and the Sela Petrae to the potion." Anders looked around in his clinic before he stood up and searched around his clinic. "Sela Petrae… Sela Petrae… Drakestone…" He mumbled as he searched the shelves and boxes in his clinic.

"Damn it…" The mage mumbled as he looked around.

Not a thing.

Looks like he may need a little help, and there was only one person that he could help.


If he had the day off today, he would meet her in Hightown tomorrow.

Then it would truly begin.

His quest for Justice.

Aveline walked towards the guards common room in the barracks, with a displeased expression upon her face. She had heard rumours that Hawke had basically had to take control of the city guard, while she was away on honeymoon to Orlais. As apparently, her guards were incapable of following instructions.

Safe to say; she was not impressed.

A few guards had already admitted to her that they were not fully prepared for her absence, and had apologised, which Aveline had eventually accepted. At least they had the balls to admit that they weren't as good as they thought they were. It seemed like they never fully understood how much she did in her role as Captain. However there were a few who had not said a peep to her since she had returned.

Almost as if they had something to hide from the Ferelden.

"Guardsmen" Aveline spoke loudly, the authority clear in her voice as she entered the room. Several guards stopped what they were doing, stood up from their benches, and saluted her. Aveline raised an eyebrow as she noticed there were two in the corner who didn't notice her. "At ease, Guardsmen. Would you all mind stepping out of the room. I only need it for a moment." She watched as they nodded and walked past her. Aveline made her way to the end table where two male guards were smoking some sort of pipe between them. "Guardsmen." Aveline repeated again, and they turned to face her.

"Captain… I didn't know you had a twin sister… when did she get here…" One mumbled as he swayed on his seat.

"No she doesn't have a twin… The other one is green." The other laughed loudly and Aveline raised an eyebrow as she looked at their bloodshot eyes.

"What are you two smoking?" Aveline watched them laugh as they looked at her.

"Ok, ok. We'll tell you… but you have to promise… promise you won't tell the Captain." The first whispered to her with a sly smile and Aveline raised an eyebrow at them.


"No… No… promise you won't tell the Captain."

"…I promise." The Ferelden watched them shush her quietly before they both smiled.

"I'm the Viscount's second mistress…" One laughed and Aveline took the pipe off them. She looked at the smoke and sniffed cautiously, before she coughed.


She had never heard of anyone smoking it before. But this raised the question of where they got the lyrium, and the idea of smoking the substance

Maybe from a few Templar idiots.

"Alright, I'm confiscating this immediately. You two go home and report for duty first thing in the morning." Aveline watched them stand shakily before they shuffled away. She flinched as she heard a loud clatter and a couple of laughed from a pair of obviously stoned guardsmen.

Looks like this place needed to shape up. She had even heard rumours about the Templars wanting to expand their role into the city guard. Perhaps they thought she couldn't handle it.

And perhaps they needed their memories refreshed.

She'd talk to Hawke about it tomorrow.

After all, it was almost three years to the date…

Isabela looked at the brown liquid that passed as ale in this tavern. It was more brown piss than alcohol. She sighed as she glanced around the tavern. It was surprisingly quiet for this time of year, but that was probably due to the Knight Commander's crack downs.

People were afraid of Meredith, and with good reason to be.

That bitch was a psychopath.

The Rivanni pirate downed her poor excuse for a pint and walked out of the tavern. The afternoon Kirkwall sun cast cool shadows across the city. Isabela walked away from the tavern and made her way to the docks. Even if she didn't have a ship, she still liked coming down to watch those who did. She loved to smell the sea and listen to the waves crash, ever since she had been a child.

Maybe a part of her always knew she would be a pirate.

But she could have never predicted that she would have stayed in Kirkwall for so long. That was all on Hawke. The rouge had charmed her in a way she hadn't thought possible. Hawke had charmed everyone in this city to do her bidding. And the one thing Isabela hated… was that she was glad to do whatever her red headed friend wished for.

Hawke just needed to snap her fingers and they would all come running to her.

That's how well the rouge had them trained.

Isabela pushed the thought away as she reached the docks. The breeze carried the fresh smell of salt from the sea soothed Isabela's worries. The feeling of warm breeze on her skin, made and doubt on her mind fly away. The Rivanni pirate walked down the docks, looking at the different ships and products being brought into this port city.

She often wondered if she could book passage on one of these ships. Maybe sail to another port city and win a ship from a drunken captain, too wasted to even hold his cards. It would certainly be interesting to see what sort of ship she would win, the crew she would gain, treasure if any.

But she knew in her heart, she wouldn't go until she knew Hawke was done.

Done with the trials and troubles of this cursed city. Done with the mages and Templars at each other's throats every two seconds. Done with pretending she was happy here.

Isabela could read her like a book. They all could.

Hawke was tired. Tired of saving everyone in this city, and still being rejected by many of them. She was tired of waiting for Fenris to finally go back to her.

Frankly, Isabela was so close to pulling them together and locking them in a room until they fucked it out.

She sighed as she took a seat on the steps and looked at the dark waters.

She felt as if her time in Kirkwall should have been over a long time ago. If Hawke had let the Qunari take her or she had kept running, this city wouldn't have changed a bit, which just put into perspective how insignificant she really was in the grand scheme of things.

Isabela didn't deserve a friend like Hawke.

She had practically thrown away any chance of her having children for her. She had heard it from Aveline that the Arishock's blade had seriously hurt her. That's why she was so desperate to help when Hawke had that pregnancy scare. She had wanted Hawke to be pregnant, she really had.

Then maybe she wouldn't feel like such a rat.

Who was she to Hawke anyway? Some random pirate whore that the great Champion thought she could save? Was she a charity case?

Isabela stood with a sigh and began to make her way back to the Hanged Man. She walked up the stone steps and felt her heart sink as she thought about her current situation more.

She never did anything nice for Hawke, she just went to the Ferelden whenever she needed something done, expected it done well and then thanked her.

Was that really friendship?

Yeah, she liked Hawke, she meant the world to her… But the only think she ever did for Hawke was bring trouble, and take away her future.

Hawke didn't deserve that.

She didn't deserve Hawke.

Isabela sighed as she looked up before she gasped and hid in the dark shadows that scattered Lowtown. She kept her back to the wall and held her breath until several men walked past her, all laughing and talking loudly. She kepted her golden eyes on the leader of the group as they headed in the direction of Hightown.


"Shit…" Isabela whispered quietly.

Looks like she needed Hawke one last time.

Merrill grumbled quietly as she tried to relight the fire in her home again. The leaks in the roof had finally sprung over the fire place and she was struggling to find anyone who could fix them. Maybe if she found someone who could fix the holes, she could send them to Fenris, his roof was worse than hers.

Then again, he didn't have a weird brown liquid dripping into his house.

The young Dale struck the matches again and finally got a spark on the fire. She added a small amount of wood and blew gently on the baby flame, encouraging it to grow. Slowly it grew and became a large fire and Merrill relaxed as she closed the iron cover. She was never the best at making fires back when she was with her clan, but she couldn't risk using magic and having Templars show up at her door.

She rubbed her hands together to get some heat in her cold fingers. Hawke had offered to give her some gold to buy some more clothes and food, but she always refused. It was sweet of her to offer, but Merrill didn't want the rouge thinking she was using her for money.

Merrill pulled on an extra jumper as she waited for the room to heat up. Summer was coming back to Kirkwall, but it was still a little chilly. If she had still been with the Dalish, then they would have probably moved on, and be somewhere a lot warmer by now. She did miss the clan, but she highly doubted they missed her.

Before she turned to the forbidden magic, she did have a few friends within the clan. They didn't spend all their time together and they didn't speak every day, but she was friendly with some of the younger hunters. Being the Keepers first, she spent most of her time reading old tomes and learning the old ways of the Dalish.

She remembered the first time she stepped into the Free Marches. They had fled Ferelden and made their way through Orlais, having very little interaction with the locals as they could. Merrill did meet another Dalish clan there, but they didn't stay in touch, as it was very difficult for them to keep track of one another.

But it was beautiful when they came here. It had been early spring and the flowers were in full bloom. A month later they had made camp beneath Sundermount and it happened. She would always remember that dream. Merrill had awoken in the Fade, as she often did. At first she was surprised that the Fade had taken on the shape of Sundermount. She had noticed that the path leading up the mountain had a strange glow to it.

Merrill had followed it slowly up the mountain, marvelling at the strange glow it had undertaken. She was lead up to the cave at the top of the mountain pass, which she entered, ignoring the sudden chill that overcame her. She walked up to the glowing statue and heard it then.

The demon.

It had promised to restore a piece of her people's history.

And she believed him.

Merrill shook the thought from her head as the room became warm. She stood and walked into her room, looking at the broken mirror. It didn't work, didn't help her people in any way, Creators, it didn't even show anything. It just sat there looking awkward.

Merrill sighed as she placed one hand on the mirror and called to the demon in her mind. She waited for him to respond as he usually did, but nothing came.

Just silence.

It looked like if she wanted to speak to the demon, she had to go to the source.

And for that she needed Hawke.

Sebastian silently repeated the Chant of Light in his mind as he watched the service in the Chantry. He had returned a few hours ago from the mission up Sundermount, and it was nice to get the day off… well… from Hawke at least. He supposed that his days off at the Chantry were when he was following her around.

But his life was pleasant, he couldn't complain. He had great friends, a peaceful mind, and a clear conscience, which was more than he could say for most of Kirkwall. He was lucky, Hawke wasn't the bloodthirsty type, and she wouldn't ask any of them to do anything they didn't want to.

She was sweet, always thinking of their needs and their beliefs, never wanting to put them in a difficult position.

She was thoughtful.

She was kind.

And she happened to be very beautiful.

…And in some twisted relationship with his best friend.

Sebastian tried not to smile at the thought. He had thought Hawke would have moved on from Fenris, as that's what he had seen most women do. She never once strayed though; she always kept him close as a friend, and never did anything to knowingly hurt him. She was faithful.

Guess he owed her an apology.

He was brought back to the present by the chime of a bell. That was too early he thought to himself as he saw the young initiate receive a scolding glance from the Grand Cleric. The elderly woman raised her eyebrow at the boy before she rolled her eyes and continued with the service.

Sebastian smiled to himself as he remembered his younger days in the Chantry in Starkhaven.

Originally he hated it. He hated the quiet, hated the solitude, and hated everything about the place. He couldn't count the number of times he was dragged back to the Chantry kicking and screaming, after a night of debauchery in the city. His parents were not amused by his antics.

His mother had came to the Chantry one afternoon, with a small bag. She had then told him, that he was leaving the city altogether.

He had been heartbroken.

Sebastian had always thought that he was only in the Chantry until he calmed down and acted like the prince he was; then his family would take him from the dreaded building back home to the comforts of the palace.

His mother had crushed any hopes of that. She had gave him the biggest lecture he had ever heard in his life, scolding and shaming him in ways he never thought possible. He always knew his presence in the city might have caused a bit of a stir about the line of succession. But he had never truly thought they would remove him from the city. He would always love his family, and he didn't blame them for it. But when he had been sent away, and his family was murdered, he had never felt so alone, so empty.

That's when he had truly found the Maker.

The Chantry; which had seemed like a prison before, had now become his saviour. He spent many days praying in silence and reading passages from the Chant, finding peace within the pages. The words spoke to him in a way they never had before. His new faith had saved him from the darkness he had fallen into.

Faith had saved him from himself.

He had eventually found the mercenaries, and rage overcame him. He had put up that flyer and almost shot Elthina in the process, trying to prove his point. He had been furious and stormed past some attractive woman and her companions, just to try and get some fresh air. Eventually he had came to the conclusion that he should remove the flyer and try to find more peace in prayer.

But Hawke had taken care of them, but it hadn't removed his guilt. He could barely look at her when she had told him. He made this new woman kill men in cold blood for him.

He felt happy the killers were dead, and for that he was ashamed.

Sebastian returned to deep prayer and confinement within the Chantry for the next few months, trying to clear his head.

He was pulled from the thought as he heard the main doors to the Chantry creak open. They really needed to oil the hinges. Sebastian watched as a hooded figure stopped at the door and looked around the Chantry. Their eyes lingered too long on Elthina for his liking. The suspicious character handed a scroll to a passing Chantry sister before retreating from the Chantry.

Sebastian stood up and made his way to speak with the confused sister.

"Excuse me, Sister," Sebastian asked the woman quietly, "What did that traveller give to you?"

"Oh, she gave me this scroll for Elthina. She said it was from the Divine of Orlais." She said gently and Sebastian raised an eyebrow at her.

"The Divine? What could she possibly want with Elthina?"

"I have no clue. But if I were you…" The sister said as the service finished and the people began to exit the Chantry. "I would seek the help of the Champion."

"It appears I always do." Sebastian couldn't help but smile at the thought.

Seems like he owed the Champion a visit.

Varric ran his gloved hands through his hair with a sigh as he looked at the letter placed before him. The dwarf scowled to himself as he reread the words for what must have been the fifth time.

Messere Varric Tethras,

I am writing to you in accordance with the mansion I purchased in Kirkwall's Hightown from you three months ago. As you are well aware I purchased the estate sight unseen, for reasons that are my own. I arrived in Kirkwall last month and finally was able to see it. It was in acceptable condition as you had promised.

However, my servants and I have begun to notice strange happenings in this house. Furniture has been moved, yet not one of my servants had touched them, doors opening, despite being locked, and there have been whispers yet no one was there.

I am beginning to suspect you have not told me the full story of this house.

I expect you to find the cause of these incidents as soon as possible.

Otherwise there will be consequences.

Regards, Vilorhian.

Varric swallowed the lump in his throat to look up at the courier who was awaiting the dwarf's response. Of course something else would be wrong with the mansion. There always had to be something wrong with the mansion. If there wasn't, well then his life would be easy.

"My master will be expecting a reply soon, Messere." The courier said impatiently.

"Tell him it will be sorted." Varric grumbled into his hands. He ran his hands down his face with a tired sigh as he realised the courier had not yet left.

"My master will not be happy with that-"

"Tell him it will be sorted." Varric repeated with a growl and a glare in the direction of the elven messenger who sighed and left Varric's suite.

What in the Void was he going to do?

This city was in love with chaos. While from time to time it did benefit a certain red headed rouge he knew, it still pissed him off when people were bitching for the sake of bitching.

I mean seriously?

A haunted house?

What were they, five?

He couldn't exactly ignore this letter if he valued his life. The dwarf sighed to himself as he rubbed his temples wearily. He would ask Hawke to help whenever she came down to the tavern. She hadn't been in a little while, but she'd be back. Everyone always did.

Varric never knew what it was about Hawke, but people just seemed drawn to her. Maybe it was her kindness, her courage, her beauty or her strength. It could have been all of them or none of them, it was hard to place. He remembered how he actually met her.

Maybe he could turn it into a novel.

"The Making of a Champion", by Varric Tethras.

Had a certain ring to it.

Anyway, he had just finished interviewing the final batch of thugs and men to work as guards on the expedition to the Deep Roads. And he was sick of listening to them all gloating about their skills with a knife; it may have helped them in local fights, but he was never too sure how they would hold up against darkspawn.

He had selected a few when the then sane, Bartrand came storming in and bitched to him about one of his contacts being robbed by Athenril, but he couldn't prove that to the guards. So he had asked Varric to catch the thieves in the act.


"You want me to what?" Varric crossed his arms in his seat, as he watched his older brother pace about his office in the Dwarven Merchants guild.

"If you catch Athenril stealing any of the shipments; then we have her! We can show the guards and she'll finally be out of my beard."

"What makes you think that Athenril is the one actually taking them? What if it's just one of her thugs?" Varric rubbed his stubble thoughtfully.

"Then we can bribe or threaten them into siding with us against her." Bartrand smiled darkly. "And then that knife ear is dead in the water."

"Well I still don't see why I have to go. Send one of your thugs or hire some refugees." Varric shrugged and Bartrand turned to him with a snarl.

"Because, if I hire someone to do it, then that will cost money, which could be used for the expedition, and there's the chance that the hired muscle could aid Athenril instead." The older dwarf stroked his beard thoughtfully.

"So I'm cheap and won't blab? Brother, it's like you don't know me at all." Varric laughed and Bartrand scoffed.

"I know what you're like Varric, I just need you to do this. If you don't then the whole expedition could be in danger!"

"Alright! Alright! No need to get your bloomers in a twist. I'll go." Varric stood with a heavy sigh. It was usually better to just do what Bartrand said than try to reason with him.

Of course he would mess with him, at every opportunity, as was his brotherly duty.

He waited till nightfall before he hid in a darkened spot behind the large dwarven statue. It was just a small street behind it, completely a dead end, so if he was caught, he was dead.

He waited and watched the dwarves bring in the shipment and he waited. After about ten minutes he was beginning to think Bartrand's friend had just imagined the missing shipments before he saw her. A young woman with curvy red hair looked out onto the plaza. She turned and nodded to a younger girl with brown eyes and black hair in the same style.

The younger girl nodded before she sent a fireball in the direction of the tougher looking dwarves. Varric noticed the younger girl stand back, as the red head charged in daggers swinging, beating the mercenaries before they had a proper chance to regroup. He loaded Bianca silently and watched the rouges next moves carefully. She brushed the red mop of hair from her face and smiled back at the other girl.

"All clear Beth." She said and walked closer to where he was hiding. She opened the crate before him and turned back to the mage. "It's weapons." Varric could hear the disappointment in her voice. Had she not known what was in the crates when she took the assignment.

"I thought she said it was supplies for the refugees?" The mages looked around fearfully for any guards who may have heard the fight.

"We should have known. Like Athenril would profit from helping others." The red head sighed and looked around. "I'm done."


"After this. We're done with Athenril. She can't even trust us and I know for a fact we've paid our debt. I'll wait here for her to turn up. Then I'll quit for the two of us." She smiled brightly and the young mage swallowed audibly. Varric found himself greatly admiring the mysterious rouge.

"Are you sure? What if she tells the Templars?"

"She won't. Now you get home. Mother will be worried and Gamlen… well he doesn't really care, but it's nice to be nice."

Varric watched in silence as the rouge waited until Athenril and her thugs had came, and he had seen the shouting match of the century.

She would have given Bartrand a run for his money.

In the end she just walked away with a toothy grin.

Completely relaxed.


Varric smiled to himself in his suite as he remembered approaching her. He could make a case that if it weren't for him and technically Bartrand's meddling; that Hawke would not be the famous, well-loved woman she is today.

She should really thank him.

Varric giggled to himself gently as he reached for his newest pint.

He was such a good friend.

Not only had he created a hero; he also found her a boyfriend.

Well, technically Athenril and Anso found her a boyfriend, but hey, if it weren't for him, they would never have…

Hm... Ok well maybe he didn't get them together.

But he was still awesome.

And that's why Hawke owed him this favour.

Fenris closed the book he had been reading and gave a relaxing sigh. He enjoyed following Hawke, very much so, but he did enjoy it when he had some time to himself. Hawke had said his reading had dramatically improved over the years, so much so that he probably didn't need any lessons anymore.

But he couldn't have that.

He was almost ashamed to admit it, but he would often ask for extra lessons when he didn't need them.

Just so he could be close to her.

So he could smell her, hear her soft tone softly correct him, and her gentle smile as he correctly pronounced the words. Hawke was always so patient with his reading. Even after all their fights and tumbles, she was always supportive of him. He had no idea how she could possibly do it.

Fenris looked around his mansion with a sigh before he stood and walked over to the half full bookshelf in the corner. Most of the books were ruined, but there were two or three that were in good condition he usually read. However he always kept the Shartan book above the fireplace. Because that was the first book Hawke had given him.

He had must have read it over and over again. Maybe I was the story who inspired him, maybe it was the freedom of reading… or maybe it was the woman who inspired him.

The latter was probably the one. Whatever happened to him in this city over the years, good or bad, he owed that to Hawke.

And yet he still couldn't come clean and admit his feelings to her.

He knew in his heart what it was…

He was in Love.

In love with Hawke.

But he was afraid it had been too long; it had been three years since the first night they slept together, and about a year since the who pregnancy scare. Had they danced around each other's feelings for too long? Did she still care for him, enough to help him with his sister?

Or had he lost her because he was a coward?

He scowled to himself and grabbed his sword from the door. He would just go and borrow another book from Hawke and then he would spend the evening relaxing with a bottle of wine.

Fenris ran a hand through his hair and left his stolen mansion, walking the short distance towards Hawke's home. He stopped at the door and shuffled on his feet before knocking it. He waited for a few moments before the door opened, and he was surprised to be nose to nose with the object of his desires.


"Fenris? You sound surprised to see me. Which is a little strange as this is my house." The rouge laughed softly and Fenris felt his heart skip a beat. He scowled at himself inwardly. How could she have such an impact on him, from one little laugh? "Anyway, how can I help you, gorgeous?" Hawke opened the door wide with a grin.

"I, um… Came to ask if I may borrow another book?" He coughed nervously at the compliment and followed her into the library.

"Of course. Got anything in mind?" Hawke asked as she climbed up one of the ladders to the top shelf books.

Your ass is one thing Fenris blushed at the crude thought.

"Um… anything you choose I will appreciate." He mumbled and Hawke picked a book and flung it over to him. He caught it easily and raised a dark eyebrow at the title.

" 'The Wanking Warrior?' Are you serious Hawke?" Fenris couldn't help but chuckle as she gave him a suggestive smirk.

"Hey, I'd like to hear you talk dirty." She giggled and Fenris didn't think his desire for this woman could flare anymore.

Evidently he was wrong.

"I think we could arrange that." Fenris smiled as he placed the book down. Hawke raised an eyebrow before she smirked and climbed down the ladder and walked towards him. "So where are your servants this evening?"

"Well Bodhan and Sandle wanted to go on a little vacation, and they took Orana as well. They should come back sometime this evening or very early tomorrow morning." She shrugged gently. "Can I offer you some wine? I have some Aggregio."

"That would be perfect." He nodded and watched her walk past him to retrieve the bottle from the table up the stairs. He looked to the side and saw the bottle of wine he had given her as a house warming present years ago. "I see you still haven't opened the bottle I gave you." He said simply and listened to her laugh.

"Well you didn't really make a case for it. 'All Tevinter wine is made of the blood and tears of slaves'. Doesn't really sound too appealing." Hawke copied his voice and he felt his lips tug into a smile at her. "Besides, I'm saving that bottle for a special occasion."

"And what qualifies as a special occasion?" Fenris took the glass from her hand and watched her eyes darken with desire before she spoke.

"I have something in mind." She took a sip of her wine and sighed. "So I take it you won't want that book?"

"Probably not. Perhaps something else?" he asked and she smiled.

"I have some other books, but they won't be as good as that one."

"You've read it?" He watched her smile and shrug.

"Isabela usually gives me some interesting books now and again." Hawke smiled and grabbed another book. "But if you're going to be boring, then this one is just about the history of the Free Marches." She handed him the book and he scoffed.

"Boring? You of all people should know that is not true."

"Oh believe me I do know." Hawke smiled, and he looked away from her blue eyes for a moment. Hawke saw he seemed conflicted before he sighed.

"Hawke, would you come see me tomorrow? I have something I need to discuss with you." Fenris said softly and Hawke raised an eyebrow at him.

"Do you not want to talk about it now?"

"I actually have to speak with Aveline tomorrow morning, and it would be better if you saw me afterwards." Fenris said softly and Hawke smirked at him.

"What? Do I need to make an appointment to see you now?" She watched as he chuckled before he shook his head.

"Hardly. It will just be easier to explain." He sighed and looked at the ground. He felt his eyes widen as Hawke gently tilted his chin up so he was facing her. She smiled gently and pushed his hair from his face delicately.

"It's a date." She smiled and walked past him with a smirk, brushing his shoulder as she went past.

Fenris swallowed the lump in his throat and looked at the book before grabbing the dirty book from the table and followed her into the hall.

"So you…" He cleared his throat roughly. "I will see you tomorrow?"

"Sure. I'll meet you Aveline and Anders in Hightown tomorrow morning." She said and watched Fenris open his mouth to say something about the mage, but she smiled as he held back whatever comment he was going to say.

"Of course. I will see you tomorrow Hawke."

"Or sooner, if that book is any good." Hawke pointed to the dirty book, and saw Fenris' ears pinked with a blush.

"I… well… um… I'll be going." Fenris put the glass down and made his way hastily to the door.


"Good Night Hawke."

Hawke was awoken by a rumbling from outside her window. She groaned loudly and rolled over in bed, looking at the ceiling with a grumble.

What time was it anyway?

She ran a hand down her face as she pulled herself out of bed and stretched. She smiled to herself as she thought of what her friends would say if they found out she slept naked.

Fenris might enjoy that fact. Well they all would probably find that fact amusing, but she was only going to let him see, but that was for whenever she finally got him back in the sack.

She heard the murmurs getting louder and Hawke haphazardly threw on a robe and walked out of her room towards one of the giant windows, looking out onto the courtyard in front of her house. She saw a crowd gathered, and… Oh shit Orsino was standing on the steps speaking loudly.

She rolled her eyes at the mage and was about to move, when she saw Fenris standing at the far end of the courtyard. He was watching the mage silently from the shadows, when his green eyes flicked up and met hers. She gave him a small wave and he smiled back, nodding his acknowledgment to her.

She thought about flashing him.

But seeing Aveline approach him made her think otherwise.

Damn that guard. Ruining all her fun.

Hawke went back into her room and put her armour on, strapping her daggers to her back. She didn't know why, but it had felt like she hadn't done this in years. Orsino and Meredith had been at each other's throats more often than not, but at least the kept they're bickering out of her hair for the past few weeks.

She saw Bodhan and Sandle unpacking their stuff by the door.

"Ah! Messere, Good Morning! It seems' there is a commotion outside." Bodhan smiled brightly at her, and she couldn't help return the smile to the dwarf.

"Hello Bodhan. How was the holiday?" She asked coming down the stairs.

"Oh it was lovely. There was a small village north of the city we stayed in. I even got some local food that would be perfect for entertaining guests. Didn't we have a good time, son?" Bodhan reassuringly gripped Sandel's shoulder.

"Enchantment!" The younger dwarf smiled and Bodhan nodded.

"Yes, we even found a few more rune plans for you, Messere. Just tell us when and we'll show you them."

"Well I'm happy you all got away somewhere. If even for a little while." Hawke sighed and grabbed an apple, munching it before she headed for the door. "I'll see what Orsino is shouting about, and then I'll be back in the afternoon sometime."

"Very well Messere, stay safe." Bodhan nodded and Hawke opened the door. She saw her companions on the other side of the courtyard, and she could already tell Anders was starting a fight with Aveline and Fenris.

Her money was on the warriors.

She sighed and walked through the door, getting ready to deal with whatever mage and Templar trouble Kirkwall had in store for her today, as she listened to Orsino shout.

"I know you fear us…"

The End.

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