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Chapter 16

"So, when will you recover your memories?" Kotori asked.

"I don't know. But I don't want to pressure any of my companions… especially Subaru." Kamui answered as he fidgeted in his seat.

"You love him, don't you..?" Karen asked as she patted Kamui's back.

Kamui couldn't help but blush at the question before he chose to look at the fidgeting hands on his lap. "I don't know… but I don't want him to be sad just because of me…" Kamui said. He knew it was just a dream, but it was kind of enjoyable talking with them like this. Even though he really didn't know them and had just met them in this dream, he still thought they must have been really close to him.

"You love him!" Sorata teased and Kamui couldn't help but blush even more. "Ah, I can't believe it! He still loves Subaru even though he already lost his memories!"

"Ah, he's blushing even more now! How cute!" Karen chuckled. Kotori chuckled as well.

Not far from them, Fuuma was silently listening though his eyes were closed. Kamui noticed that and approached him. "Are you okay?"

Fuuma smirked, though his eyes were still closed. "You're the one living right now, so why ask me?"

"Oh." Kamui sat beside him. The others merely watched in silence.

"By the way, how will you tell him?" Fuuma changed the topic back.

"Eh?" Kamui's head leaned to one side.

"I said, how will you tell that Subaru guy that you love him?" Fuuma said. "The last time you did, he utterly rejected you."

"I'll just have to hide it then." Kamui answered automatically. Fuuma looked at him sadly. "I don't think I have any need to tell him since he already made it clear that the only person he loves is that person named Seishirou."

"I don't remember Subaru ever telling you that guy's name, Kamui." Kotori interrupted them. "Don't tell me, you remembered his name even though you've forgotten all about us?"

"Eh? No… I…" Kamui tried to think of how he came in contact with that name. Somehow, he just knew it. He didn't know why.

"Must be the power of rivalry." Sorata said smugly while nodding to himself.

"There's no rivalry." Kamui half pouted and half scowled, which made them laugh even more. "There wasn't even a fight. I lost the competition completely before I could even participate."

"There's no need to look down on yourself, idiot." Fuuma said as he patted Kamui's head. "There are still other people there whom you can give your love to. And those people would definitely return your feelings without hurting you."

"You mean like Fuuma or Nokoru?" Kamui asked, still a little confused. He hadn't completely lost his naivety after all. Fuuma cleared his throat.

Kotori and the others laughed at this. If there was one person Fuuma didn't want as a rival, it was the other Fuuma who looked so much like him.

"Can I ask you something, Fuuma?" Kamui's expression turned sadder.

"What is it?" Fuuma cupped Kamui's cheeks with his huge hands.

"Am I… Am I the one who got you killed..?" Kamui asked pleadingly. "Am I the one who killed you..?"

That too, no one told him that. But somehow, he knew.

"Why do you think that?" Fuuma asked.

"Because I feel like I've really hurt you somehow…" Kamui looked at Fuuma's face directly. Fuuma sighed and patted Kamui's head again.

"What happened to me wasn't your fault." He answered. "I wished for that to happen because I didn't want to kill you. I wished to be killed by you."

With that, Kamui looked down and started sobbing on the older man's chest. He couldn't help it. He knew Fuuma didn't hate him for it. But he just knew the guilt would consume him if he didn't let it all out. He continued sobbing until he heard Fuuma calling him again.

"Kamui… Kamui…" But it wasn't Fuuma's voice. It was…

"Kamui..?" He opened his eyes and met worried mismatched eyes.

"Subaru..?" He voiced, still hoarse. He then realized he was crying. The tears kept on flowing down his cheeks and he knew he couldn't stop them. Not when he just learned something so tragic.

"Kamui..? What's wrong?" Subaru asked quietly as he helped Kamui sit on the grass and hugged the boy. Kamui continued crying on the onmyouji's chest and all he could do was rub his back just to comfort the teen. There was something slowly breaking inside him as he listened to Kamui's sobs. He didn't understand what it was, but it felt like his heart was filled with so much anguish and silent panic. Kamui crying was something he already witnessed, almost every night for a year now ever since the Promised Day. But he still couldn't help but break at the sight of it even now. It was a sound he didn't like and never would. He hugged Kamui tighter.

"It's alright." Nokoru also knelt beside Subaru and patted Kamui's head. "You must have had a nightmare."

"Kamui…" Both Mokona and Shiro nuzzled at him just to get him to stop.

"Hey, kid." Fuuma managed to say. He was not a fan of comforting people and he certainly didn't have to be comforted so he didn't know how it's done. It worked, however, because Kamui immediately looked at him and whimpered.

"Kamui?" Subaru called, a little confused at the fact that Kamui was looking at Fuuma with anguished eyes. But before he could even confirm his dread, Kamui already ran to where Fuuma was and hugged the older man.

"K-Kamui?" Fuuma looked down and blinked. It was somehow cute that Kamui ran to him while crying, except for the fact that he was not that sadistic of a person. He hugged the boy back and only then did Kamui started to cease from crying.

"Like the blonde said, it's only a nightmare." He said as he caressed the boy's hair with his palm while his other hand supported Kamui's back.

Subaru's brow twitched in annoyance. Somehow he didn't like it that Kamui ran away from him while crying and then hugged Fuuma of all people. It would've been better if the boy hugged Shiro or Mokona. But it was Fuuma!

"Jealous?" Nokoru whispered beside him, obviously in the mood for teasing. Subaru gave him a glare and the blonde immediately broke out laughing.

"Why, Nokoru? What's the joke?" Mokona hopped on his shoulder and kept on persisting him to answer.

"No, no. Nothing, Mokona-san." Nokoru said, teary-eyed. "I might find myself hanged under that sakura tree if I ever voiced that again." And yet he still kept on laughing.

Subaru's irritation was rising and it didn't help the fact that Kamui was hugging Fuuma too tight and the latter was hugging him too.

"You two can stop snuggling each other now." Subaru managed to voice with a slight growl. Shiro looked at him meaningfully and had the look of someone realizing something so obvious.

Fuuma felt the dagger-like glare that Subaru kept throwing at him and he somehow couldn't help but comment. "Just yesterday you don't want to be any ten feet near Kamui and now you don't want anyone a meter near him?"

Subaru looked at him coldly, but his eyes widened when Fuuma smirked. He lifted Kamui up just so their faces were aligned, and immediately gave the boy a kiss on the cheek near, very near, his mouth. Kamui was surprised that he blinked at Fuuma before he visibly blushed, not that he wasn't red from all the crying he did.

Subaru stood up and immediately grabbed Kamui away from him. Nokoru was trying his hardest to stifle a laugh. He knew Fuuma was teasing Subaru, and the guy apparently won.

"Don't come near that guy." Subaru told Kamui just as he let the boy sit beside him and wiped the tears off of the teen's cheeks.

"Or you'll get pregnant, Kamui." Mokona said. Subaru's eyes widened and immediately grabbed the white fur ball on the head and threw him towards Nokoru. He was clearly a bad influence that would definitely taint Kamui's innocent mind. The blonde efficiently caught Mokona with two gentle hands.

Fuuma laughed softly when he heard the Sakura guy's comment. He didn't think Subaru would be this fun to tease. But he also knew deep inside him that it was only half a joke when he tried to kiss the boy on the mouth. Of course, he stopped at the last moment and only kissed Kamui near his lips. It was both erotic and sweet. Subaru looked at Fuuma again with his icy glare as if reading his very thought.

"That would've been fun, if it was really a joke." Shiro commented, which made them all look at him. "Oh, forget about me, I'm just talking in my sleep."

Nokoru looked at Fuuma, who only smirked. "Relax, it was really just a joke." He knew his prince would kill him if that person learned of what happened earlier. But he also knew that he only did it because Kamui looked so much like his prince…

"Really?" Nokoru asked in amusement. Now he thought that there would be two people he could tease with Kamui.

After that, they gathered some fruits from the nearby forest and ate quietly.

"Anyway, we should be going now." Mokona said as they finished eating. The fur ball glowed as huge wings on his back and pulled them all in another dimension.

And the next moment, Kamui found himself alone… again. He was once again in the middle of a forest. But everything looked too animated to actually be called a real forest. He looked down and his amethyst eyes immediately widened as he stared at himself.

"Oh, no…" He mumbled. "I'm dreaming… I should be dreaming…" He pinched his cheek and winced at the pain. "Oh no… I'm not dreaming..?"

He really wished he was. Looking down, all he could see himself wearing was a frilly dress with raven and crimson color combination. The entirety of the dress was black, except for a red ribbon on the middle of his chest and a red sash forming a ribbon with long lace on his back. The skirt measured only down to his middle thighs and they had fanned out design, too bulky, that he knew there were white frilly undergarments inside. He tried to flatten the skirt with his two hands in order to at least see his feet, but it was to no avail. The dress looked much like how Card captors usually wore in their card quest… Who again?

He also wore high pointed cute black boots with red ribbon each in front and he felt himself burning with so much embarrassment. He might be an amnesiac but he knew what he should and shouldn't be wearing. His initial plan was to remove the dress, but he realized he would have nothing to wear if he really took it off now. He sighed before he walked around to see if his companions would be somewhere in the forest.

A figure sprinted passed him and he immediately saw Shiro hopping away. "S-Shiro! Wait!" Wait! Wasn't he supposed to be a Kodan who looked more like a dog than a white rabbit?

Shiro, however, didn't seem to notice him and just continued hopping away. "I'm going to be late! I'm going to be late!" And he immediately transformed into his original size, twice as tall as Fuuma, and dashed forward, leaving Kamui gaping at him.

He ran as fast as he could, trying to catch up to the kodan who was nowhere to be found now. Suddenly, a figure appeared from behind him again.

"Hello there, young Princess!" Kamui turned and found Mokona up in the air, apparently floating.

"Mokona?" Kamui called. He didn't know if that was part of Mokona's 109 Secret Abilities. But the fur ball surely hadn't done that in the past.

"No! I'm Cheshire Mokona, you rude Princess!" Mokona scolded as he grinned darkly. "Shall I take you to the Hatter now?"

"Is this some sort of conspiracy against me, Mok–, Cheshire Mokona?" Kamui couldn't help but be suspicious. His companions were acting weird and he had no idea why.

"NO! Just follow Cheshire Mokona and you'll get to see Hatter, Princess!" He flew in the air and Kamui had to leap from tree to tree just to be able to follow. Hell, he should've done that earlier.

"Wait, I'm a princess? Is that why I'm wearing this strange frilly clothing?" Kamui asked in panic, a little loud so Mokona could hear him.

"Of course you're a princess! Did you hit your head somewhere? You should be more careful, Princess!" Mokona asked as he shook his head. "And just because you wear the traditional Princess clothing doesn't mean you can already call them strange! You really are rude! Maybe you really hit your head somewhere!"

"But I'm male!" Kamui shouted.

"But that doesn't change the fact that you're still the princess." Mokona looked like he was disappointed.

"Fine, where's this Hatter thing?" He asked and once again received once of those head shakes from the fur ball. But at least Mokona had forgotten his sad expression.

"Hatter is human, Princess! Do you have amnesia or something?" Mokona asked incredulously. "Anyway, we're here."

Kamui hopped from the tree onto the ground. He couldn't see anything except trees, trees, and more trees. There were a lot of bushes too. Mokona started hopping away and he immediately followed behind the fur ball while scanning his surroundings. Why was Shiro and Mokona acting weird?

He still hadn't answered the question when Mokona lead him to a place where there weren't much trees. The boy saw a long elegant table with a soft satin for cover. On the head side sat Subaru who wore a tattered black fedora hat. He smiled when his eyes met Kamui's. Now even Subaru was acting weird!

"Subaru?" Kamui called just as the man stood up from his seat and approached the raven-haired boy.

Kamui's eyes widened when Subaru knelt in one knee in front of him and extended out his hand. "It's good to finally see you, my Hime." Kamui reluctantly placed his hand on top of the man's, wondering what would be done to it, and Subaru bent his head and kissed it.

"Eh!?" Kamui looked too confused that Subaru blinked, though his grip on Kamui's hand was tight.

"Don't tell me you still want to deny me as your fiancée? You do know that your Mother the Red Queen chose me for you." Subaru looked a little hurt. "Please stop rejecting me, my Hime. It truly pains me to have my fiancée always running away with my archrival, the Doormouse."

Kamui stood there, stunned, as he looked at Subaru like the latter was the craziest person in the whole universe. What exactly was going on here?




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