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Chapter 17

"E-Excuse me?" Kamui stuttered. "Can you repeat that again? What are you talking about, Subaru?"

"Hatter, I think the princess hit his head and has amnesia right now." Mokona mumbled sadly, looking at the now shocked older male.

"I-Is that true, my Hime?" Subaru asked, deep and unfathomable worry etched on his gaze and expression.

Kamui couldn't help but let his stunned expression melt into a warm smile, which made Subaru's eyes widened. "I'm fine, Subar–, H-Hatter." More than the fact that he was shocked to the extreme, the only expression he didn't want Subaru to have, may he be a fake or not, was a worried or pained expression.

With that act, Subaru immediately stood up and locked Kamui in his arms. The boy was too surprised that he immediately blushed. Subaru pulled out of the hug for a bit to take a good long look at Kamui and gave the boy a warm and blissful smile when he saw Kamui blushing deeply. It seemed he was so amused at the fact that his lover was behaving so differently than usual.

"I guess there are bright sides in having some amnesia after all." Mokona mumbled amusedly as he nodded to himself, though sadly, the two males were too busy looking at one another to even notice that he was still present there.

"You're really cute, my Hime." Subaru kissed the boy's forehead. Kamui looked too stunned to even talk. He was even actually gaping. For the cool and collected Sakurazukamori to say cheesy lines like that was unheard of, if not entirely impossible. "Please tell me, am I dreaming right now? It seemed so good to be true, for you to even look at me, Hime…"

"I think that question should be asked by me…" Kamui mumbled, not knowing how to react when Subaru's face was just inches from his. He could practically inhale Subaru's intoxicatingly sweet scent and feel the older male's breath on his flushed cheeks. It was making him feel a little giddy, if not happy.

There was only one explanation about all this. This was nothing but a dream… Yes, Kamui must be dreaming. Yes, that would explain everything..! Maybe he landed in another dimension only to get his head hit on the ground and lose consciousness! Or maybe it was the result of the still awkward moments between him and Subaru? They had just talked after some days of totally ignoring each other's presence and he must've been dreaming about it. Or maybe it was because he just liked Subaru so much…

The younger male couldn't help but blush at the thought. Just thinking that he was dreaming of Subaru right now was enough to make him blush to the tips of his hair. Subaru chuckled when he saw the teen fidgeting while blushing, making Kamui stare at him in amazement – momentarily forgetting his embarrassment. Subaru was starting to do all the things that he always wanted to see the man do and he felt like he was really dreaming. "Subaru…"

"You keep calling me by that name. Where did you get that?" Subaru didn't look particularly annoyed, just plain curious. He tipped his head to the side, an act that was so cute it was making the younger male blush again.

Kamui chuckled, not really knowing how to explain that the man in front of him might be going crazy by saying things like that. Subaru's eyes immediately widened at the other's action. He had never ever seen his Hime smile in his direction and now he was chuckling. He closed his eyes to etch the memory deep in his mind and heart.

"Hime…" Subaru voiced, cool and sweet at the same time.

"Huh?" Kamui looked up, only to be stunned again by Subaru's next words.

"Can I…" Subaru's cheeks flushed and this scene didn't escape Kamui's beyond shocked eyes. Subaru was acting like a coy princess! Now he didn't know if the dream he was having was romantic or just plain disturbing. "Can I kiss you?"

Kamui stopped. He stared into those mismatched eyes and saw utter seriousness and fear.

Subaru feared that he would be rejected. Maybe he was getting ahead of himself. He was already five years engaged to his Hime and yet the cool and aloof princess chose to let her first kiss be shared with that damn Doormouse. If only this would last forever…

Kamui gulped. He didn't know what to say. He was never asked about such things yet, and it was really embarrassing to be directly asked, especially by Subaru. He remembered the last kiss they shared and the tragedy that followed. He didn't want that to be repeated again.

"I-It's okay if you don't want to. I'm sorry I'm just getting a little too ahead of myself." Subaru immediately dismissed the topic and chuckled a little, but Kamui saw the immediate flash of pain in the other's eyes.

"N-No, it's okay…" Kamui said shyly, barely a whisper. "I… don't mind…" He didn't want to see Subaru in pain. It's not that he didn't like it, he was just… stunned.

Subar smiled at him and Kamui was glad that his mismatched eyes were relieved. "Are you sure?"

The boy just nodded, fidgeting with his dress a little. He didn't mind if it was Subaru… Actually, he would love it if it was Subaru… No! What was he thinking!? He blushed deeply just thinking about it. Oh, well… He might just get over his shyness and take advantage of this sweet and beautiful dream he was having.

Kamui smiled sweetly and shyly pulled Subaru closer by clutching the latter's clothing. He hesitated for a moment, realizing he might be forcing the older male. But when he looked at Subaru, the latter had a brow arched, silently asking why he stopped.

The teen chuckled and, blushing a little, shyly leaned closer and gently touched Subaru's warm and soft lips with his own. His innocence immediately got in the way and he thought that kind of kiss was already deep and passionate enough. He was about to break their lips apart when he felt Subaru's hand hold his nape, pulling him even closer. Kamui gasped in surprise and he felt rather than saw Subaru smirked.

"I don't think my existence is still needed." Mokona mumbled. "I guess I'll just have to flirt with the Black Mokona." He then started hopping off on his own. "I wonder where he is right now…"

Subaru playfully licked Kamui's lower lip and the latter immediately turned deep crimson. Kamui closed his eyes and let the other male enter his moist mouth. Subaru was a rather good and experienced kisser even inside a dream and he proved that fact once again. He played with Kamui's tongue and the boy felt like he was about to melt in Subaru's arms. Subaru moaned seductively and gently pushed his lover on a tree and pressed against him. Kamui gasped in surprise at the action, making Subaru deepen their kiss even more, if that was even possible.

Subaru's hands began to travel down Kamui's side seductively, making the latter moan. He circled his arms around the older man's neck, pulling him even closer. He could feel his shaft slowly getting hard because of the pleasurable sensation of Subaru's tongue inside his mouth, not to mention the man's exploring hands, and he was thankful that his dress was fanned out so it wasn't obvious.

Subaru parted their mouth reluctantly in order to breath, a thin line of saliva connecting their tongue. Kamui looked dazed as he looked at the other male and Subaru's eyes held both lust and love at the same time while keeping his gaze at his lover. Licking the streak of drool beside Kamui's mouth, his lips started to travel lower down the boy's jaw and down to his neck.

Kamui arched his head for Subaru to have better access over his creamy flesh, his arms around Subaru's neck tightening unconsciously. Subaru nibbled and licked and sucked the boy's flushed flesh with utter gentleness and seduction. His lust-glazed eyes would dart on Kamui's pleasured expression once in a while before continuing. He liked this person so much. He wanted to pleasure Kamui more than he wanted to feel pleasure. He wanted to hear the boy's moans and screams of pleasure and ecstasy and he bet he was getting horny now. And yet, he still wanted more… He wanted all of Kamui…

Subaru could practically feel his shaft bulging from his pants and he was glad Kamui could not feel it because of the latter's frilly dress. He really looked too cute and sexy at the same time that Subaru was barely escaping a gush of perverted nosebleed. Kamui was just so beautiful… so gorgeous and so charming… not to mention too sexy and delicious for his own good.

"Subaru…" Kamui voiced, still eyes closed.

"Hmm?" Subaru answered even though it wasn't his name. Well, he practically knew he was the one being called anyway.

"Please do it with me…" The answer was in a shy and quiet voice. Kamui looked stunned as well. Was it his voice just now? He did say that?! He didn't even remember the words forming in his mind! Was he that much of a closet pervert?!

"I would like to, but… are you sure?" Subaru asked again, blushing deeply. "I might not be able to stop myself even if you decide to back out."

Kamui reddened once again, thinking about how on earth that sentence managed to sneak up on him, before he nodded. Well, this was practically a dream anyway… There would be no harm done once he wakes up… And besides, he knew inside that he liked Subaru only so much…

"Then do you want to strip me..?" Subaru voiced flirtatiously.

Kamui chuckled shyly as he nodded. Subaru smiled and leaned both his hands on either side of Kamui, trapping the boy between him and the tree. Kamui gazed at his lover's handsome face and sexy slender body for a while before his hands reached up to him. Subaru hummed as he was slowly stripped off of his clothes by his lover. First, Kamui took off the Hatter's top hat, dropping it unceremoniously on the ground. Then he pulled down the man's brown neck tie… then unbuttoned his black vest. It wouldn't come off though because it was tucked in the older male's black pants.

The younger boy's eyes widened when he realized that his lover was hard. The pair of pants was kind of tight and his shaft was bulging.

Kamui bit his lower lip as he glanced at his lover. He saw how those mismatched eyes were silently challenging him to take his pants off. Kamui's eyes widened again when Subaru smirked because he guessed right. The younger boy gulped. Okay, it seemed this Subaru/Hatter was proving to be a little, no, a lot more perverted than the real one.

Subaru watched as Kamui turned redder and redder as he struggled to unclasp the older male's belt. The Hatter could also feel himself get harder and harder from just watching his flustered sexy lover. Once it was already pried open, Kamui unbuttoned Subaru's pants and he heard the older male moaned behind his ears when the back of his hand accidentally brushed against the hard manhood.

Kamui smirked, though only a shadow of the one he always used back when he still had his memories, and stopped working on the Subaru's pants. He resumed on unbuttoning the rest of the older male's vest and he heard Subaru groaned in impatience.

The boy couldn't help but chuckle at his lover's attitude. Subaru was always calm and collected, even when he's angry. He was so used to Subaru being so cold and aloof, not hot and burning with intense lust and desire. This dream was proving to be the direct opposite of the Subaru that he knew… And yet, he felt that it was really Subaru despite the total opposite character…

Subaru bit his lover's ear tenderly and he felt Kamui shivered. He let the boy took off his vest while wondering how he would seductively take off Kamui's clothing.

Kamui bit his lower lip to not moan while Subaru continued to lick and nibble on his pulse, the one just behind his ear. He was starting to shiver again in pure delight. And after some half-hearted try on unbuttoning Subaru's white long sleeves, he settled on just clutching tightly on the sleeves while quietly, or at least trying his best to stay quiet, reveling on the pleasure that Subaru was giving him.

"Hime…" Subaru murmured quietly as he continued kissing Kamui's neck, jaw, and throat. He soon found out that Kamui's clothing was in the way, though he was not in any hurry to unclothe his shy lover. His hands, instead, traveled downwards slowly, taking in every shape and curves of the younger male and making Kamui's breath hitch.

"Subaru…" Kamui voiced, much too dazed by pleasure. Subaru's lips found his jaw and then his lips, licking his way in. Kamui moaned in Subaru's mouth and the older male readily absorbed the sound. His hands traveled even downwards, down on Kamui's skirt. He might not be in a hurry to undress Kamui but he didn't say anything about not touching his lover under the clothing.

Kamui gasped when he felt his lover's hands teased him from under his skirt. He visibly blushed, not that he wasn't blushing just a few moments ago. Subaru smiled mischievously. "You're pretty aroused, Hime."

His one hand had found its way inside Kamui's underwear while his other hand supported his lover, holding him on the waist. Kamui's eyes widened when the pleasure he felt suddenly escalated. His lover just rubbed a thumb on his tip. A pleasured whimper came out of his mouth and Subaru kissed him again.

The younger male moaned when Subaru started rubbing the tip of his manhood repeatedly, giving him tons of tons of pleasure. Subaru worked on undoing the ribbon behind Kamui's dress with his other hand and it fell on the dress's each side. He then worked on the zipper along the back of the dress, making the younger male's back totally exposed.

Kamui continued to moan and shiver in delight at the pleasure attacking his every pleasure point while Subaru continued his ministration on his dripping length and the Hatter's mouth sucked on the skin in between his neck and shoulder. He gave one last loud moan before he came on the onmyouji's hand, feeling embarrassed and dazed.

Subaru lifted up his cum-filled hand and licked the white liquid from it, much to Kamui's shock and embarrassment. The younger male watched in utter disbelief as Subaru licked every last bit of semen erotically. When he finished, he pulled Kamui into another breathtaking and torrid kiss just as he circled his hand on the younger male's shaft once more. Earlier, all he did was rub the tip until Kamui came. Now, he started pumping the length until it was hard again.

"What are you doing to my lover!?" A voice broke their kiss and they both stared at the man who stood at least three meters away from them. Kamui assumed he was the Doormouse that Subaru, the Hatter, was talking about. But seeing him, Kamui could only call him by one name.

"F-Fuuma?" Kamui called. Fuuma looked like he was in between aggravation and confusion.

"Princess, come here. That selfish man will not give you happiness." Fuuma held out his hand, still thinking that Kamui was forced.

"But Subaru is my fiancée… right?" His gaze turned to Subaru who only nodded, cold gaze still fixed on Fuuma. Now, that's the gaze that Kamui was familiar with. It's the kind of eyes that were filled with deadly venom and utter coldness.

"Princess, what is the meaning of this?" Fuuma looked utterly confused now. "You told me you loved me, and that you will elope with me! You told me your mother Nokoru, the Red Queen, only forced you into having him as a fiancée! Have you forgotten that? You and I are lovers even before you were engaged to that selfish Hatter!"

Kamui looked in between Subaru and Fuuma in confusion. It was supposed to be his dream! Why was there too much he didn't know? How come he had two lovers? How come he didn't know they were his lovers? And how come he still had amnesia even in a dream? Really, what the hell was going on here?

"Stop trying to get in my way, Doormouse." Subaru spoke the name with such contempt that Kamui didn't know if the real Subaru even had. His hold on Kamui's waist tightened, making the teen blush a little.

"Shut up, Hatter." Fuuma returned the deadly voice with the same intensity. "We both know that the Princess and I have a relationship. And that the two of you have nothing but a piece of paper junk stating your status as fiancées. He doesn't belong to you, Hatter. And you know that."

For a while, the youngest male was caught in between the deadly electricity emanating from the two rivals. But even if Fuuma couldn't see it, Kamui could. Subaru was in pain, a lot of it. He was hurt by Fuuma's words… The mere fact that Subaru's hold on him was getting too tight proved everything. And he didn't want Subaru to ever be in pain… He liked Subaru so much…"Fuuma, I like you. But I like Subaru too…" Kamui caught what he was saying and – shaking his head as he tried to think of a more appropriate word – changed it. "I mean… I like Subaru more… No, I like Subaru only."

"What did you do to my Princess!?" Fuuma looked like he was raging in anger, and only Kamui's presence was preventing him from attacking Subaru now.

Even the Hatter was in deep shock. He had never heard the princess speak of him like that at all. It seemed what Kamui had was a lot more than just a mere amnesia. And it made him nervous and scared that the princess might remember his feelings for his real lover. But above all that, he was more than happy to hear Kamui's words.

"Am I late?" Shiro jumped in between them, and seeing that no bloodbath had occurred yet, he sighed in relief. "I see that I wasn't late at all."

"The White Queen?" Subaru arched an eyebrow. Kamui looked at Shiro. The White Queen? "And now you call for your mother, Doormouse?"

"I believe I should be present as well then." Nokoru voiced from their side. "My son Kamui-hime is to be wed to Mad Hatter. There will be no further discussions."

"Wait a minute, nee-san." Shiro called. "You can't just ignore my son's feeling with your selfish decision. My son loves Hime as much as the Hatter loves him."

"That is of no concern to me." Nokoru brought out his fan and fanned himself before he looked at the Doormouse. "My Hime is already betrothed to Hatter. It is sinful to continue having an affair with him. You should stop your selfish actions, Doormouse."

Now, Kamui was thinking if this dream was really his or if he was just one of the characters. He couldn't understand what's going on, and he didn't think he wanted to know, what with all the conflicts and complications.

Kamui's shaft twitched and he reddened when he realized that Subaru was still holding it. And it was still pretty hard…

Fuuma's eyes narrowed at the teen's sudden embarrassment. Then it widened when he realized that Hatter was probably harassing his princess under that dress. He immediately padded over the two and immediately closed the distance between him and Kamui.

Kamui's eyes widened as he was sandwiched in between Subaru and Fuuma, who was now having a glaring contest. Queen Shiro sighed at his son's stubbornness and Queen Nokoru looked proud that his son had two admirers, even if he wouldn't admit it.

"What do you think you're doing?" Fuuma questioned threateningly, glaring at the Hatter with all his might.

"What I am doing with my lover is none of your business, Doormouse." Subaru almost snarled the words.

A gasp broke the two male's glaring contest and they looked down on Kamui who was visibly trying to hide the fact that he was blushing furiously. Subaru then realized that the gasp was because he was holding Kamui's shaft a little bit too tightly. And it seemed Fuuma realized that too.

"Fuuma!" He gasped again when he felt Fuuma touch his backside. Why were they harassing him!? And now he was the prize for their competition? Had he no say to this?

Fuuma hugged Kamui from behind and pulled him closer as he leaned on the tree where Kamui leaned earlier. Subaru didn't let go of Kamui, however, and was pulled together with the younger male.

"W-What are you two doing?" Kamui voiced, much too embarrassed and high in pleasure, as Fuuma grinded at him from behind and Subaru in front. Both of the males were hard and he was just as hard himself. Kamui could only moan at the insane pleasure the two were giving him and he could feel all rational thoughts slipping from his mind.

Both Subaru and Fuuma were looking at him with lust and desire, and love and warmth. It was enough to make them stop their competition for a while and focus more on pleasuring him than polishing their own ego.

"I think I can share just this once, just this once." Fuuma murmured, emphasizing the last part with a hiss.

"Hn." Subaru answered distractedly, too busy grinding against Kamui's hips.

Kamui's face was lifted by Fuuma's hand and the latter's lips quickly descended to the younger male's. Subaru saw how Kamui melted into the kiss and felt a pang of jealousy, but if it meant that Kamui would be with him, even if the Doormouse was there, then he wouldn't mind. He kissed Kamui's neck as he took off the teen's frilly choker. He was fumbling for the button of Kamui's clothing, to finally remove the dress once and for all, when a blinding light made them abruptly stop.

"Return to where you belong, Clow Card!" And the blinding light vanished.

Kamui found himself panting as he slowly opened his eyes. It seemed he was finally awake from the dream. He immediately reddened as he remembered how Subaru kissed him and how Fuuma kissed him while Subaru nibbled at his neck. Not to mention that he came in Subaru's hand… That was… quite embarrassing… How he managed to have that attitude, he didn't know. He knew he was quite innocent from such sexual things before the dream began. And now he knew what those things meant.

"Are you alright?" He looked up and saw a teenage girl with light brunette hair and bright green eyes beaming down at them while wearing... Kamui's eyes widened. That's the dress he was wearing in his dream! He looked at his surrounding and saw his companions lying on the soft grassy ground in much the same manner as he was. Subaru and Fuuma both had sleepy eyes but they were on their guard. Nokoru was yawning and Mokona was still nuzzling on his lap. Shiro was stretching. The sky had a faded color of orange. Clearly it was a little over sunset. "Sorry for getting you all involved. That was a Clow Card just now. You were sleeping on the ground and then the Dream Card saw you and casted a spell on all of you." She bowed. "I'm really sorry."

"Who're you?" Mokona asked, clearly still a bit out of it.

"I'm Sakura Kinomoto, a Card Captor." She smiled sheepishly. "Oh, I know! As an apology, you can all come to my house so I can cook for you!"

"NO, thank–" Fuuma was about to say when he was interrupted.

"Of course, thank you. Actually, we're pretty hungry." Nokoru said with a charming smile that didn't seem to work on Sakura. Maybe she already loved someone. Fuuma gave him a glare which he readily ignored.

"Have you no pride?" Fuuma hissed quietly but Nokoru only smiled.

"I don't care about pride when my stomach is rumbling." He answered. Well, Kamui and Subaru couldn't argue to that.

And so, all of them followed the teenage girl quietly, not looking at one another.

"What's a Clow Card? And what's this Dream Card?" Nokoru asked, but before Sakura could even answer, Mokona already beat her into it.

"Clow Cards are the magical Cards that Clow Reed, the most powerful magician, made from his power." Mokona explained. Sakura gave her a surprised look but didn't comment. "And I don't know anything about the Dream Card."

"Show off." Fuuma muttered under his breath.

Sakura simply chuckled. "Dream Card is a card that makes you dream of something that you wish for, though if not properly supervised, will turn out into a major illusion, twisting the supposed dreams that you have." Nokoru nodded in understanding. Fuuma merely shrugged, and Subaru and Kamui had no reaction whatsoever, at least none that showed on their faces. Shiro yawned as he walked on all fours.

"I've dreamed that I was a parent, instead of a simple husband. Does that mean I want a son?" Shiro shuddered, stealing a glance at Fuuma who glared at him. Nokoru could relate to that dream and he looked at Kamui who looked too innocent for his own good. Sakura chuckled again.

Fuuma closed his eyes as he remembered his dream. How the hell would he be someone who'd dare get in between Subaru and Kamui? He already had his own special someone. And even if that special someone looked a lot like Kamui, he was not at all Kamui. He sighed as he remembered agreeing to that damn thing, threesome was it?

Subaru sighed as he remembered the dream that he just had. The Kamui inside his dream was the complete opposite of the Kamui he knew. Was that really his wish? He shook his head as he tried to forget the indecent way in which he wanted to touch the younger boy. How could he even dream of such dirty things when all he wanted was for Kamui to be safe and happy when he was awake? He wanted to believe that the Dream Card just went berserk and had forgotten to really read what's on their mind. And yet… he still had to fight off the blush that was threatening to appear on his pale cheeks as he remembered how Kamui's moans sounded and how his lips and skin tasted…

The onmyouji found his way beside Kamui and looked at him worriedly. "Are you alright?" He asked. Kamui only nodded. He couldn't look at Subaru because of the dream he just had. How could he even explain that his so-called wish was to have Subaru as a lover? Or worse, to have both Subaru and Fuuma as lovers? Surely, the Dream Card was unsupervised and thus it was leaning more to being a mere illusion, right?

"What did you dream of?" Subaru asked, still a little worried that Kamui was so quiet. He was afraid that Kamui dreamed of disappearing again. After all, it was the teen's wish. He couldn't have that. "Kamui?" The others looked at the two of them, realizing that Subaru was somehow upset for Kamui.

"I'm fine." Kamui finally looked at Subaru and smiled, seeing the worried look on the other man's face. He didn't want to worry Subaru just because he was embarrassed at his dream. "I didn't have any major dream." Only the most extreme one.

Subaru visibly relaxed though he wouldn't admit it. He brushed the hair from Kamui's face and tucked it behind his ears. Kamui found that Subaru had that habit, but he didn't mind. It was actually even affectionate and he liked it. The onmyouji continued stroking Kamui's hair until they reached the house which screamed of Kamui's power.

"Feather!" Mokona's bright blue eyes opened, and they all looked at him in surprise before their gaze turned to Sakura who looked slightly confused.




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