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Chapter 22

The trio managed to spend their time eating free cakes and tea, black coffee in Subaru's case, because the fur ball managed to eat two whole cakes in the span of two minutes, even setting a new time record for the shop which anyone doubted would be broken by another any time soon.

Subaru, sitting across from the teen, watched as Kamui messily ate his third slice of cake. The older male took a tissue from the table, just beside where Mokona sat while eating his eighth slice aside from the two whole cakes, and gently wiped the teen's mouth with it. Kamui continued munching and even smiled happily at the onmyouji's action. Mokona grinned knowingly again behind his cup of tea.

In the end, Subaru ate the littlest because he was more concerned in Kamui's well-being than his own appetite, though he never really liked sweets that much in the first place. But seeing Kamui eating cakes happily was making his heart flutter in silent delight. Not to mention it's making his more indecent side more alive than usual…

If only these moments with Kamui would last forever…

After a while, the three left the shop with full stomachs and happy hearts. They continued walking in the busy street, skidding through the crowd with idleness that could only be brought upon by the cakes, until they reached another park.

"Ooh." Mokona voiced just as he whistled at the sight. This park was a lot different than earlier.

This one had a huge lake in the middle of a garden of flowers and many couples were boating on the water. There were trees circling the square lake, where benches were located. There were even butterflies flying here and there, and Mokona started hopping again, though not going anywhere far.

The two males sat on one of the benches just as they watched the gleaming water under the sun with all its occupants boating in the middle.

Subaru couldn't help but feel that he did not belong in the place. It was just too bright and peaceful, unlike the place where the Sakurazukamori was supposed to be found – the darkness and coldness of the silent night. He closed his eyes as he sighed. He knew he wasn't supposed to be enjoying this scenery while so many of his victims failed to even see the light of day anymore. He knew he had no right to spend this precious moment with Kamui because he was someone who could only taint everything and leave blood in his wake.

"Subaru?" Kamui's voice brought the onmyouji out of his musing and he looked at the younger male with curiosity.

"What is it?" From the corner of his eyes, Subaru could see Mokona picking out flowers in the garden even though there was a sign which said no picking of flowers. The idiot…

"Are you okay? You somehow look upset." Kamui asked in concern as he shifted, sitting closer to the older male as his hand gripped the sleeve of the older male's coat unconsciously.

The action didn't escape Subaru and he couldn't help but smile in Kamui's subtle ways of comfort. "I'm alright." He patted the teen's head again before kissing his hair, making the younger male blush a little. And that was enough to take his mind off from depressing things. "Do you want to go boating?" Kamui's face perked up at that and he immediately nodded.

"Me too! I want to go boating!" Mokona immediately hopped towards them, much to Subaru's annoyance. Couldn't they go and do something without an annoying childish chaperon for a change?

And after some minutes, the three were already in a small boat, with Subaru as the one padding through the water. There was a roof so they couldn't feel much of the sun's heat, adding to the fact that the air felt cool.

Kamui looked like an excited child and the Sakurazukamori could watch him forever just being like that. The teen was chuckling in excitement together with a much annoying fur ball who was starting to piss him off even more. Getting all of Kamui's precious time and attention… He sighed. But as long as Kamui was happy, then he didn't mind. At least not that much…

"Ah! That!" Mokona pointed at a particular small boat with only one occupant. This boat didn't seem to be in the water merely for fun. The boat was filled with many snacks and beverages and the other boats would sometimes go near it to buy something from the vendor.

"He's selling foods while in a boat." Kamui said in amazement and Subaru sighed before he padded nearer the vendor.

Since they just finished eating cakes, the three decided that snacks were enough for now. Mokona bought a really big chip, courtesy of Subaru's wallet, while the two other males bought two chips and a popsicle. Since it had two sticks, Subaru decided to split it apart for him and Kamui to share. The younger male started licking and popping the thing in and out of his mouth while sucking it and the onymouji cleared his throat as he willed himself to look away, lest he wanted to embarrass himself in front of Kamui by having an uncontrolled bodily reaction.

After a while, they settled on just idly letting the small waves of the water carry them wherever it wanted, not that they could go anywhere what with the brick wall filled with flowers as the lake's enclosure. There were falling leaves from the trees to the lake and they all watched in amusement as the leaves floated on the water, creating tiny ripples in it in the process. And Subaru thought that he wanted to try something nice for Kamui to see.

Kamui was watching the leaves fall from the trees' branches contentedly when the voices of people in the other boats and others beside the lake managed to catch his attention. Just as he looked at them, he saw, to his amazement and surprise, hundreds and hundreds of cherry blossoms falling down from the sky in idleness. It's as if it was raining with pink cherry blossom petals and the teen could only gape, wide-eyed, in amazement. His huge amethyst eyes reflected the little falling beauties with contentment.

Subaru smiled in satisfaction when he saw how Kamui reacted to his little stunt. It was amusing how his power had other uses than simply taking the lives of people. And if Kamui appreciated this side of him as well, he knew that he would never leave the teen's side in as much as forever…

Mokona could only gulp as he watched the beautiful falling petals. He knew how in one mere second these lovely pink petals could turn more than deadly and kill everyone here in the lake right now. But of course, seeing as Subaru would rather kill himself than hurt Kamui, that thing would be impossible to happen.

"Did you do all of this?" Kamui asked as he continued to gaze at the beautiful scenery in front of him. By now, many petals were already on the water and many more were still falling from above. It looked as if the lake was painted pink with all the cherry blossoms floating on it.

"Do you like it?" Subaru asked a question of his own, knowing full well that his question already had his answer in it. Kamui giggled, a scene that made Subaru almost lose his balance in the boat, before the teen nodded eagerly. The onmyouji had never seen the teen act like that before and it somehow took him by surprise. The sudden urge to glomp the teen and do some indecent things to him were making it hard for the Sakurazukamori to concentrate.

"It's very beautiful… These same petals were the ones I saw when I first woke up." Kamui closed his eyes as he reminisced, effectively forcing Subaru out of his indecent musings. "In that room, there was a balcony. I was there and when I opened my eyes, there were many cherry blossoms falling down the sky too." Mokona and Subaru both remembered that time as well. It was the first time Kamui awakened without his memories. Those petals were made so that everyone would fall asleep. And yet, it was so ironic that Kamui woke up for the first time since their journey seeing something that was supposed to bring sleep to everybody.

Now, Subaru was thankful that he didn't make those petals so that it would slice up everyone into mincemeat. Kamui could've woken up only to see some bloody scene before him. "Would you still like it if you see it killing people..?" He asked quietly, not wanting to spoil Kamui's fun but also couldn't help but voice his fear.

Kamui opened his eyes again and looked at Subaru's mismatched eyes. "I can't say I will like it… But it is your power and I find it very beautiful, regardless of what it does. I will accept it because it is part of who you are."

Subaru cupped Kamui's cheek with his gloved hand and kissed his forehead. "You don't fear it..?" He whispered in a pained voice just beside the younger male's ear. Kamui shook his head and the onmyouji couldn't help but hug him tightly. "Thank you…" And it sounded as if Subaru was thanking Kamui for more than just one thing.

Mokona clearing his throat immediately snapped the two out of their intimate hug and the Sakurazukamori glared coldly at the fur ball for interrupting them. Kamui merely blushed at the fact that he somehow forgot Mokona's existence for a while there. The sakura petals had ceased from falling and the lake looked completely pink.

"Since you both are in a date and all, shouldn't you watch some movie next?" Mokona asked after they finished their renting time and were now walking in the park again.

"Movie?" Kamui tilted his head to the side, completely not knowing what that meant. Nor what the word 'date' meant for that matter.

Subaru's eyes, on the other hand, widened at the mention of the 'd' word. He really wasn't thinking of it as such just earlier, but he truly felt that Mokona shouldn't be with them. Did that mean he was unconsciously considering this as date?

"Watching movie is something you do with your lover, Kamui." Mokona explained, both he and Kamui were totally oblivious about a certain onmyouji's inner struggle as well as self-consciousness and embarrassment.

"Movie is nice, I think." Subaru suddenly said, making Kamui and the fur ball look at him with different expressions. Mokona was grinning while looking at him with narrow eyes, as if teasing him without saying anything at all – which annoyed him a lot – and Kamui looked in between curious and excited. "Do you want to see a movie?" He asked with his cool tone before he sighed in relief at the automatic nod from Kamui.

"I think popcorn will go together with the movie!" Mokona voiced excitedly when they entered the movie theater. There were many people lining up for four different movies and none of the trio had any idea on what kind of genre each movie would be.

Subaru immediately glared at the fur ball and the latter immediately used Kamui as a shield by pouting cutely at the younger male. The teen in turn looked up at Subaru with cute innocence. "Can we have some popcorn?"

If Kamui wanted it… It didn't matter if Mokona was the one who thought of it. If it would make Kamui happy too, then it's worth the annoyance and the effort – not to mention the money that would be thrown. The onmyouji sighed in resignation as he walked over to the popcorn stall. He didn't know where both Kamui and Mokona could get the appetite to eat just about anything edible. They had just finished eating before they all went to the theater and now they wanted to eat again. Or maybe it was just that fur ball who wanted it and Kamui was just too kind to resist those annoying puppy, or rather, fur ball eyes.

"Here's the popcorn." Subaru said when he neared them. Kamui smiled sweetly at the onmyouji and uttered his gratitude for it, immediately making him forget about his line of thought.

The older male patted Kamui's head. And just from the way the teen immediately blushed – no matter how slightly – at the contact, Subaru couldn't help but smile. It was barely visible on his lips but both Kamui and Mokona were still able to see it.

"You're smiling a lot now, Subaru." Kamui pointed with his own smile. He took some popcorn to his fingers and put them in Subaru's mouth, which the latter chewed slowly while trying to hide the small blush of embarrassment. Mokona's grin widened at that, much to the onmyouji's annoyance.

Subaru cleared his throat and looked at the posters of movies to be shown at that hour. "What movie do you like to watch, Kamui?"

Kamui looked at his older companion first before his eyes darted towards the posters which promote the movies. "Those… are movies? Aren't we already watching them now?"

Subaru was about to explain when Mokona was the one who voiced the explanation. He was initially on Kamui's chest, but he jumped on the teen's shoulder. "Kamui, those are only posters of the movies that people watch in the theater. A movie is like moving pictures that portray a story. Actors and actresses act their roles to make a story and enable people to watch them in a big screen. Or so Yuuko-san said."

Kamui blinked. It was still a little confusing but somehow he got the gist of it. He looked at Subaru who patted him on the head again before he looked at the posters again. "Is that a nice movie?" He asked when he settled his eyes on a hugging couple. The couple, one male and one female, were hugging one another as if their life depended on it. Their eyes were watery and shining, like how posters usually portrayed the main characters.

Subaru's left eye twitched as he looked at the poster, but he didn't comment. He never liked those sappy movies which only turn out to be a major cheesiness and annoyance. Not to mention that those movies always have themes not suitable for very young audiences. And parental guidance is recommended.

"Is it not good?" Kamui asked again, face slowly losing the smile that it had.

"No, no. It's fine. It's fine." Subaru immediately patted Kamui's head and padded towards the lined up people together with his two companions. "We'll line up here so you shouldn't eat all that popcorn yet." He glared at Mokona when he said the last statement. Thankfully, Kamui was too busy looking at other people to notice.

After some minutes of waiting and lining up, Kamui and the others were able to find themselves a good seat at last. Subaru chose the seat in the balcony so they wouldn't have to stretch out their heads in order to see the screen. He sat on the chair nearest to the aisle while Kamui sat on the chair to his left. Mokona sat on the teen's lap. The fur ball didn't have to pay for the ticket since the staff thought he was just a mere stuffed animal.

Subaru's two companions kept on eating the popcorn up until the screen turned white and the paid ads showed up. Kamui immediately stopped eating, staring at the huge screen with wide eyes. Subaru already anticipated the questions, and he wasn't disappointed when the teen asked them. "Why are they inside the screen? Why are they so big?"

"They aren't inside the screen, Kamui. What you're seeing now is nothing but a record of what they filmed. They're big because they are projected largely." Subaru explained calmly. He looked at Kamui then, expecting the boy to nod. But all he saw was the teen's confused face. The onymouji smiled and patted the younger male's head, only to realize that he kept on doing the action unconsciously. "You don't have to know all those things, Kamui. It's alright if you just enjoy what you see."

"Do I annoy you by asking too much?" Kamui asked, a little afraid of the answer he would hear. But instead of answering, Subaru only shook his head and smiled again. And more than any other kind of answer, that one satisfied the teen the most.

The movie has just started when a couple sat on Kamui's other side, with one chair as a space between them and the teen. Subaru noticed them too but didn't put much attention to them since the movie was already starting. He wanted to watch it because he wanted to be able to answer whatever question Kamui might ask later. He knew it might be a little arrogant of him but he wanted to be the one to answer Kamui when the latter asked and not some fur ball who would probably spend the whole movie time eating their snacks.

That was also the reason why he didn't notice it when Kamui already stopped watching the movie in the middle of it and just focused his attention on something else. He didn't notice anything until much, much later when he finally noticed that Mokona had already eaten all the snacks and was now sleeping soundly on the teen's lap.

"Kamui?" He called when he saw the younger male looking somewhere else. He followed the teen's line of vision and saw, to his annoyance and irritation, the couple beside them kissing as if they were in their bedroom. Or rather, he thought that maybe the two had started like that earlier, since they were far over from kissing by now and had already moved on to the next base. The guy was sitting on the chair with two legs apart while the girl was sitting on his lap with her back on him and facing the screen. It was nothing at first glance, especially since the light was so dim one could barely see anything except the huge white screen. But for those who sat close to the two, they could easily see that the guy had his one hand inside the girl's unbuttoned blouse and his other hand under her loose skirt.

The onmyouji couldn't help but remember something else when he saw that scene. That dream which he had as Mad Hatter… What more was the fact that the guy's jeans was unbuttoned and was placed lower than how people normally wore their pants. Not to mention they were subtly rocking against each other.

"Kamui." Subaru called again, a little louder this time. The teen looked at him so abruptly he could almost laugh, if it weren't for the slight tinge of red on the other's cheeks. "Don't look at them." He said the last statement in a quieter voice. Kamui only nodded, still blushing slightly, and Subaru couldn't help but heave a deep sigh. Now he lost all his concentration on the movie. And he even did his best to watch it from the very start just so he could answer any of Kamui's would-be questions…

"They're… doing it so publicly…" Kamui voiced his observation, making Subaru sigh again. They both looked at Mokona when the latter shifted in position, almost making him fall if it weren't for Kamui's immediate reflex to grab him.

"Is it finished yet..?" The fur ball said in a blurry voice, still thick with drowsiness. He was awakened by the teen's action and slowly shifted in position once again.

"It's finished now." Subaru said as they saw the credits at the end of the movie. "Shall we go?"

Kamui stood up, hugging Mokona once again, when he saw Subaru strode behind their seat and onto the couple who had just finished their lovemaking inside the movie theater. The teen's eyes widened when Subaru suddenly stepped on something behind the lovers' seat and the chair they were seating on suddenly slumped back to the way it was before people sit on it. The guy blurted out a curse when he was squeezed in it and the girl yelped when she fell from his lap and onto the floor.

"Kamui, let's go." Subaru voiced as if he didn't just do something bad.

Mokona only laughed out loud when they finally got away from the place. "The guy swore that he'd cut the one who did that into tiny bits and pieces, you know." Subaru only looked at him. They both knew that the onmyouji could do more than just turn the guy into minced meat if he really wanted it.

They were walking down the road when Kamui saw a stall selling hotdogs in buns and hamburgers. The teen didn't even need to say anything since Subaru was also hungry he immediately walked towards it. They all bought hotdogs in buns and started to trace their way back to the Kinomoto house. The sun was about to set and Sakura said that they would all go to the Mitsumine Shrine Festival later tonight.

The three walked for some minutes in quietness and contentment as they all ate their foods when they turned into a part of the road where there was a shallow abyss on the other side. They stopped for a while, gazing at the houses below. If they looked farther, they could see the mountain ranges and the sun setting.

"Woah…" Mokona voiced. They all looked at the serenity of the scene and also the bright orange tinge of the sun's rays in the sky.

"It's beautiful…" Kamui pointed. Subaru nodded as he brushed some of Kamui's fringe out of his face and behind his ears. The teen's cheeks blushed a little, though it was barely visible because of the sun's orange rays.

Subaru noticed it nevertheless, making him smile once again. "It is." Kamui smiled and nodded though the onmyouji was already talking about something else entirely.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Subaru couldn't help but stare at Kamui. The teen's dark blue striped yukata fitted him very well. It was nice together with the geta that they borrowed from Touya. Kamui was more handsome wearing it… The onmyouji wore a black yukata with cherry blossom design, also from Touya. He was walking side by side with Kamui, but the only view he could see was the younger male happily walking together with him.

Shiro, who was walking on Kamui's other side, kept on sighing at the scene just beside him. Both Kamui and Subaru looked utterly contented as they walked. It seemed the two could just have a night walk and still be able enjoy it. Well, they surely weren't able to have some alone time with one another earlier because of one certain fur ball…

All of them were currently walking towards the Mitsumine Shrine, where the Festival was being held, wearing yukata of different styles and colors. Mokona was on Nokoru's shoulder now, yapping continuously with the other male about their tour earlier. The blonde was wearing an orange yukata, complimenting his hair nicely. Fuuma was walking beside the blonde, once again with a scowl on his face, indicating his annoyance towards the continuously talking fur ball. He was wearing a black yukata with the same striped pattern as Nokoru's. They were both walking in front of Kamui and Subaru.

In front of the blonde and the raven were Touya and Sakura walking side by side as well together with two other guys. On Touya's other side was a silver-haired male with slender body and kind face. They knew that guy from another dimension as Yukito and they weren't surprised anymore when they learned that he was actually the Touya of this dimension's lover. On Sakura's other side was a brunette male named Shaoran, though it seemed he wasn't welcomed by Sakura's older brother, if the glares and growls coming from Touya every time the brunette talked to Sakura was any indication.

They arrived at the shrine after several minutes of walking and the scene that greeted them all was very warm and welcoming. Even Subaru couldn't help but stare at the lively decorations and crowded stalls with wonder. It's a very nice change of pace…

They all decided to meet in front of the shrine itself on midnight before they went on their separate ways. Sakura and Shaoran left together, much to Touya's annoyance, while he and Yukito also decided to have a little date of their own. Fuuma begrudgingly left together with Mokona and Nokoru while Shiro, Kamui, and Subaru decided to stay together and stroll around the place.

"What is that?" Kamui pointed to a stall where about three men gathered while firing at some figurines on display in the shelf.

"That's a kind of game." Subaru answered as they decided to approach the stall. "You use guns to fire at the small figurines. If you managed to shoot them, you earn a prize." Kamui nodded in excitement at the prospect of playing it. The men looked at the two ravens with mocking gaze as they thought of how the two would be able to shoot anything with their frail built.

The moment Subaru and Kamui took the guns and shoot was the moment all the small figurines broke one by one. The three men decided they were better off not messing with either of the males as they watched with wide eyes the remarkable scene before them. Even the vendor could only gulp and gape as the amount of prize he had to pay increased by the second. Shiro only yawned as he watched the two, as if that was just normal for anybody to do.

When they finished firing, Kamui chuckled when he realized he had not missed a shot. Subaru looked proud of both of their accomplishment as well. In the end, the vendor decided to just give the two his most precious prize – a gold necklace with a symbol of rose as pendant. Subaru put it on Kamui's neck before patting the younger male's head.

"It suits you." He smiled when Kamui blushed a bit from his comment.

"Thank you, Subaru." Kamui chuckled before hugging the older male tightly, causing Subaru's eyes to widen a fraction. He hugged the boy back before giving Kamui's hair a small kiss.

The two decided to just eat cotton candies while walking, playing games of different sorts in different stalls, eating ice creams, buying some balloons for Kamui, and most of all, enjoying themselves to the fullest.

By midnight, they went to the place they promised to meet their companions while eating popcorns, feeling contented with one another. Shiro also ate some of the snacks they bought but the kodan didn't want to eat as much as he wanted to sleep. When Fuuma and Nokoru arrived, Mokona immediately jumped on Kamui's chest and took the popcorn from the raven. Kamui only chuckled as hugged Mokona.

"Ooh, someone looks so happy tonight." Nokoru teased as he looked at Kamui's smiling face. He then looked at Subaru as the latter stood leaning on a wall. "And it seems that statement doesn't only apply to Kamui too."

"Hi, everyone!" Sakura voiced as she waved her hand at them. She was still a little far, walking together with Shaoran who was holding a lot of things. Touya and Yukito were walking some distance before them.

Everyone chatted animatedly, except of course those who were meek or silent by nature, as they decided to eat some hotdog-in-buns. They decided to watch the fireworks together with other people beside the cliff on the other side of the shrine. From their spot, the whole city could be seen – the lights from buildings and houses looked like tiny stars due to their high location.

Far from them was a huge tower that stood so proudly even in the darkness. Kamui stared at the tower for a while, trying to remember where he had seen it before.

"Do you know..? I often dreamed of that tower over there." Sakura voiced beside the young male, pointing at the huge structure. "It looked so daunting in my dreams somehow. It was the place where I met the Guardian of the Moon Yue. But now, I don't find it frightening anymore."

Kamui's eyes widened as he nodded to her. "…I dreamed of that tower once too." He looked at Subaru and was about to tell the older male about that when all of their attention was caught by a large explosion of sparkling colors in the sky.

"Woah…" Kamui and Mokona voiced in unison, especially when the fireworks display started. They stared at the sky in wonder and amazement, watching millions of sparkling lights glow and create beautiful explosions before diminishing into nothingness.

"Those are fireworks." Nokoru voiced on his other side. The young raven nodded absentmindedly.

Kamui somehow felt that the fireworks were pitiful things. They were created for the sake of disappearing into the darkness after their beautiful mere seconds role was done.

Would he also be like that..? Would he be nothing but a sparkle about to disappear into the darkness too..?




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