Here's another Go Ahead fic!


~ kittykittyhunter ~

Each time Asakura Kai remembered that his former teammate had wasted three years of his life, three precious years that could never be regained, the coach threw his foot down on the accelerator. He hurled around the sharpest of bends. He pointedly ignored all speed limits. At the back of the convertible sat two freshmen. Shibata was so tranquil that Kai (when he remembered to spare a moment to glance in the rear view mirror) expected the ace to conjure a book and start reading.

On the other hand, Igarashi Jin was as green as a summer field.

Kai spun the car to a halt, spraying columns of dust and debris. He and Shibata stepped from the vehicle with poise. Shibata practically crawled, and when making a valiant attempt to straighten, ended up bent double and gripping his knees.

The man did not notice his charge's discomfort. Kai intended to find Aiba Gouhei and break every bone in the idiot's body.

How long had it been since their match against those beginners? The loss of a single point still made the boy sting. The memory would surge at the strangest moments: when he was putting dishes in the sink, perhaps, or when he was contemplating which CD to purchase. To Jin, it felt as though they'd been sorely defeated.

He pressed his knuckles to his eyes. His shoulders were aching and his hands were raw. Of Meishin's various teams, he was still only a C-rank player.

Shibata was in Team A.

Gritting his teeth, Jin lifted his hockey stick once again. One day in the future, Shibata would be the captain. At that time, Jin had every intention of being the second-in-command.

She laced her white boots and glanced at the screen. Some genius had decided to install a television in a high corner of the dressing room, which meant that the figure skaters who were waiting to slide onto the ice had plenty of time to fret over the talents of their fellow competitors. Takagi Hinako bit her lip. She inhaled and silently counted back from ten. Then, she exhaled once more.

Out on the rink, Asakura Mai's movements were beautiful. She trailed delicate circles and completed astonishing jumps.

If Hinako was to have any hope of impressing the judges, she would have to do her best.

Afterwards, Yuuki remembered that he had hated Japan. He had woken up every morning to find a painful yearning for Canada in his chest. But now… the teenager stared up at his bedroom ceiling. Even though he still found the room quite warm, he had to say that it was homely. The walls were plastered with posters of famous ice hockey players, adorned with photos of Yuuki's school team.

A buzz made him reach for his phone. Hyu had sent a text:

Hey. How are you?

Izaki Yuuki grinned.

I'm doing great.