Hello hello hello!
I'm so sorry for disappearing for so long, I could ramble on and on about why, but there's really no point is there? I'm just happy to say that I'm back, and that I look forward to seeing who remembers this story, and who has only recently discovered it. I realise that this chapter is ridiculously short, and nothing really much happens, but trust me when I say it's building to something big. And by creating this build-up, I promise that I will never again let 6 months pass between uploading!
With as many apologies as I can muster,
- Amy xx

It's weird what brings people together. People can bond over music, books, films, art, and even problems. Other times, you can just be bored and desperate for some kind of company that isn't a bitch carrying your kid. I get that women get hormonal when they're pregnant and stuff like that, but there is a limit. And the never-ending routine of working so I can buy pregnancy vitamins so Wendy's got the energy to yell at me that I need to work more so I can buy more... Let's just say any man would look for someone else to spend time with. It's just lucky for me that the perfect person happened to stumble back into my life when he did.
'H-hiya Kenny!' The forever-chipper voice of Butters Stotch somehow managed to break through the fog filling Kenny's ears as the neon-blond reached the counter.
Kenny merely grunted as he scanned the smaller boy's items through, bagging them as he went. A small box of eggs. Miniature loaf of pre-sliced wholemeal bread. Pint of low-fat milk. Single tub of yoghurt. Single apple. Single-serving-size packet of banana chips. Kenny's mind wandered as his hands completed the simple task; he was sure Butters had been in a relationship with someone... Rebecca, maybe? The last he'd heard, they'd been planning on moving in together, but there was no way someone as sweet as Butters would only buy groceries for himself. His mind focusing for the first time, he realised Butters had been talking, oblivious to Kenny's absence from the conversation
'-o idea you worked here! I was going to ask for an interview but I figured since I'm moving soon there'd be no point. I hope there'll be work in New York, I think my parents would make me come back if they knew that I was working in a supermarket though, they think I should focus completely on my studi-'
'Butters' Kenny cut across him, 'What happened to you and Rebecca?'
Butters' face flushed rose pink as his baby-blue eyes dropped
'She... She broke up with me two weeks ago'
Kenny's mind was reeling. It seemed inconceivable to him that other people's lives had continued as normal despite all the drama and tension emanating from his own social group. Noticing a queue forming behind Butters, he checked through the rest of the small boy's items, took the bills offered, and handed back the correct change with a casual smile
'You free at about 5?' Butters nodded 'That's when I get off, we should have a catch up, I can't believe how much I've missed'
With a smile that lit up his entire face, Butters took his bags
'I'll see you later then Kenny'
Try and guess what happened next. I know what you're thinking, that I threw away the reputation I'm just acquiring with Wendy by staying out all night, getting trashed, and inevitably sleeping with South Park's resident prude? No. We went for coffee, and it was nice. Butters knows a lot more gossip than I'd thought he would, like how close Craig and Tweek have got and the rumours surrounding this, but I think I would've enjoyed myself even if he hadn't known anything. He's an outsider, a bit like me, and that bitch Rebecca has no idea what she's lost in him. He's sweet, a bit too shy, smart (apparently he finished second in our class, after Wendy), but his confidence has definitely grown. It was easy to talk to him, I guess. Which made walking to Wendy's house at 8 all the more painful. So I'll stay outside.
With Butters.
And resist the temptation to notice his smile again.