Authors note: hey guys, I will try to post ever day but i have school so who knows. This is my first time writing but I have a story stuck in my head that I need to get out. I DO NOT OWN THE HUNGER GAMES….. I 3 cato 'n' clove!

Cato- the day of his return home

Walking…. Im not sure where im going but I don't object. I walk for about 10 minutes until im in front of a large grey stone building. The district 2 training. Didn't think I would be back here any time soon since I've just won the 74th hunger games. Thump, thump, thump. The familiar sound send shivers down my spine as I remember my many childhood memories. I decided walking in that I could have a little extra work out session while everyone is celebrating.

That's when I see her. Long black mahogany hair tied in a high pony tail. Her body small, fragile but deadly. And her eyes, mesmerising emerald green eyes that could kill anyone just by looking into them.

'you know training is cancelled today, I won…remember?' I smirk from behind her trying to act cool. Oh no, Big mistake cato do you really want to get her angry?. idiot. Without any warning, a silver blade wizzes past my head and lands into dumpy behind me. 'Shit' I mumble underneath my breath as I flinch.

'FUCK YOU CATO' she shouts while grabbing her bag then walking out the doors. I quickly attempt to catch up to her. Desperate to talk. Just act cool cato.

'clove please just talk to me' begging really?

'leave me alone cato, I don't wanna talk to you!' ugh she's so stubborn

'c'mon clove, I don't even know what I've done to make you this angry. Can't we go back to before the games?' I plead to her, maybe I little too desperately.

'why cato?, so that we can remember how you told me you loved me but then have not one but two relationships with some skanks that died in that arena?' she screaming now. holy shit cato you've really done it now!

'no clove it's not what it looked like, they just wanted to make sure I wouldn't kill them ple-' she cuts me off

'well that's not what it looked like from here' damn I hate when she cries. I makes me want to cry. 'you don't know what it was like for me, what they said, I felt so vulnerable and weak. It all your fault!.'

'clove it doesn't matter… it never did, I love you and that's all that matters'

'No, it does matter, for me it does. Cato i-' I cut her off before could finish sentence with my lips smashing against hers. I just could help it. She's so hot when she's angry.

We kissed for like 5 minutes before I reluctantly pulled away from her. 'I love you, and you're the reason that I survived that horrible arena…please just give me another chance?' begging isn't my strong point but I need her so much that I don't care.

'ok.. but if you ever do anything like that again, I'll cut out yours eyes with my knife .' it's sort of funny cause I know she's not lying.

'sure' I say trying to hold back I giant grin and laughs

'but I we should take things slow, I don't want to rush'

'whatever you want babe' I beam with a massive smile upon my face, as I grab her hand and walk down the street to her house.

Yay! I finished my first chapter! But the next will be of clove while Catos in the arena. Please review and I want ideas on what should happen next.