Cato couldn't contain his happiness as he stared down at the two small bundles of joy cradling in his arms. "you two will be creating a lot of mischief while you grow up but mummy and daddy love you anyway" he whispered to the two sleeping babies.

Their horrific birth had lasted almost 2 days- 45 hours to be exact but cato believed that clove held strong the entire time.

There was, however, many times when her blood-curdling screams could be heard throughout the hospital and other times where her eyes would close and she seemed to almost drift away.

But, after those many hours of screaming, shouting, thrashing and shouting, clove pushed out two healthy, beautiful babies- a boy and a girl. So, as cato awaited clove's awakening he fantasised the future he, clove and these two beautiful babies would have.

He knew that whatever happened-no matter how bad- everything would be alright.

"how about carly?" cato asked feeling brain-dead as he and clove try to name their newborns.

"seriously cato? No" clove, who was equally brain-dead but stubborn as hell shot back.

They had previously brainstormed babies' names but since they didn't know the genders, they had two keep both sets of names in mind.

After a couple of hours of brainstorming, the couple agreed that the naming process would be easier after the birth but now they are both beginning the regret that decision. "how about….. Constance….and ummmm-"

Cato interrupts his babies mother " and Charlie"

"yes!, so Constance…..lily? and Charlie….-" again clove is cut off by her partner


"ok, Constance lily Ludwig and Charlie Caden Ludwig. I love it" Cato plants a quick kiss on Clove's lips before embracing her in a tight hug which proved to be difficult from cloves ongoing pains and the positions on her hospital bed, plus the two sleeping babies in each of their arms.

Both babies stare fascinated by the sight of their parents embrace.

Then return to the interesting lights around the hospital room. "Cato, Clove , Charlie and Constance, one big happy family" clove sighs

"well not yet, there is still one aspect of our lives not yet fulfilled" clove stares at her partner with a mixture of confusion and excitement circling her body, as cato takes a deep breath and reaches into his front pocket for the small box inside his pant pockets.

After another deep breath, cato holds out the unopened box, " clove, I have loved you since the moment we were six and you punched me in the I did deserve it since I called you weak, which defiantly isn't what you would be described as. You just gave me the two most beautiful gifts in the world and for that a will forever be grateful, however, now I need to ask for one more favour from you." He opens the small box, exposing the vined diamond ring, "Clove Carly Fuhrman, will you do me the honour of marrying me and becoming the world's most amazing mother to Constance and Charlie?" He stared hopefully into clove's deep brown eyes, looking for any signs of the answer.

She smiled and stared back "that was the longest proposal speech I have ever heard" and just as cato face fell with disappointment, "I love you too cato and it will never be a favour marrying you. Yes" large smiles spread across both their faces as cato slipped the engagement ring onto her slim finger.

Yes, cato thought, things will be ok.

3 months later, the rebellion ended and the happy family moved to district four will Finnick, Annie and Finnick Jr. Both families were ecstatic to leave the confinements of underground district thirteen.

Finnick jr had been born one month and one day after Charlie and Constance, and all three babies were happy little monsters with cute chubby limbs and faces.

Shortly after settling into district four, Cato and Clove married on the beach with a small ceremony of close friends and family.

Panem thrived from its new found freedom and peace was across the lands. Some made contact with surrounding continents and even travelled.

People were allowed to travel safely throughout Panem and a democratic government which their ancestors used was the new order of government.

Life for everyone was safe and sound.

So, at last, everyone throughout Panem could claim that life was in fact perfect.

The End.

So now I have finished my story!FINALLY lol. I may be doing a chapter on the life of Charlie and Constance when they are 17 years old. Also, im thinking of writing a modern day clato fanfic but that will be after I have finished editing, improving and reuploading this entire story. I will make some changes so you can also read that. Any suggestion for a new title?

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