"I taught you to fight and to fly…what more could there be?"

"There is so much more!"

"What? What else is there!"

"Let me show you!"

She takes his hand and starts to fly, practically dragging him along because, having argued and feeling very out of his comfort zone, Peter has lost almost all lift. Wendy flies faster and faster. Peter tries to let go of her hand as Neverland disappears behind them, but he finds she is holding his wrist with an astonishingly tight grip. A hot white light surrounds them as they soar through space, past the planets and stars towards the Earth. Peter reaches for his knife, but they are travelling so fast, with so much vibration, that he can't get a good enough grip on it. It slips out of his hand. Now that he has no means of defence or escape, he is genuinely frightened.

"Wendy, stop! Where are we going?"

"You'll see!" she shouts back.

They start to slow down, as the lights of London come into view on the ground far below.

"You think a story will make me grow up?" Peter gives a derisive laugh, but Wendy shushes him, and they fly down. Slowly curiosity replaces fear, and Peter follows her lead, as she comes to perch on the sill of a lighted window. Like bedposts they stand either side of it, with their backs to the wall.

"There…" says Wendy. Peter inclines his head so that he can just see round the wall into the window. His eyes go as wide as saucers. "Oh…Husband!" he says. Wendy looks shocked.

"Sorry," Peter says – apologising for the swear word. Wendy looks, and her eyebrows go right up. Her face goes white, then crimson, then white again. She doesn't want to keep watching, but she can't help herself.

Forgetting that they must not be seen, they press their noses to the window pane.

"Oh…disgusting! Is that what will happen to my body if I grow up?" Peter asks, horrified.

"Well…yes, but without all the chocolate sauce…"

"…And the handcuffs…"

"…Without them too, yes."

Peter looks at Wendy quizzically. "This is what grown-ups do for pleasure?"

Wendy doesn't even bother to reply, but shakes her head in disbelief.

"What are they doing now?" Peter asks.

"Well," says Wendy, "I'm not quite sure…but Mother once told me that when a grown up man and woman are very silly together they…"


"They make…"


"…A new child."

Peter considers this. "I wasn't made like that," he says after a while.

"Everyone's made like that, Mother says."

Peter wrinkles his nose and shakes his head sceptically. He squints through the window again. "Well they're not making one just now," he says. "They're playing make-believe…" Then he grimaces. "Ohh, yuch!" He covers his eyes.

"That is NO thimble!" mutters Wendy...

They draw away from the window, fly up onto a cloud and take a moment to get over the shock of what they have just inadvertently witnessed. Then Peter speaks.

"I am never growing up!" he reaffirms. "Never, never, never! Not if it means I end up doing that!"

"No," says Wendy, swallowing as if she might be sick. "Don't think I want to either anymore…"

"Good!" says Peter. "You can stay in Neverland forever! Come on!"

And hand in hand they fly away.