Surprise, shock but more important skepticism.

Those are the feelings that the villagers of Konoha were having on those moments because of what happening right in from of their eyes and not only them, the Shinobis present on the place as well as many outsiders that were presents on the festivities that were taking place on the see; today was the celebrations of the foundation day that celebrate the birth of the Village after the two once great clans choose to join together in what will become the first, the Uchiha clan with their Sharingan that even after all these years is still feared and respected between friends and enemies and the Senju, the clan that have the Honor of not only had give Konoha their first two Hokages but to also have the man that even now is considered to be the strongest Shinobi to ever live after the sage of the six paths Senju Hashirama that with his Mokuton created the forest that even on this days help in the protection of the village and that become the trade mark of Hashirama.

All this was known not only for the people of the fire country but to the others hidden villages as well because it mark a new chapter on the shinobi history, and this is why what just happened was something so incredible the even with their own eyes they are having problems on believing it.

The "demon brat" as many has been calling this poor boy and making everything on their power to make him pay for what the fox demon did to their village eight years ago was using the same power that only the first Hokage ever have the Mokuton.

But how is this possible you may want to know and why now. Well to answer this question we will have to move a few months back, at the first day of the academy of Naruto, this same day will change not only his life but the life of a little girl and put them on the road of become living legends of their own time.

That day; when the first day of classes were over, as it was already a custom he was heading to his favorite restaurant; the Ichikaru Ramen, that not only have the best ramen of the world but also the old man Ichikaru and his daughter would always receive him with a smile as they were the only one in all Konoha that will give him service. But just as he give a few steps in that directions he realize that he didn't have any money, he knew that the Ichikaru family would give him a least on free ramen but the young boy didn`t wanted to abuse the gentleness that they always show him, so with no other choice he headed to his apartment to find something to eat into the things that the old Hokage have give him the last time he paid him a visit, when he heard her voice for the first time and that is when he saw her, she was a girl with dark blue hair and some strange eyes but she was calling his name in a happy way, and that is something that no one had ever done before and that strange girl had just done it and was right in front of him give him a sincere smile, but just before he could ask her what did she want a grunt from his stomach call the attention of both of them, scratching the back of his head he try to made an apology a little ashamed for that but before he could do it, he see how the girl start to look for something into her backpack and after a few second she take out a small package, a little curious about this he was surprise when se offer him some cinnamon rolls. It turns out that she was the girl that he saves from a group of bullies a week ago, in the end he was beat down for them and when he woke up he was alone, but that same girl was smiling at him and while she share her cinnamon rolls with him she was thanking him for what he did and also was apologizing for not stay with him until he wake up, she told him that her guardian have just taken her away as soon as he arrived at that place.

To Naruto this was a day of first times because it was the first time that some of his own age was been nice to him, shared something with him, and also apologize to him. All other people were always means to him but now this girl has just done it and he could feel that she was sincere about everything. And with this little meeting the future of these two children will change forever. For Naruto it would be the day that he gain his first friend on Hinata, that was the name of the girl that he learned later that day as they talked while sharing the cinnamon rolls that don`t treat him like he was some kind of monster and for Hinata would be the day when she found a friend that don`t look down on her, that always encourages her to do her best on everything and even if she fail he would never be mad at her and will support her with a smile until she do it right.

From that moment the two of them become very close, Naruto for his part now wanted to goes to the academy, not because he enjoyed the boring class of Iruka, but because it was the only moment that he could be with Hinata, and from Hinata she loved stay after class to help Naruto with his homework because his presence always made her feel better not matter what her clan say to her. At first was difficult but when her former Guardian Ko was promoted to the rank of Jounin and replace with her current Guardian Kurenai that made easier the things for the kids because Kurenai always saw Naruto like a normal kid that needed friends just like Hinata.

For the next months their friendship keep growing until they become best friends and they spend all the free time they could together and that is what lead to the events that are happening right now, when Naruto and Hinata choose to goes to the foundation festival and enjoy this day, but unfortunately these same kids that had attacked Hinata the first day have just appear but they were not alone, a couple of kid were with them and by the forehead protector they have they were genins already.

"Ahhh, look is the crying baby Hyuuga. Say one of the bullies. I wonder if she is gonna cry again?"

"And she is not alone the loser is with her". Says another one

Naruto didn`t care what the people think about him, over the years he sadly that sound he grew use to this but when they said things to Hinata, that was something that he would never allow, because she was not only his best friend but the nice person he ever meet.

"Hey. Left Hinata-chan alone we haven`t done anything to you, so why are you bothering us". Said Naruto as he stop in front of Hinata.

"Listen boy, did you not see the this, say one of the older boys as he point to his forehead protector, this means that we are already shinobis and that we are better than you so shut up".

"I don`t care, that don`t give you the right to do this to us". Shout Naruto attracting the attention of everybody around them.

"Looks that we need to teach him some lesson" say the gennin to his other friends as they come from behind and grabbed the arms of Naruto.

"Naruto-kun", scream Hinata when she see what is happening to her friend as she try to help him just to be for the caught up for the boy that attack her the first time that she meet Naruto.

"Hinata-chan! Left her alone or I will ki-OOOH", he couldn´t finish his treat as the gennin in front of him punched him in the stomach making bend over for the pain.

"Naruto-kun!" Cried Hinata as she manage to release herself from the boy that get her as she was trying to help Naruto just to be hit when she get close enough.

The visitors of the festival could not understand how was possible that no adult stop these bullies even more when they see how some villagers looks happy about all this.
But for Naruto the time seeing to be stopped as he she Hinata fell with a expression of pain of her face, the same face that always give him a sincere smile, the same face that never insult him and always support him, the same face that have become his light in the life. The sound of the people that was laughing comes to his ears, as well as the voice of Hinata that even now is trying to help him.

"DAMNED!" Curse Naruto in his mind, this is all I can do, NOO, I can let be this way I have to protect Hinata-chan. It was in that moment that something happen, something on the inside of his being broke but it was not something evil as many would thought about this boy, it was a power that he had never felt before.

"AHHH", yell Naruto as chakra start to surround him, many that were washing start to panic believing that the fox was about to get free but before anyone could react from the grown multiples roots come out entangling the boys and gennis that were attacking them, soon the roots grew until they become trees that have the bullies on the top like they were Christmas decorations.

No caring about what just had happened Naruto run to where Hinata is to see if she is alright.

"HINATA-CHAN, are you alright?" Asked the worried boy to his friend.

"Yes, I am fine Naruto-kun", say the girl as she stand up from the ground with the help of Naruto, "What had just happen ask the blue haired girl".

"I don`t know, it just happened, I started to feel strange and I..I AHHHHH", yell again Naruto when once again the chakra surround his body as new trees come out of the ground, damaging many store as forcing the people to run from the area as the new trees keep moving to the village when an Anbu appeared suddenly and knock him out making the event to stop.

"Naruto-kun", cried Hinata as she run to her friend, "are you alright" but the boy was unconscious.

"Don´t worry he is just asleep" say the purple haired anbu as she looks around to what just had happened. "I want you to take the boy and the girl to the Hospital and have a full team of Anbu guard him, no one but the doctors and the Hokage can see him, take down the kids and take the genins to Hibiki, I want to know exactly what just happened here!" Ordered the girl just as new Anbu appear and carry on the commands.

"This is a miracle and just at the foundation day", say one of the villagers, the boy may be the reincarnation of Hashirama-sama say another, the rumors could be hear everywhere and just as she was heading to the tower to inform their leader he just appear in the scene in his combat gear.

The Hokage Tower

The Hokage had just finish to hear the report of the incident from Neko, she was the second younger Anbu in history after Itachi, but her skill prove that she was one of the best Anbu on service.

When he first hear of the incident he was in the middle of a meeting with dignitaries from others countries and the fire Daymio so he ordered but he knew that his Anbu would take care of whatever the problem could be and is the problem was to serious they would call for him. When he saw the trees appear on the middle of the village he was about to goes himself but he knew that for the moment his duty was to remain there and protect the fire daymio and the dignitaries. But he would never had imagine this; now the dignitaries left and he was alone with the fire Daymio that was looking out the window to the place of the trees while also listening the report of Anbu.

"So this boy has the mokuton. This sure is wonderful and to thinking that I believed that this would be another boring meeting. Did you have any idea about how this is possible Sarutobi", say taking his eyes from the window to now look at the older hokage that seeing to be on deep thought.

"I believe so, but this will be something very hard to me to explain so if possible could you wait a moment I would like to gather the council so I don´t have to repeat this again". Seeing the Daymio nod he turns to neko.

Neko I want you send messengers to the council members for an emergency meeting in two hours, then left to the hospital and guard Naruto use the force necessary but made sure that nothing happened to Naruto not matter who could try something, seeing Neko nod and disappear in a whirlwind. I am too old for this say Sarutobi.

Two hours later.

The news of what just happened on the foundation festival were already on the entire village and of course all the council from both side, civilians and Shinobis already knew what just happened.

"THAT DEMON, HE IS JUST MAKING FUN OF US", say one civilian member




All this word comes from the civilian council. That was getting loather until Sarutobi have enough.

"SILENT!", no one would do anything like that. Say the hokage.

"But that monster must be doing something". Say a pink haired council woman. "He is now insulting the memory of the founder of Konoha, we must do something".

"I can assure you that that is not the case". Answer the hokage.

"Then how is possible to that creature to have the mokuton if is not to made fun of us", say the woman again.

"That is because he is the great grandson of the first hokage", say Sarutobi making the room silent upon hearing this, even the fire Daymio was surprise for this. The silent goes for a few moments before some could react and when that happens the hokage knew that the secret that he was force to keep for almost thirty years is to be revealed.

"What kind of joke is this Sarutobi", say Homura.

"We never hear anything about this", say Danzo

"Also with the dead of Nawaki and Tsunade refusing to have children after the dead of her lover there is no way that that boy is related to sensei". Say Koharu. But when they see the look on Sarutobi face they knew that he old teammate is serious

"What I going to say is a secret that I have keeping for almost thirty years by request of the clan elders of the Senju clan". This caching the attention of everybody, clan secret even almost extinct clan always remains that way as secrets, and only gets reveled when there is no other choice. So everyone on special the Shinobi council because they really understand the seriousness of what is going to be revealed.

"This begun few time after I become the Hokage after Tobirama Sensei sacrifice himself to save our lives, when that happened I don´t only become the Hokage but the son of Hashirama; Soujiro Senju become the clan Head of the Senju, by that time he already had Tsunade, but unfortunately his wife died of birth complications on the birth of their second child Nawaki, because on that time we didn´t have enough medic ninjas, now that I think about it that may be the reason that motivate Tsunade to become a medic ninja".

"We already knew that, but that don`t explain what you say before". Interrupt Danzo

" This was also a very difficult time for Soujiro after the dead of his wife, but a year later he found love and reassurance with a childhood friend, she was just a civilian maid on the Senju complex that had been working there since she was a child, so she and Soujiro become friend, and of that time of need they fell in love and after a year she was pregnant. This was something that the elder of the Senju clan didn´t like it because they didn´t want that the heir of his clan to be involved with a commoner and were also hoping to arrange a political marriage but Soujiro refuse that idea, and have the intention of marry the maid but unfortunately he also was killed on action on the lasts day of the second shinobi war. The maid choose to leave the Senju complex after that and because even after the war was ended outside the village was still too dangerous she choose to stay here on the village and had a normal life, sometime later she had a baby boy. The Senju clan council didn´t want that this was knew so they ask me to keep the secret, even if I am the Hokage I could get involve on the internal affairs of the clans so I had no choice but agree".

"What was about that boy", asked Inoichi.

"His mother died when he was a kid and with time he also becomes a Ninja, but unfortunately he died the night of the Kyubi attack".

"Hokage-sama, did Minato knew about this when he choose to use Naruto as the Kyubi´s container". Asked the head of the Anbu. At this Sarutobi looks to be on deep thought and the answer.

"Minato had the faith that the blood of Naruto would be able to keep the kyubi at line". The Shinobi side of the council knew that he avoid the give a direct answer but choose to not press the matter while the civilian council just believe that he did. Minato I am really sorry, I really wanted to tell you the true about who you really were and where you come from but I couldn't broke my promise, is ironic that you believe that it would be the blood of kushina that would keep the Kyubi on line but it looks that it would be yours the one that take care of it, I can`t change the past but maybe now I could made things easier for your son. Thought the hokage.

"WHY DID YOU TELL US ABOUT THIS!", yell Danzo, thinking this he should have know about this he would made that boy a member of NE.

"I already told you my reasons". Was the answer of the Hokage.

"But who was that Kid?" say Homura

"Sorry but that information is still classified", answer the Hokage. Things that don`t feel good to his formers teammates.

All the occupants of the room were shocked; there was still another member of the Senju clan, not only that but a young male Senju that have the mokuton and could restore the Senju and made it stronger than ever, this last thing was not so well receive for Fukaku Uchija and Danzo that saw this as a obstacle to become the Hokage.

"Hokage-Sama, do you know the effects on the boy not only have the Mokuton but the Kyubi as well?" Asked Ichibi Aburane.

"The only thing that I will say is that I have faith on the decision of Minato. Was the answer".

"But why name him Uzumaki, why no other name or even the Senju last name", asked a Jouning.

"The wife of the first Hokage was Mito Uzumaki, I wanted that the boy still have some short of connection with his family legacy". Lied Sarutobi

Just in that moment even the civilian realize that this boy not only will become some of great important in the future but also very powerful, soon the civilian council were asking to adopt the boy, in special that pick haired woman; this prove to be a mistake.

"SILENT. Twenty minutes ago you were asking for his dead and now you believe that I would give any of you custody over Naruto now that you think that you could take advantage of this situation". Say Sarutobi silent them all.

"Hokage-sama, because of the relationship that my clan have with the Senju I would like to request custody over the boy", say Fukaku, that forgot to mentioned that that relationship was not the best.

"Hokage-sama", spoke Hiashi, "I was inform that my daughter Hinata is with the boy on the hospital and that they have been best friends since the beginning of the academy, on this situation I believe that it would be the best for the boy to remain close to some he care now that his life is going to change". After Hiashi had say this many of the Shinobi member start to made similar request, until Shikaku Nara say something that made them realize that they were forgetting something very important or better say someone.

"This is troublesome for to say this but no one could take of Naruto, or at least not yet", when he saw how every one stop talking and were now and were looking to him, "troublesome; but you say that you keep on secret this from every one, this by any chance include Tsunade?" The expression on the face of Sarutobi was all that he need as answer. "The laws of the fire country say that before the custody of a child could be granted to some else it must be confirm that he have not other family member alive or that they don´t want the custody and if Tsunade don`t know about it we must send someone to inform her, but I believe that that won`t be necessary", the questioned expressions of the people inside the room made keep going. "Think about it, this just happened on the middle of the day of the foundation festival, there were people from others villages and foreign dignitaries, by the end of the week every one on the elemental countries will know about what just happened here and there is no way to censure that information without provoke an international incident and I am sure that even if Tsunade don`t want anything to do with the village anymore, in the moment that she learn about Naruto she will be coming here to find answer so no one can take custody over the boy until we inform Tsunade and hear her decision and by the way Hokage-sama I hope that you don`t mind but until you talk with Tsunade I would request that all the shinobi from my clan stay away from you because I have the feeling that she won`t be happy with how she was keep on the dark about that and that her nephew is the Kyubi container".

Sarutobi turned pale, "ohh shit, how could I forget about Tsunade it would not matter to her that I was her sensei she would just kick my ass that I would be lucky if someone could indentify my body".

"All this have been very exciting, say the fire Daymio for the first time on the meeting, and I thought that this would be another boring event but this visit was full of surprises, but now on business; Sarutbi I want you to send some of your shinobis to find Tsunade and then I want you to inform you about everything and I mean EVERYTHING, after all this is about her family, also send a messenger to find Jiraya and inform him as well, I am not a shinobi or a seal master but I would like if the best one alive would check the one on young Naruto in order to know the effect to have the mokuton and the Kyubi on the same person and now if you excuse me I have to return to the capital and Sarutobi I want updates about this situation as soon and something new happen". And with that he left the room to be reunite with his shinobis guardians to start his journey to the capital

"I believe that that will be all about this until we find Tsunade and know her decision", say Sarutobi ending the meeting, after the last person had left the room and he was now alone he turned to look at the picture of the others Hokages, on special the one of Minato," I am sorry my friend but I fear that now the life of Naruto will be more complicate, with luck Tsunade will accept him and be there for him"; taking a deep sigh he thought, "Kushina why did you not has returned yet for your son, it have been already eight years and if you don´t do it soon you may lose the chance of be his mother forever if Tsunade don´t kill you first".

Hello, this is an idea that I had some time ago and after talk with some others writers about it I choose to give it a try. Because English is not my mother language that may make go a little slow but I just hope that you enjoy the plot.